Coconut water is a natural drink with many benefits and both healing and nutritional properties, full of incredible qualities. Discover the most important ones.

If there is a characteristic tropical food typical of summer, that is the coconut, from which we can take advantage not only of its delicious meat in a whole (for example pieces), but also shredded, to make coconut oil or the nutritious coconut milk. But if there is an ideal liquid to rehydrate us and to enjoy all its nutritional qualities, that is without any doubt coconut water.

Coconut water is the almost transparent liquid that we find naturally in the interior hollow of the coconut. Sometimes it has an opaque color, and it is surrounded by the wonderful pulp of the coconut. Its flavor is very characteristic, which depends not only on the state of the coconut (whether for example it is fresh or dry), and on the land where the coconut palm is located. It is probably one of the best known and most traditional coconut drinks, as it has become a popular drink in many tropical areas, especially Brazil, Colombia, the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic, India or the Ivory Coast.

Obtaining it is extremely simple: we only have to make a hole in the coconut and obtain the liquid from its interior. As we can see, it is much simpler than preparing coconut milk or coconut oil, since to obtain coconut milk it is necessary to crush its pulp. However, it is true that if we want pure coconut water, the best thing to do is to choose only green coconut.

The incredible benefits of coconut water

High content of essential nutrients

Coconut water is a natural liquid extremely rich in essential nutrients, among which we can mention B vitamins, minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium) and trace elements (selenium, zinc, sulfur and iodine), amino acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Helpful to prevent dehydration

Coconut water is a natural drink with a high content of potassium and other mineral salts (such as magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and calcium), which make it a very useful isotonic drink to prevent dehydration, quench our thirst or rehydrate in case of certain diseases.

Strengthen our defenses

Being a drink rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium, it becomes an ideal drink to increase our defenses and strengthen the immune system, being at the same time ideal to provide us with energy and reduce fatigue.

It is very useful to stimulate the immune system while helping to fight infections, acting as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Good thyroid regulator

In case of hypothyroidism, regularly drinking coconut water becomes a good natural adjuvant, since its natural enzymes help to stimulate an underactive thyroid, especially in case of hypothyroidism. However, this quality is also observed in hyperthyroidism, when the thyroid is highly stimulated.

An excellent digestive

Coconut water is a wonderful digestive, useful for regulating different intestinal and digestive functions in a very positive way. In fact, it is an excellent digestive tonic, improving digestion thanks to its content and contribution of bioactive enzymes.

Useful in case of mild constipation

If you suffer from occasional mild constipation, coconut water acts as a mild laxative, although its effect will depend on the amount consumed. Therefore, the more coconut water we drink, its effect will obviously be much greater.

Good for the heart

Due to its richness in natural antioxidants and potassium, it is an especially good drink to take care of the health of our heart, being ideal in the prevention of heart attacks. For this reason it is also useful in reducing and regulating blood pressure.


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