Within the classification of fruits, these are divided into neutral, sweet, acidic and semi-acidic fruits, whose mixture between groups can cause indigestion and stomach and liver disorders.

The fruits are essential food in a healthy and balanced diet, as they bring to our body all those essential nutrients we need each day to carry out its various functions equally essential for life.

Hence, a few years ago the initiative “5 fruits a day of fresh fruits and vegetables” was born, since it is necessary to eat 2 to 3 servings of fruits daily to be able to fully enjoy its different nutritional benefits.

Among the benefits of the most important fruits, we can highlight above all the following:

  • Its richness in fiber provides satiety, reducing appetite.
  • Helps prevent constipation by improving intestinal transit.
  • They are purifying, helping to purify our body and detoxify it, and favoring the natural elimination of toxins.
  • They prevent the appearance of cancer.
  • They help delay aging.
  • It favors the elimination of high uric acid and high cholesterol.

Although they are healthy foods, we must bear in mind that when mixing fruits, there are different classes that belong to certain groups (acidic, semi-acid, sweet and neutral), so the mixture of some fruit from different groups causes fermentation in our digestive system and cause symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, and headaches.

We must bear in mind that in this classification we can also find certain nuts.

Acid fruits

From a nutritional point of view with excellent fruits to lower both cholesterol and high uric acid levels.

They are the following fruits: chayote, aubergine, guava, lemon, apple (determined variety), orange, cucumber, pineapple, beet, tamarind, grapefruit and grape.

Semi-acid fruits

They are fruits especially rich in proteins of high biological value. They are the following fruits: guava, strawberry, lime, mandarin, mango, cashew, peanut, taro, peach, radish, sago and tomato.

Sweet fruits

They are fruits more compatible with each other. From a nutritional point of view they are especially rich in vitamins and minerals. They are not compatible with neutral fruits or acidic fruits.

They are the following fruits: apricot, sugar apple, cherry, custard apple, plum (variety), dates, pomegranate, currant, soursop, guava (variety), fig, apple (variety), melon, medlars (variety), papaya, pear, pitahaya, watermelon, grape (variety) and capote.

Neutral fruits

They are the richest in essential nutrients for the body and the diet, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins.

They are the following fruits: avocado, almond, hazelnut, peanut, cocoa, chestnut, and coconut, and chorizo, macadamia, peanut and walnut.


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