Nutrition and DietCinnamon water: benefits and properties

Cinnamon water: benefits and properties

Cinnamon water is a natural drink with interesting healing benefits and medicinal properties. Find out more about this delicious natural cinnamon water.

The cinnamon is one of the species most known and used in cooking, especially for its very interesting aromatic qualities, why it is common to use when preparing wonderful desserts and sweets (for example, used a pinch of cinnamon to flavor rice pudding), in addition to being an essential ingredient in the preparation of traditional desserts and typical Arab sweets.

However, its usual use is not only found in the kitchen, but also in the most natural medicine, in the one that our ancestors began many years ago, and that has come to us passing from generation to generation.

And if we take a look at what are the main curative and medicinal benefits of cinnamon, we find that it is good for:

  • Relieve heartburn, heavy digestion and gas or flatulence.
  • Appetite stimulant.
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant, being useful in case of respiratory diseases, flu and colds.
  • Increases body temperature.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • For women: in case of vaginal infection and difficult periods.
  • To combat bad breath.

There are different ways to enjoy cinnamon. As we have seen, the most common is to add it to certain dishes and foods. However, if what we want is to take advantage of its qualities, a useful option is to make what is known as cinnamon water.

What is cinnamon water?

The cinnamon water is the name that is also known for the popular cinnamon tea, which means that we have a drink which is boiled and infused one or two cinnamon sticks for a few minutes.

It is a very easy drink to make and extremely beneficial, as well as being relaxing and very aromatic.

Benefits of cinnamon water

For women

Cinnamon water has traditionally been known for the different qualities it brings to women. Among these uses we find that it has become a widely used home remedy to accelerate menstruation, as well as in case of irregular periods.

On the other hand, it is quite likely that you have also heard that the consumption of cinnamon water is very common in the last weeks of pregnancy, especially when the future mother has already passed the known due date. In these cases, traditionally 1 to 2 cups of cinnamon water is consumed, as it is believed to help stimulate labor.

For the digestive system

Cinnamon water is interesting in case of indigestion or slow and heavy digestions, thanks to the fact that it is a natural drink very rich in different active ingredients with stimulating and digestive action. For this reason it is also useful in case of loss of appetite and lack of appetite, as well as in case of gas or flatulence.

For people with diabetes

Cinnamon water helps to control and regulate blood glucose, so it is a very interesting drink for people with diabetes.

For high cholesterol

If you suffer from high cholesterol, cinnamon water can become a drink whose regular safe consumption will interest you, since it is a useful natural option when it comes to lowering and controlling high levels of LDL cholesterol (also known as bad cholesterol). This quality is found in cinnamon water thanks to its natural antioxidant content.

To purify the body

Precisely as it is a drink with diuretic and cleansing qualities, and thanks to its natural antioxidant content, it is an ideal drink not only to eliminate toxins and reduce or prevent fluid retention. It is also suitable for reducing the negative action of free radicals.


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