With an unmistakable delicate aroma, cinnamon is ideal for its medicinal qualities, and also as an ingredient in desserts and snacks.

Surely you will agree with us if we affirm that there is nothing more exquisite and delicious than a good dessert with cinnamon, which stands out for being highly aromatic and with a very characteristic smell.

It comes from the cinnamon, a perennial tree of the Lauraceae family, which is characterized mainly by having aromatic branches with double bark. According to tradition, cinnamon has its origin in Sri Lanka and southern India, although it is also true that we find it cultivated in a large number of warm places in the world.

The truth is that, for a long time, cinnamon has been used both as an ingredient in a wide variety of recipes and as a medicinal plant due to its qualities and therapeutic properties.

What properties does this wonderful spice provide?

Cinnamon has antiulcer, carminative, stomachic and anti-vomiting properties. All this thanks to the oils it contains, which dissolve food better, stimulating salivation and, therefore, gastric juices.

For this reason, cinnamon is used in cases of gas or flatulence (aerophagia), heavy digestion, heartburn and as an appetite stimulant. It also has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, being useful against various respiratory diseases, such as flu, coughs, and colds.

In addition, it is commonly used in the treatment of poor peripheral circulation in the fingers and toes, by improving circulation and increasing body temperature.

It is also used in case of difficult periods, vaginal infections, to combat bad breath and for respiratory infections.

In summary, below we indicate which are the most important and interesting properties of cinnamon, especially if you consume it regularly:

  • Carminative, stomachic, antivomitive, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antiulcer properties.
  • Useful in heavy or difficult digestions, heartburn, and gas cases (aerophagia).
  • Ideal against coughs, colds and flu; as well as for respiratory infections.
  • For women, useful in cases of difficult periods or vaginal infections.
  • Good against bad breath.

How can we consume it? 2 delicious recipes to add cinnamon to our diet

There are different options when it comes to adding cinnamon to our common diet every day. Basically we can sprinkle a little ground cinnamon on the dish that we are going to consume, although the most common is to do it with the hot or cold drink that we are going to drink (for example, in a little hot milk).

However, if you want to do it differently, below we are going to propose two wonderful recipes, tremendously easy to make and very nutritious, where the cinnamon will be perfectly:

Shake Banana and Cinnamon

You only need a banana, 1 glass of milk (or your favorite vegetable drink) and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. To prepare it, peel the banana and cut it into pieces, placing them in the blender glass. Add the milk or vegetable drink and the ground cinnamon to taste. Blend everything well, and serve.

Roasted apple with cinnamon

Although we have already told you about a similar dessert or snack in our apple with cinnamon recipe, this time we are going to learn how to prepare roasted apples in a few minutes, using the microwave for it. You just have to open the apples at the top and remove the core. Place them in a large bowl and add a tablespoon of honey on top. Then soak the top with a little water, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and microwave on 70% power for 15 minutes. Ready!


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