The Chicory is a perennial plant stem cylindrical, rough to the touch, remoso and rigid that it is capable of reaching a height greater than 70 centimeters, and in fact may be interesting to use to produce popular cereal beverages.

It is a plant that blooms in summer, tending to be collected in autumn, although practically today we can enjoy it practically every season of the year.

There are many benefits of chicory, a plant with very important virtues and properties, which make it an extremely healthy and healthy option for a wide variety of ailments and various disorders.

Chicory properties

The chicory stands out for its active principles, among which we find the proteins, lipids and glycosides, inulin, amino acids, bitter and minerals eterósido.

Being a diuretic and purifying plant, it is useful to eliminate toxins that our body does not need, and as a purifier for the kidneys.

It is tonic and aperitif, which means that its use in different stomach problems is also interesting.

Its use in lowering high cholesterol is also prominent, and it can in turn help lower high triglyceride levels.

As you surely know, it can be taken both as an infusion and as a substitute for coffee, a drink that was commonly consumed a few decades ago in Spanish society.


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