An anti-cellulite massager can become a particularly useful option when it comes to improving what is known as “orange peel skin”, actually helping to reduce uncomfortable and annoying cellulite. But although they are sold as powerful and effective tools, they cannot be used as a panacea, since they do not cure cellulite, but can improve its appearance. In addition, as we will analyze throughout this note, the results do not usually last long, making it necessary to repeat the treatment with some regularity.

What is an anti-cellulite massager? What is it for?

The anti-cellulite massager is a device or tool that, electrically or manually, massages the skin in order to set in motion the lymphatic system and localized fat in the area where it is applied, improving blood circulation and finally promoting the elimination of toxins.

We could assimilate them to devices that try to simulate and/or complement the work carried out by a professional through manual massage, by applying heat, ultrasound and electromagnetic pulses, although everything will depend on the tool that is going to be used.

Of course, they have an added additional advantage: thanks to their not very large size, and their easy handling, they are ideal for use at home, as they are simple and comfortable to use.

Today, in fact, it is possible to find a fairly wide variety of different massage devices on the market that claim to be able to reduce cellulite. But, as we will analyze in the section dedicated to it, not all of them are effective.

For example, many people tend to use foam rollers , which are tube-shaped pieces of hard-textured foam, and use them in the hope that they will break down fat, thereby eliminating cellulite. However, foam rollers actually do nothing to improve the appearance of cellulite.

There is also no substantial evidence that specific devices, as might be the case with handheld vibrating massagers or dry brushing (brushing dry skin with the help of a soft-bristled brush), can do much by cellulite, especially in the long term. Although this type of dry brush massage does seem to help improve blood circulation.

On the other hand, a product that does seem to show certain positive aspects when it comes to treating and reducing cellulite effectively is ender ology, whose equipment produces a kind of pulsating negative pressure, with which a constant rolling and unrolling of the cell is achieved. continuous folding, thanks to the displacement of a specially designed head, inside which we can find two rollers that produce acoustic waves.

This action, combined with movements applied rhythmically, helps to modify the density of the tissues, improving not only intercellular exchange, but also liquids.

But, the results that have been obtained have been rather mixed. Even when improvement is observed after its application, if the treatment is not repeated, it usually fades after a month or so.

Do massagers work for cellulite? What does the scientific research say?

At this point it is normal that we return to the question that titles this note: do anti-cellulite massagers really work? Some scientific studies, for example, show that certain massage techniques can be beneficial for reducing cellulite. But these same studies coincide in pointing out something fundamental: the results are usually always temporary.

For example, a study published a few years ago in which the effects of mechanical massage were analyzed, using a massage applied with a machine (ender ology); lymphatic drainage massage, in which light pressure is used to help the lymphatic system drain fluids and toxins; and connective tissue manipulation, through a type of massage in which pressure is applied to the ligaments, tissues, and tendons that connect the muscles to the skin.

According to the results of this study, all the techniques analyzed were effective in reducing fat, as well as the circumference of the thigh in those areas where the massage was carried out.

Therefore, based on the results obtained, we can conclude that anti-cellulite massagers can temporarily improve the appearance of the skin, also helping to make cellulite less visible (or noticeable). But both cellulite massagers and massages themselves are not a cure for cellulite.

Of course, both the massagers and the massage itself have many health benefits, so it is possible to incorporate it into our daily or weekly routine, even if you do not have cellulite. And remember something fundamental: cellulite is completely normal, despite the fact that many myths have always surrounded it.

And although it is not dangerous or poses any type of health problem, if you are concerned about its appearance, it is best to try a massage to treat cellulite, or even opt for a proven anti-cellulite massager. The key, as we see, is in regularity, and above all, in being clear that they are not a cure for the problem, but only help to reduce its appearance.

Other useful options when it comes to reducing or eliminating cellulite

The truth is that, in reality, there is no treatment that can magically get rid of cellulite, especially completely or completely. As we have seen on several occasions, being genetically linked and to the very complicated structure of the skin itself, both preventing and eliminating it becomes an almost impossible task.

It is also necessary to take into account something fundamental:  most of the treatments that can be useful must be carried out consistently, especially if we want to see their effects, since these will end up diminishing if we interrupt them. To realize its importance, we could think of this type of treatment as skin care itself. That is to say, we cannot wash our face only once and expect that the face is always clean. Absolutely the same thing happens with anti- cellulite treatments: consistency is simply essential, since once we stop them, it is very possible that cellulite will begin to appear again, over time.

In any case, below we indicate in a very summarized way what treatments and techniques can also be extremely useful:

  • Caffeinated creams or scrubs. Some studies have found that applying water-soluble caffeine twice a day has the ability to penetrate deep into the dermis, reducing the appearance of cellulite within 6 weeks. Apparently, it is believed that this compound would help improve the blood flow present in the area, as well as tighten the skin.  Although, at the moment, the exact mechanism is not fully understood.
  • topical retinoid. One study found that retinoid, which are an active ingredient derived from vitamin A, may help improve the appearance of cellulite by increasing blood flow and improving skin density.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic massage techniques appear to be incredibly helpful and effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This has been demonstrated by different scientific studies, in which it was observed that applying lymphatic stimulation increases circulation throughout the body, having an effect on different skin conditions, including cellulite.

As we can see, an excellent option recommended by most experts is to try not only to follow a useful and appropriate treatment over a long period of time, and constantly, but even to combine them with each other, which could very positively help time to get better results.


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