What is cellular nutrition? What does it consist of? It is based on supplying the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it does not get from food. Find out why.

What is known as cellular nutrition is a type of nutrition that is based mainly on supplying the body with the essential nutrients that we need every day (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), which we do not obtain from food and from the diet that we follow daily.

It basically consists of adding these essential nutrients in the right proportion and quantity, so that they do not become harmful to the human body due to excessive consumption.

Not surprisingly, cell nutrition itself comprises the set of processes by which cells exchange both matter and energy with their environment.

In this sense, medical research carried out around the world shows that both the contribution of optimal amounts of nutrients and the nutritional and food correction can be more than enough to improve certain health disorders.

What is cellular nutrition?

Taking into account that cellular nutrition is based on the supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in adequate proportion and quantity, which our body does not obtain naturally from food, there is no doubt that one of its main objectives is to  supply nutrients natural to each person according to their personal needs, achieving the organic balance that guarantees an optimal state of health.

Given that we can run the risk of exceeding the consumption of these essential nutrients, it is essential that the treatment indicated by cellular nutrition is supervised and controlled by a doctor.

The cellular nutrition argues that farming methods existing today, and the period between transport and storage, finally nutrients from natural foods deteriorate, which come into our homes but lower amount of nutrients.


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