Celery is a food with incredible health benefits: it is a diuretic, it helps eliminate toxins. Discover all its properties, contraindications and side effects.

Although celery is known above all as a food, the truth is that the celery plant (Apium graveolen) provides interesting benefits and medicinal properties, as well as the vegetable itself.

The truth is that from a nutritional point of view, celery stands out for its content in water, minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is a food low in fat and therefore in calories, which together with its high water content make it an ideal option in weight loss diets.

But from a medicinal point of view, we find a great diversity of benefits and properties: it is an excellent diuretic and cleanser of the organism, it helps to satisfy the appetite, it is a good digestive, and it is also interesting in case of flu and cold.

Of course, when we consume it regularly, it is very common for us to ask ourselves what are the contraindications of celery, as well as its side effects.

Regarding the properties of celery itself, it is a recommended vegetable when it comes to purifying the kidneys, by stimulating the kidneys and helping in the elimination of waste.

Benefits of celery

Great cleanser

Due to its potassium content, celery is ideal for stimulating urine production and helping the body to prevent fluid retention on the one hand, and on the other to eliminate toxins.  Celery juice is ideal in this regard, especially when taken on an empty stomach.

Natural laxative

It helps to relieve constipation in a completely natural way, especially when constipation is punctual as a result of nerves or stress.

Useful for good digestion

Thanks to its mineral content, it helps neutralize heartburn, while helping in case of stomach ulcer and indigestion.

Beneficial for weight loss

It acts as a satiating agent when it comes to reducing the desire to eat products and foods rich in sugar. Together with the fact that it is a food that improves metabolism and is also low in fat and calories, it is an ideal option in weight loss diets.

Helps eliminate kidney and gallstones

Celery juice helps break down kidney and gallstones, while its seeds are helpful in treating urinary tract infections.

Calms the nervous system

Thanks to the presence of organic alkaline minerals, celery is an excellent relaxant, being ideal for people with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Main properties of celery

The celery is one of the ideal plant for our kidneys, stimulating these bodies to eliminate waste that our body does not need.

It is even capable of diluting uric acid in painful joints, acting as an anti-inflammatory. For this reason, it is known as an essential food in a diet for rheumatism and gout.

It helps reduce blood pressure in cases of hypertension, and thanks to its most important virtues, it is useful in the prevention of cancer.

Celery qualities, in summary

  • Stimulating the kidneys, helping to purify our body.
  • Cleanses the body.
  • Eliminates uric acid from the joints.
  • Lowers blood pressure.

Contraindications and side effects of celery

Its consumption in pregnancy is not recommended since it can cause abortions due to the presence of a glycoside that can induce it, although during breastfeeding it does not present any contraindication.

In case of digestive or stomach problems, it is recommended to cook it and avoid consuming it raw, as it can be difficult to digest in these situations.

Due to its diuretic effect, it can produce a counterproductive increase in urine production in patients with bladder inflammation or severe kidney damage.

In people sensitive to any of its compounds, it can cause allergic reactions. In addition, excessive consumption can cause poor digestion and stomach problems.


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