Cardamom is a wonderful spice full of benefits and medicinal properties. Find out what it is, what it is for and also when it is not advisable to consume it.

The Cardamom is a spice of tropical origin that can also bring us many benefits for our body. It must be said that it is a fairly unknown food since it is only usually found in some regions of Southeast Asia such as India or the Philippines.

For this reason, from Natursan we are going to tell you in great detail some of its most important advantages when consuming it. But let’s go in parts.

What is cardamom?

Cardamom is a wonderful aromatic spice, scientifically known by the name of Elettaria cardamomum and belonging to the genera Amomum, Aframomum and Elettaria of the Zingiberaceae family, known in turn by the popular name of green cardamom or true cardamom, which it extends from Malaysia to India.

We can also differentiate it from the Amomum subulatum variety, known as “black cardamom” or “Nepalese cardamom”, which is mainly distributed in Asia and Australia.

It is a spice that comes especially from the tropical forests that we find in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Sumatra and South India. Although today it is possible to find cardamom crops in countries as diverse as Guatemala (stands out for being the largest producer worldwide), Nepal, Thailand and Central America.

For its consumption only the seeds are used, which are used especially in the gastronomy of India for the elaboration of the wonderful curry. In addition, its use is also common in the preparation of breads and rolls, cookies, rice dishes, desserts and even in drinks such as tea.

The most important cardamom benefits

Helps us lose weight

Surely many readers visit our page in search of foods that will help them lose those extra kilos now that summer is beginning to appear. If you are in this situation, from here we tell you that cardamom is undoubtedly one of the most powerful spices that exist when it comes to getting rid of a little overweight.

This is partly due to trypsin, an active principle present in this spice that helps regulate our metabolism and also facilitates digestion after a heavy meal. On the other hand, it also has a satiating effect thanks to the fact that it is made up of more than 28% purely natural fibers.

With all this, cardamom promotes the production of digestive juices that will ultimately help us lose those extra kilos while we enjoy improved intestinal health. What are all advantages?

Prevents bad breath and airway inflammation

But the benefits that cardamom offers don’t just stop there. This typical spice from South India is also the most beneficial for treating bad breath, a condition that can appear especially when we eat foods that are very spicy or with flavors that are too strong in general.

The good thing about it is that it is only necessary to chew some of its seeds as if it were a simple candy or gum.

Even its cooling effect will also prevent our airways from swelling. Hence, it is recommended to take cardamom when we suffer from tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis or asthmatic processes. You will see that with this spice you enjoy much healthier and clearer airways.

This is something to take into account now that we are in the middle of spring and allergies are the order of the day.

With stimulating and antidepressant effects

Cardamom is also one of the most powerful natural plants that exist when it comes to stimulating our entire brain. By acting as a powerful stimulant, it also helps considerably to treat any condition of nerves or anxiety that we increasingly suffer during our day to day.

If from Monday to Friday you do not give yourself any rest, it is very normal that on some occasion your body asks you for some more energy to carry out all your work and personal commitments.

To do this, we are going to give you the following idea. You can grind this species until it turns into a kind of white powder. Next, you just have to take warm water and mix it well with the cardamom as if it were a simple infusion. You will see how this way you get an extra energy that is sometimes so necessary.

What are the contraindications of cardamom?

However, like any food, cardamom also has the following contraindications if taken in too large quantities. And for this reason, we believe that it is also important that you know them:

  • People with ulcers. The consumption of cardamom is strongly discouraged for all those who suffer from some type of ulcer. The reason? Well, because by stimulating the digestive glands, this spice can worsen the state of some of the ulcers.
  • People with intestinal diseases. Cardamom can increase the symptoms that appear in any intestinal condition such as irritable bowel or Crhon disease
  • Pregnant women. Nor should those women who are in an advanced stage of pregnancy take this species since it is a plant that favors menstruation.


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