Benefits of cane molasses. Discover the most important nutritional properties, qualities and virtues that this delicious natural sweetener from cane sugar provides.

If you are looking for natural options to sweeten your dishes, drinks and desserts, especially when it comes to replacing the unhealthy white sugar, both panela and cane molasses stand out. The first has the advantage that it can be used simply by scraping the solid block of cane sugar, while the second is characteristic for having a liquid and thick appearance that is very reminiscent of honey, although it is true that its color is much darker. . Reason why it is also known as cane honey.

It consists of a liquid of dark color and thick texture, which is the result of cooking the sugar cane juice, which helps the water evaporate and concentrate the different natural sugars in the fruit. Therefore, in submerged fermentation, citric acid is produced. This sugar is evaporated until its water content is almost completely eliminated, and a texture quite similar to honey is obtained.

What is molasses or cane molasses?

Cane molasses is the result of cooking the sugar cane juice, the process of which helps the water evaporate and concentrate the different natural sugars in the fruit.

This sugar is evaporated until a texture similar to honey is obtained. It also stands out for its thickness and its characteristic color, so that the darker the molasses, the more nutrients it will have.

Benefits of cane molasses

Since cane molasses is a product derived from sugar cane, it provides us with all the essential nutrients that sugar cane provides in its natural version. Its benefits are as follows:

Energy supply, ideal for athletes

It gives us energy, necessary for the correct development of all metabolic processes. For this reason, its consumption is interesting in athletes and in all those who need an extra energy contribution.

Rich in iron, recommended for people with anemia

Cane molasses stands out for its high iron content. In fact, two tablespoons of cane molasses provide 14% of the recommended daily amount of iron, a mineral essential to provide oxygen to our blood cells.

For this reason, its consumption is recommended in people with anemia, and particularly in pregnant women.

Sweetener recommended for people with diabetes

Until recently, it was common for diabetics to use only saccharin or aspartame. Two products about which there are doubts due to the safety of their long-term consumption, as shown by recent scientific studies.

Therefore, it is best to replace these two artificial sweeteners with other more natural options, such as cane molasses. In fact, molasses has a moderate glycemic load of 55.

Interesting for people who want to lose weight

In addition to its low glycemic content (which stands out for being moderate), it also provides few calories and has no fat. In fact, a serving of cane molasses provides only 32 calories and no fat, making it an interesting sweetener option for those on a diet who want to lose weight.

Beneficial for hair and skin health

Cane molasses provides a very interesting amount of copper. In fact, just two tablespoons of cane molasses provides 14% of the recommended daily amount of copper.

Copper is a beneficial trace mineral in helping to rebuild the structure of the skin, improves hair quality and even helps restore the original hair color.

Interesting combination of calcium and magnesium

It is always appropriate that calcium and magnesium go hand in hand, mainly because magnesium helps our body absorb calcium better. In the case of cane molasses, this combination is ideal to help in the growth and development of both bones and teeth, ideal for preventing osteoporosis.

A natural laxative

If you have constipation problems, it is interesting that you opt for cane molasses as a sweetener. It is a natural food that helps to soften the stool naturally, helping to improve the regularity and quality of intestinal transit.

Nutritional properties of cane molasses

There is no doubt that cane molasses is a natural and healthy food, especially recommended to replace other less healthy sweeteners, such as white sugar. Did you know that the darker the cane molasses, the more nutrients it will have? We find in it the following essential nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates: as we mentioned earlier, essential for energy production.
  • Vitamins: especially vitamins of group B (especially vitamin B6).
  • Minerals: such as magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, and potassium.

Don’t you think they are interesting benefits and nutritional properties to replace white sugar, saccharin or aspartame in your diet?

Main uses of cane molasses

The main use of molasses is culinary, used above all as a sweetener and sweetener. It is a very interesting alternative to white sugar, especially when you are going to make desserts or sweet dishes. It is delicious when sweetening sauces or drinks.

Its use is also interesting when it is spread on toast, yogurt, fruit or cheese.


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