Do you know what camu-camu is? We also discover the different benefits of camu camu, with information about its most interesting properties.

In the world we can find a great diversity of really curious and strange foods, which on many occasions we do not know in this part of the continent precisely because they are not as common as other more common options.

A quite clear example is the case of fruits, where wonderful exotic fruits abound that, in these parts, are definitely not so well known.

What is Camu-camu?

The Camu-camu is a shrub native to the Peruvian Amazon, which grows wild in the alluvial soils which are mostly flooded during different periods of rain.

When grown as a fruit tree, its fruit is one of its most appropriate parts, mainly due to its richness in vitamin C. It consists of a small red fruit with a slightly acid taste, but tremendously appreciated.

The consumption of the bark and stem of this shrub also stands out for its virtues as a remedy for diabetes.

Camu-camu benefits

One of the main nutritional benefits is its very high vitamin C content. In fact, it has 16 times more vitamin C than orange pulp, and 60 times more than lemon.

Thanks to its content in this vitamin it favors the formation of collagen, therefore indicated for the correct formation of bones, teeth, blood vessels and the skin itself. In addition, it intervenes in the absorption of iron and stimulates the natural defenses of our body.

It is a fruit that exerts a very interesting antioxidant action, helping to reduce the different negative effects of free radicals.

Likewise, it is an interesting fruit in the purification of the liver, by participating in the natural detoxification processes of the liver, helping to eliminate toxins and fats that accumulate in this organ.


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