Some time ago we talked to you about legumes, and the different benefits of certain types. For example, we exposed the properties of lentils, the properties of beans and even the properties of chickpeas, which dish is even more delicious.

But there are other types of legumes that in most cases are never lacking in Spanish kitchens, and it is equally interesting for its virtues and benefits. We are referring to  beans, an ideal energy food for both adults and children.

Properties and benefits of beans

Fava beans stand out because, as we explained in the first lines of this article, they are an extremely energetic food, due to their high protein content.

They contain vitamins such as vitamin B1 or niacin, and minerals such as manganese, iron, copper, calcium, and phosphorus.

Although beans have interesting virtues, the only drawback is that our digestive system takes a long time to digest them.

For this reason, it is best to consume it in small quantities, and especially in the form of a puree, especially in the smallest ones.

In any case, if you have high uric acid, you must remember that you should not consume them.

These legumes have always become an unmistakable food in Spanish cuisine, where it is customary to prepare them accompanying delicious stews with chorizo.

It is, as we will see throughout this note, one of the legumes richest in dietary fiber, an essential nutrient in a balanced, healthy and healthy diet, so we can first indicate that thanks to the benefits of beans we find a food that is as healthy as it is nutritious.

Nutritional benefits of fava beans

To highlight its high fiber content, so it is certainly an ideal legume when it comes to both preventing constipation and lowering high cholesterol levels, especially high levels of what is known as bad cholesterol.

This main virtue is due to arabinose, a type of soluble fiber that from a nutritional point of view is capable of improving the fat profile in the blood.

It is also rich in essential nutrients that help care for and protect the heart, especially vitamin C, minerals such as magnesium and a flavonoid such as quercetin.

If you plan both to purify the liver and take care of it, beans are especially useful legumes to stimulate both liver and gallbladder function.

Nutritional contribution of beans

Calories 310 kcal.
Protein 24 g.
Carbohydrates 48.5 g.
Total fat 2 g.
Fiber 22 g.
Vitamins Minerals
Vitamin B1 0.53 mg. Calcium 115 mg.
Vitamin B2 0.24 mg. Magnesium 150 mg.
Vitamin B3 4.5 mg. Iron 8.5 mg.
Vitamin C 25 mg. Zinc 3.5 mg.



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