Breakfast cookies are often the ideal breakfast for many children and adults. But are they really healthy and nutritious? Are they suitable for this important meal of the day?

Enjoying a healthy breakfast is always a fundamental option, since it is the first meal of the day, which provides us with the calories and nutrients that our body will need throughout the morning, so that we do not feel tired or fatigued.

Hence, it is not at all advisable to skip breakfast, since through this first meal of the day our body receives the signal that it should get “going”.

And we must not forget something fundamental: unlike what many people think, it is a serious mistake to skip both breakfast and some of the meals when we are following a weight loss diet, since the different enzymes responsible for burning fat receive the message they get to work, so if you don’t eat breakfast, it is more than likely that your body will continue to store fat.

Regarding the ideal foods for a good breakfast, we find an interesting variety of foods that should be part of a nutritious breakfast: fruits, dairy products and farinaceous.

But it is common for many people to opt for the famous breakfast cookies, consumed with a good glass of milk. Are they healthy or not? Are they recommended for breakfast?

Are cookies recommended for breakfast?

Taking into account that cookies provide energy and a high percentage of carbohydrates, these food products may be appropriate for breakfast for children, young people and athletes.

Of course, we must not forget its fat content (especially saturated fat), so it is advisable to bear in mind that not all cookies are nutritionally the same.

In the case of the adult population, the question changes, so that they do not become the best option for breakfast when they are consumed every day.

That does not mean that they can be consumed occasionally. However, choosing the best option would be to opt for cookies rich in fiber and low in fat, which contain a higher nutritional value than other options.

Calories from breakfast cookies

On average, 100 grams of cookies provide 300 to 500 calories, so your final energy intake will depend on the type and its ingredients.


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