The tonics become an excellent option when completing any routine skin care, because it helps cleanse the skin thoroughly (without replacing the cleaner or cleansing milk itself, which should always be applied above), provides a series of extremely interesting basic benefits and, in addition, tends to prepare the skin so that it can better receive the rest of the products that follow, usually the moisturizer or moisturizing cream and any other therapeutic cream used specifically for the treatment and prevention of certain problems or skin conditions.

Among the benefits provided by most facial toners, we find that they are excellent for helping to remove excess dirt, traces of sebum or fat, and makeup that have accumulated throughout the day, just as it is effective in removing dead cells from the skin’s surface as much as possible. But the qualities provided by toners are, above all, especially interesting for those with combination or oily skin, since they are capable of correcting -and balancing- the pH of the skin, controlling acne. In addition, by helping to cleanse and close the pores, they become a tremendously useful option for acne-prone skin. (Which, by the way, tends to be quite common for people with oily skin.)

But, on many occasions, even when its use on the skin is quite simple, easy… and, above all, fast, often few people really know how they should use it, how to apply it to the skin, and when. Or, what is the same, there are usually certain doubts related to the ideal -and correct- time to use them. If we take into account that, as far as the beauty routine is concerned, the order of the factors does alter the product, we find that it is vitally important to follow the correct order in order to enjoy all the qualities and benefits that we would provide each of the products.

In the case of the facial toner itself, as we will discover in detail at the end of this note, it should be used immediately after the facial cleanser, and before proceeding to hydrate the skin with our favorite moisturizer. What’s more, if you’re in the habit of using a facial serum or serum, you should know that the facial toner comes first, followed by the serum, and finally the moisturizer or moisturizer.

Micellar Water All in 1 from Nezeni Cosmetics: complete and effective

You may be surprised to discover that as one of the flagship products and one of our favorite options, it is micellar water instead of a facial toner . But the truth is that we are faced with a wonderful option, especially useful and recommended not only for oily skin but practically for any skin type, thanks to the fact that in its formulation we find mainly a series of active ingredients, all of hundred 100% vegetable, which offer excellent benefits for natural skin care. And what is even better: its use goes beyond that of a mere facial cleanser, so it can even become a wonderful substitute for both the cleanser itself and the facial toner, passing immediately -after its application- to the use of the facial serum.

Regarding the different ingredients that we find in its formulation, we are going to talk to you about the qualities of some of the most important:

  • Aloe vera gel. Of ecological origin, with the COSMOS-Concert certificate, it is a liquid with a mucilaginous consistency, which is obtained from the pulp of aloe vera leaves, which stands out mainly for its moisturizing, softening and soothing qualities. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, in addition to being re-epithelializing and immunomodulatory.
  • Vegetal glycerin. Thanks to the high presence of vitamins, it is useful in preventing skin aging. Restores the lipid barrier of the skin, while, being emollient, it acts by softening and smoothing the skin.
  • Apple extract It is a totally and completely natural ingredient that provides anti-aging and antioxidant qualities. It is moisturizing and emollient, and also provides a gentle exfoliating effect, helping to stimulate cell regeneration and activate circulation.
  • Oat extract. Oatmeal is known for its different qualities when applied to the skin. In this case, it becomes an excellent option when it comes to treating oily skin, since it is purifying and antiseptic, moisturizing and conditioning the skin. In addition, it is also moisturizing and provides anti-aging benefits.
  • Ginger extract Thanks to its preventive qualities against irritation, and by improving the natural defenses of the skin, it is an interesting option in case of oily skin prone to acne. Not surprisingly, it may be able to completely inhibit collagen degradation, increasing skin firmness.
  • Salicylic acid. And we come to one of the most interesting ingredients when it comes to treating oily skin. And it is that as we will explain in a future section, it acts as a gentle exfoliant, useful to help remove dead skin in a similar way to how the skin naturally does when we are younger. In fact, it is able to penetrate the lining of the pores, exfoliating them from within, as well as on the surface of the skin. It’s a useful option for reducing breakouts, including pimples and blackheads. But its benefits do not stop there. And it is that it also provides calming qualities, useful to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tone, and has moisturizing benefits, useful to enjoy smoother skin.

As we can see, it is an excellent option that cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin thanks to the wonderful and exclusive combination of each and every one of the natural ingredients that we have mentioned throughout the previous section. An option, therefore, extremely suitable and interesting when it comes to enjoying a much calmer, softer, smoother skin and free of impurities. In short, the option that oily skin needs so much.

Main advantages of Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water:

  • Formula with one hundred percent natural ingredients.
  • Especially rich in natural and botanical extracts, such as organic aloe vera gel, or apple, oat and ginger extracts.
  • Contains salicylic acid, with a recognized exfoliating action (but soft).
  • Helps tone, hydrate and smooth the skin, while calming inflammation.

Facial toner with organic aloe vera from Mother Nature Cosmetics

The Mother Nature Cosmetics brand is characterized by launching a series of extremely delicate beauty and skin care products on the market, which stand out mainly for being not only environmentally friendly (for example, the material used for their packaging has with FSC certificate), but because only natural and pure ingredients are used in its preparation, its products are free of animal cruelty since they have never been tested or tested on animals, and in addition, they can be perfectly used by all those people follow a vegan lifestyle.

On this particular occasion we find a facial toner that, among other ingredients, has organic aloe vera, which comes in a convenient 125 ml container. Helps remove residue and dirt from the skin, while preparing it for the application of the rest of the products used in the beauty routine.

While Aloe Vera acts by moisturizing the skin, Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender (all of which are also organically sourced) help to pamper it and prepare it for subsequent facial care. In fact, it is not only useful for oily, combination and impure skin; It is also extremely suitable in case of normal or sensitive skin, thanks to the fact that it does not contain alcohol.

For all these reasons, the manufacturer recommends its regular use, in order to enjoy a radiant and pure complexion, for which it advises applying and using it both in the morning and at night, with the help of a simple cotton disc or pad.

Main benefits of Mother Nature Cosmetics Aloe Vera Facial Toner:

  • Ingredients of organic origin and, therefore, one hundred percent natural.
  • Its formula contains natural extracts of organic aloe vera, chamomile, calendula and organic lavender.
  • Ideal for oily, combination and impure skin.
  • One hundred percent alcohol free, also useful for sensitive skin.
  • Helps remove debris and dirt from the skin.

Alan Coar Face Toner for Oily Skin

Do you have combination, oily, impure and/or acne-prone skin, and do you also want to start using a facial toner that will help you treat some of these problems in an easy, simple and, above all, effective way? On this occasion Alan Coar has developed an ideal facial toner for oily skin, whose combination of antimicrobial, astringent and catalytic active ingredients make it an excellent and useful option for these cases, especially when it comes to treating acne.

For example, thanks to the presence of natural chamomile extract in its composition, it helps to calm and decongest the skin, while deeply hydrating and softening the skin, but without exerting any type of tightness or tightness, which on many occasions tends to annoy and annoy.

Among other interesting aspects, it is a facial toner especially indicated for deep cleansing of oily, mixed skin and skin prone to acne breakouts, as well as those with impurities.  Thanks to a series of active ingredients with calming, decongesting, toning and revitalizing qualities, it is capable of eliminating excess oil while respecting the natural balance of the skin, while visibly minimizing pores.

It also provides a pleasant sensation of freshness, so whenever we apply it to our skin we will enjoy this interesting quality.

The manufacturer recommends applying it morning and night, always after cleansing the skin and before applying moisturizer.

Main advantages of Alan Coar’s facial toner for oily skin:

  • Ideal for oily skin thanks to the combination of antimicrobial, keratolytic and astringent ingredients.
  • Also useful for acne-prone skin.
  • Contains chamomile extract, useful for calming and decongesting the skin.
  • Smoothes, hydrates and tones.
  • Cleans oily skin in depth, removing excess oil while respecting the natural balance of the skin.
  • Minimizes the most visible pores.

Eclat Facial Toner with Rose Water– Ideal for balancing oily skin and soothing redness

There is no doubt that rose water has become one of the most wonderful and interesting ingredients of natural origin that exist, thanks not only to its delicate and characteristic fragrance, but mainly to the different qualities and benefits it provides. especially when used on a regular basis. Let’s say that it provides properties for the care of our skin both in the short and long term.

On this occasion we find a facial toner for oily skin developed and manufactured by Eclat, which is mainly characterized by being a wonderful toner with an excellent concentration of rose water, known -and recognized- for its anti-inflammatory qualities, useful for relieving redness caused by acne, eczema, rosacea, and other equally common skin conditions.

In fact, it is not only suitable -and recommended- to be used on oily skin. Did you know that it is also suitable for practically any skin type? In the particular case of oily and combination skin, it offers interesting benefits, since it cleanses in depth, helping to reduce both blackheads and the most complicated and expensive imperfections. And it also provides a matte complexion by balancing the skin’s pH levels, so it’s especially helpful in removing excess oil that so often becomes a direct cause of that unsightly shine.

In its formulation we also find active ingredients with antioxidant qualities, useful not only to enjoy a bright and rejuvenated skin, but also useful when it comes to reducing or diminishing fine lines of expression, wrinkles, and helping to firm and tone the skin, all this in an absolutely natural way.

Main advantages of Eclat facial toner with rose water:

  • High content of rose water.
  • Ideal for oily skin.
  • Relieves redness and inflammation.
  • Provides a matte complexion, thanks to balancing pH levels.
  • Eliminates excessive fat.
  • Thanks also to its antioxidant qualities, it allows you to enjoy a more rejuvenated and brighter skin.

Cleansing facial toner for combination and oily skin from Natura Siberica

This time we are faced with a facial toner with cleansing and purifying qualities, which has been developed by Natura Siberica, in order to help in the daily care of both combination and oily skin. In fact, it helps to clean the pores in depth, being tremendously useful when it comes to removing the remains of residue, dirt and oil, but all this without drying out the skin.

Among the different active ingredients that we find in its formulation, we must mainly highlight the presence of oregano, which calms irritated skin while reducing redness (as you probably know, especially if your skin also has a tendency to acne, these two symptoms usually be equally common problems and conditions in oily skin).

It also contains arctic sage, a rare botanical ingredient that provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, while helping to restore—and enhance—the natural appearance of healthy skin. In fact, in its composition we find 99 percent of one hundred percent natural ingredients, which perfectly complete most of its qualities.

Main advantages of the Natura Siberica cleansing facial toner:

  • Ideal facial toner for combination and oily skin, with cleansing and purifying benefits.
  • Helps deep clean pores, removing traces of dirt, oil and residue.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • 99 percent natural ingredients, among which the presence of oregano and arctic sage stands out.
  • It also helps calm irritated skin, reducing redness.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

Mother Nature Cosmetics Rosewater Toner

From the hand of the prestigious brand of natural and vegan cosmetics Mother Nature Cosmetics comes another wonderful product, whose qualities we must tell you about in an individual section. It is a rose water facial toner, not only suitable for the skin of the skin but also for the hair, totally pure and containing only ingredients of one hundred percent natural origin. In addition, it does not contain parabens or artificial additives, or alcohol.

Thanks to this, it is suitable for any type of skin, although it is also very interesting for mixed and oily skin, mainly due to the different qualities that rose water offers in this regard.

It becomes the ideal supplement for daily skin care, thanks to the fact that it provides a delicate dose of hydration. In addition, it provides an interesting antibacterial effect, useful in avoiding, preventing and reducing acne breakouts in oily skin. It also has a light mortifying effect, useful for eliminating the excess shine that is so common in oily skin as a result of an excessive amount of oil or sebum. But its qualities on the skin do not end there, since it is capable of refreshing the skin, stimulating it and neutralizing redness. It is ideal and perfect as a makeup base.

As we have mentioned, in addition to applying it to the skin of the skin, it can also be extremely useful applied to the hair, interesting even in the case of brittle hair, to allow it to shine again in a totally and absolutely natural way.

According to the recommendations offered by the brand, the manufacturer recommends applying it by spraying the product on the skin -and on the hair if necessary-, letting it act briefly until it is completely absorbed.

Main benefits of Mother Nature Cosmetics Rosewater Toner:

  • High rose water content.
  • Suitable for any type of skin, but especially for oily and combination skin.
  • Helps neutralize redness.
  • Provides an interesting antibacterial effect.
  • Reduces and prevents acne breakouts.
  • It also provides a light mattifying effect.
  • It ends with the brightness so common in oily skin.

Oïléna cleansing and facial toner: with astringent qualities

This is an option specially designed for use on oily skin, since it helps remove any trace of dirt, makeup and sebum, also acting to more effectively remove the previously applied cleanser. It helps maintain hydration, while providing the skin with an interesting amount of natural antioxidants in order to protect it.

Developed by the Oïléna brand, we find ourselves before a very interesting facial toner that plays a dual role in facial cleansing, since it acts by removing and cleaning the remains that may have remained on the skin after using the cleanser or cleansing milk, and then provides hydration, softness, luminosity and vitality.

Thanks to the fact that it is an anti-shine tonic, it is especially suitable for oily skin, as well as being astringent and anti-seborrheic, which means that it reduces the size of the pores and eliminates unwanted shine, by normalizing sebaceous secretion.

In its composition we mainly find some quite interesting natural ingredients in this sense, such as witch hazel, a wonderful liquid with astringent properties, useful for both the skin and the delicate area around the skin. the eyes, and that works by closing the pores, improving the appearance of the small veins that tend to form on the face, especially in the area around the nose.

It has plant extracts with antioxidant qualities, recommended to protect the skin from external aggressions, and it is also an alcohol-free facial toner, suitable for any skin type, but especially for mixed and oily skin, since, in addition to everything indicated, it is even capable of reducing inflammation and redness.

In short, here are its main benefits: it restores the skin’s pH after applying the cleanser, acts as a sebum regulator, closes the pores and balances the skin, removes excess shine and oil, increases the blood supply to the area where the toner is applied, revitalizing and rejuvenating skin tissues, refines and evens skin tone, reduces redness and irritation, mainly thanks to its calming effect.

All this thanks to the fact that, in its formulation, we mainly find two extremely interesting ingredients: natural rose extract and natural jasmine extract, also useful for softening the skin and keeping it as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

The manufacturer recommends using this product at least twice a day to enjoy its different qualities, once in the morning and once at night. And, to apply it, the brand recommends soaking a cotton disc or pad with the toner and spreading it over the skin of the face using light touches or gentle circular movements, also on the neck and décolleté.

Main advantages of Oïléna cleansing facial toner:

  • It is an ideal option for combination and oily skin.
  • Minimizes pores, calms and softens the skin.
  • It increases the blood risk in the area where it is applied, revitalizing and rejuvenating the tissues.
  • Reduces redness and irritation.
  • Unifies and refines skin tone.
  • Removes excess oil, and therefore also excess shine.
  • It acts as a sebum regulator, balancing the skin and closing the pores.
  • Restores the pH of the skin, especially after cleansing.

Postquam Facial Toner: moisturizing and astringent

Whether you have combination or oily skin, this Postquam facial toner has been specially developed with you in mind. And it is that it is a moisturizing and astringent tonic, which mainly helps when it comes to actively moisturizing, toning and refreshing the skin.

It consists of a mentholated hydro alcoholic solution based on extracts of natural origin, among which the presence, above all, of seaweed, cucumber, gentian and witch hazel stands out (one of the best natural ingredients that exist, as we have already seen, for combination skin and fats).

Thanks precisely to its different astringent qualities, it regulates excess sebaceous secretion, so it not only acts to control, regulate and treat excess oil so common in oily skin, but also reduces sebum accumulation., which in turn decreases the risk of acne breakouts.

The truth is that it is a useful toner not only for oily skin but also for combination skin. In addition, it comes in a convenient 500 ml container.

Main advantages of Postquam facial toner for oily and combination skin:

  • Hydroalcoholic menthol solution.
  • Based on natural extracts: seaweed, witch hazel, gentian and cucumber.
  • Regulates excess sebaceous secretion.
  • Controls, regulates and treats excess fat.
  • It prevents sebum from accumulating in the pores, reducing the risk of breakouts.
  1. BOT Cosmetic & Wellness Alcohol-Free Astringent Toner Lotion

From the hands of the BOT Cosmetic & Wellness brand comes a balancing tonic lotion with astringent qualities, which stands out mainly for containing a completely alcohol-free formulation (alcohol-free), making it ideal for any skin type, including especially skin oily and blemished.

It is a purifying lotion formulated mainly with natural extracts, among which the presence of witch hazel and rosemary leaves stands out, which act together to cleanse the skin.

Among other interesting benefits, in addition to acting as an astringent, it also provides refreshing and calming qualities. And it is particularly interesting when we apply it on oily skin, thanks to the fact that it helps to close the pores, while balancing oily skin.

It is ideal for young people, women and men with oily skin, since it helps to control the shine and discomfort of this type of skin, including excess sebum that, in the long term, can increase the risk of acne breakouts.

All this without attacking the natural fat present in the skin (hydro lipid layer), and without drying it out, deeply removing both make-up and dirt present on the surface of the skin, eliminating excess fat.

Thanks to this, it offers cleaning without generating or causing irritation, and can be used even on skin with imperfections and acne.

Main advantages of the tonic lotion from BOT Cosmetic & Wellness:

  • Purifying and tonic lotion, with balancing and astringent qualities.
  • Formula without alcohol and without parabens.
  • In its formulation it contains extracts of rosemary and witch hazel leaves.
  • Cleanses the skin perfectly.
  • In addition to astringent, it is also refreshing and calming.
  • Ideal for daily cleansing of oily skin.
  • Preserves the natural moisture of the skin, but without irritating it.
  • Helps control the shine and discomfort of oily skin.
  • High tolerance for any type of skin, although it is especially interesting for oily skin.

Green Tea Acne and Oily Skin Toner Lotion

Green tea is characterized by being one of the most popular natural ingredients in recent years, especially when applied to the skin, thanks to the different qualities and benefits it provides. On this occasion, specifically, we receive a wonderful tonic lotion created in France by the Bleu&Marine Bretania laboratories, ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, which precisely contains green tea extract as one of its most important ingredients.

It works by removing impurities from the skin, while being able to help control excess oil or sebum, thus reducing the unsightly shine of the skin, so common in oily and combination skin. It does not contain oils or alcohol, and is also characterized by being astringent, so that it balances the excessive production of sebum and calms the skin, but without drying it out.

Thanks to its purifying and regulating qualities, it is interesting when applied above all to oily, mixed, shiny skin prone to acne or the formation of those uncomfortable pimples and blackheads. And it is ideal for both men and women. In fact, it is recommended to apply it even after shaving, as a soothing and moisturizing lotion for men with sensitive skin or skin prone to irritation.

The manufacturer advises applying it daily (it is true that it does not specifically indicate how many times to do it per day, so the ideal and recommended thing is to do it especially at night, in the night care routine). To do this, you just have to moisten a cotton ball with the lotion and apply it to both the skin of the face and the skin of the neck, massaging gently until completely absorbed, avoiding contact with the eye area. Remember to always use it after cleansing, and before hydration.

Main advantages of the lotion for combination and oily skin with green tea:

  • High content of green tea extract.
  • Ideal tonic lotion for mixed and oily skin, with a tendency -or not- to the formation of acne and blackheads.
  • Alcohol-free and oil-free.
  • With astringent qualities, it helps to balance the excessive production of sebum, soothing the skin.
  • In turn, it helps remove impurities from the skin.
  • Useful for both men and women.
  • In the case of men with sensitive skin, it is recommended to apply it even after shaving, as if it were a lotion.

Facial toner or astringent?

When we talk about oily skin, it is true that astringents become an excellent option, especially when it comes to oily skin prone to acne breakouts, as they can help cleanse the skin, diminish and tighten pores, and blot up excess oil or sebum. They basically consist of liquid-based formulas, which usually contain isopropyl, a type of alcohol. Although it is also possible to find natural astringents with alcohol made from botanical ingredients, or even astringents without alcohol, this is possibly one of the main differences that we find in facial toners for oily skin. Even though it is true that they can also contain alcohol, it is common to find them, especially in non-alcoholic versions.

Even though an astringent can be extremely useful for oily skin, when we find alcohol in its composition we can run the risk that the skin ends up drying out too much, causing more problems than benefits. In fact, if you have oily skin but with a slight tendency to dryness or sensitivity, in most cases, although it is true that astringents will also help minimize the appearance of pores, the alcohol present in its formulation can overdry the skin.

In fact, the traditional advice for oily skin is to use an astringent facial toner, but this strategy, while useful initially, may not be as effective or healthy in the long run. The reason? Since oily skin is characterized by being quite frustrating to treat and manage, if we opt for an astringent with alcohol we can run the risk of drying and drying out the skin excessively. So even when we believe that this product is providing us with a short-term beneficial effect, the reality is that in the long run it is damaging our skin.

What’s more, many studies have shown that just a few hours after using strong toners and astringents, sebum or oil levels return to what they were before the product was applied.

Hence, most experts advise using an alcohol-free facial toner specially designed for use on oily skin. In addition, it can be extremely interesting to take a good look at the different active ingredients it contains, since it will be the best way to ensure that we are using a tonic that is as beneficial as it is effective.

For example, if our skin, in addition to oily, tends to have a certain tendency to acne, the most appropriate thing is to choose an alcohol-free toner with some alpha-hydroxy acid, which will help to leave the skin perfectly clean, but without flaking. They are usually acids that are obtained naturally, with a mild exfoliating effect, and are even useful for sensitive skin, since they are not as irritating as, for example, retinoids could be the case.

Salicylic acid also becomes another interesting ingredient in skin prone to acne and breakouts, although it may not be as suitable for sensitive skin, since it tends to be somewhat harsh and irritating. We cannot forget about other equally interesting active ingredients, such as vitamin C, with its recognized antioxidant action, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid or vegetable glycerin.

What are the most suitable facial toners for oily skin?

Many toners are often formulated differently, although most tend to fall into three broad groups: moisturizing facial toners, pH-balancing toners, and exfoliating toners. In turn, it is true, we can also find antioxidant facial toners, although it is true that, when it comes to treating oily skin itself, the most important are those mentioned at the beginning.

Although it may seem strange and curious at the same time, the truth is that oily skin can also be dry or dehydrated, particularly when in the past we have used a skin care product that could end up drying the skin more deeply. Because of this, it is best to opt for a facial toner packed with active ingredients with moisturizing qualities.

What’s more, did you know that these types of products, when moisturizing, become the best options for oily skin? This is because they attract and block the water naturally present in the skin, while calming the areas where some irritation may arise, and treating the underlying dehydration (so typical, by the way, in this type of skin).

Of course, it is essential to differentiate between oily skin itself, and oily skin prone to acne and breakouts. Even though acne-prone oily skin can also benefit from moisturizing toners, another type of toner may be even more suitable to better address the different problems that affect it.

We must bear in mind that the increased production of oil or sebum, so characteristic and common in oily skin, tends to greatly hinder the natural shedding of cells, so that dead skin ends up getting trapped inside the pores., which in turn encourages bacterial growth. In these cases, the skin reacts by causing inflammation and a substance known as pus, in order to expel these foreign invaders from the body.

In these cases, exfoliating facial toners are tremendously useful, being highly recommended for the treatment of oily skin prone to acne and breakouts, since they have in their composition a series of mild acids capable of loosening the dead cells accumulated on the skin. skin, thereby increasing the rate of cell renewal. In other words, they are extremely interesting when it comes to stimulating the renewal of different skin cells, so with regular use, dead skin is usually less likely to end up getting trapped inside the pores.

In any case, as we have seen and have already mentioned on several occasions, remember that it is extremely important to apply your facial toner for oily or combination skin always after the cleanser, and before applying any moisturizing product or moisturizer. In case you also shop to use serums or serums, it should always be added before it. In other words, the proper and correct order would be as follows: cleanser, facial toner for oily skin, serum or serum, moisturizer and specific moisturizing treatment.


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