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Best non-alcoholic toners

Perhaps you have sensitive skin or skin that can be irritated quite easily, or even simply suffer from dry skin or combination skin, and you prefer to avoid the use of any beauty product or cosmetic with alcohol, since it is characterized by being one of the ingredients that greater dryness tends to cause on the skin. And this is something that even very few people actually know.

Not in vain, it is common that most people do not even analyze or read the list of ingredients of most of the cosmetic and aesthetic products that they use every day, in such a way that they do not usually worry until said product has caused something. type of adverse reaction, or problem with your skin.

In the case of alcohol, exactly that happens. The most common is that we find it as an ingredient in countless products, and for this reason we tend to think that it is a beneficial ingredient for skin care. However, the research would clearly indicate the opposite: as the main ingredient in any skin care product, it becomes a real problem.

We must take into account that the concentration of a certain ingredient in the composition of any product is collected in the list of ingredients of the same -and that you will find on its packaging- from highest to lowest. This means that all those ingredients that we find among the first six components, is a clear indication that the amount used in its preparation is quite high. Thus, if we find alcohol among the first ingredients, what it indicates is precisely that: its alcohol content (and derivatives) is tremendously high, which in the long run could generate a series of problems in our skin.

Of course, when we refer to the presence of alcohol in both skin care products and makeup products, it is necessary to take into account that the one that causes the greatest problem is a type of desiccant alcohol commonly known as alcohol. SD, denatured alcohol, or, less commonly, isopropyl alcohol. They consist of volatile alcohols that give products in which they are included as an ingredient plus a quick-drying finish, help them feel light or airy, and also degrease the skin almost immediately. For this reason, they are especially attractive to people with oily skin.

Even when these benefits are observed in the short term, and we think that the product is being enormously beneficial for our skin, the reality is very different: its consequences will end up being negative in the long term. In short, alcohol is always bad for any type of skin, even for normal, combination or oily skin. And what are those consequences? Dryness, alteration of the surface of the microbiome and of the skin barrier, and finally, a greater tension related to the natural renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, which is seriously affected.

However, it is necessary to indicate that there are other types of alcohols, such as the case of fatty alcohols (such as steady, cetearyl and cetyl alcohol) that do not tend to cause irritation on the skin, so they are interesting when We apply it on dry skin, and in small amounts for any type of skin, since they provide a more pleasant texture, helping to keep the ingredients stable in the products where it is included.

In the case of facial toners, there is no doubt that both women and men have ended up falling in love with this type of product. As you probably know, facial toner is a watery product that provides a number of excellent skincare benefits. Not in vain, it contains a series of ingredients and active principles specifically designed with the purpose of refreshing and revitalizing the skin of the face, minimizing pores, balancing the pH levels of our skin, and preparing it for any other product or treatment that will be applied. subsequently.

Whether you have just discovered some of the main advantages of using facial toners on a regular basis, as well as integrating them into your beauty routine, or if you have already used them but prefer to choose only non-alcoholic toners, here is a guide detailed where we discover some of the best non-alcoholic facial toners. Do you dare to discover them with us?

Micellar water all in 1: more complete than a facial toner

Micellar water is characterized by providing skin care quite similar to a toner, but with an added advantage: it also acts as a deep cleanser, and after its application to the skin of the face, it is not necessary or essential to go back. to rinse the skin in order to remove it.

And why have we chosen it as one of the best products in this guide, if it is not specifically a facial toner? Not only because it does not contain any type of alcohol in its composition;  but because in addition to intensely toning the skin, it also helps to hydrate it thanks to the combination of different natural ingredients, among which those that we will describe below stand out:

  • Aloe vera gel (organic). Aloe vera gel is a liquid that is obtained from the plant with the same name. It acts as a wonderful natural moisturizer, as well as calming and softening the skin. It is ideal for sensitive skin, in addition to being anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and re-epithelializing.
  • Vegetal glycerin. It is especially useful when it comes to preventing the formation / appearance of premature aging, thanks mainly to the high presence of vitamins in certainly high amounts in its composition. It also acts as an emollient, which means that it easily smoothes and softens the skin, even restoring its lipid barrier.
  • Apple extract: Obtained from the fruit of Pyrus malus, it offers antioxidant and anti-aging qualities, helping to stimulate cell regeneration by becoming a gentle exfoliant. In addition, it helps activate circulation.
  • Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside. It consists of a non-ionic surfactant, which means that it becomes a very interesting ingredient when used in skin cleansing products, providing an excellent performance between cleansing and mildness.
  • Oat extract. It is obtained from oat seeds, and provides excellent skin conditioning activity, thanks to its high carbohydrate and protein content. It has certain similarities with hyaluronic acid, so it acts by forming a kind of film on the skin, moisturizing and lubricating irritated skin. Not only is it a good moisturizer, but it also provides anti-aging, purifying, and antiseptic qualities.
  • ginger extract It can help inhibit collagen degradation, which is essential when it comes to preventing the appearance of the first signs associated with aging, as well as maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin. Among other aspects, it also works by improving its natural defenses, increasing firmness and providing anti-irritant benefits.
  • Salicylic acid. It becomes a true multifunctional ingredient, useful in addressing most of the systemic causes that cause the appearance / formation of acne. It acts as an exfoliant, so it is interesting when it comes to removing accumulated dead skin cells, in a similar way to how, for example, the skin tends to do when we are still young.

As we have seen, it undoubtedly becomes a wonderful formula with surfactant qualities, whose ingredients are of one hundred percent natural origin. In addition, it contains a series of combinations of natural extracts from both fruits and plants, which leave the skin hydrated, perfectly free of impurities, calm, soft and smooth.

RAU alcohol-free facial toner: with nettle extract

The RAU Cosmetics brand has developed a comfortable and useful alcohol-free facial toner, which becomes an extremely refreshing toning liquid, thanks to the fact that it contains  nettle extract as one of its most outstanding ingredients.

Contains no parabens, no petroleum products, no mineral oils and no silicone. In short, the ingredients that we find in its composition are mainly characterized by being one hundred percent natural. In addition, it has been specially designed for use on dry and sensitive skin, mainly thanks not only to its careful formulation / composition, but also because it does not contain alcohol.

In fact, it has been formulated even for delicate or very dry skin, thanks to the fact that the natural nettle extract not only deeply refreshes the skin, but also helps to balance it, maintaining a much more appropriate skin pH.

Although you probably already know it, the manufacturer reminds you that it is essential to first cleanse your skin with the help of a cotton pad, and then apply this alcohol-free toner by rubbing the skin of your face, neck and décolletage well, leaving it to act until it is gone. complete and total absorption.

The container comes in 75 ml, at a fairly affordable price of just 7.80 euros, making it an excellent option to try, for the first time, an alcohol-free facial toner and thus discover the different qualities it provides in skin care.

On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy an authentic luxury, high-end, alcohol-free facial toner, also developed by the company RAU Cosmetics, you can opt for Rau Tonic Profiline, an alcohol-free toner that comes in a convenient 1-liter container, which contains a highly effective complete active ingredient thanks to the fact that, like the previous one, it mainly contains origin extract, which compensates and adds value to the pH of the skin, also providing a comfortable and excellent refreshing and toning effect.

Ziaja tonic with calendula: ideal for dry and sensitive skin

From the hands of the Ziaja brand we find a calendula cleansing facial toner, which contains this floral extract as one of its most important, useful and interesting active ingredients.  Thanks also to the fact that it does not contain any type of alcohol, it is especially useful in case of dry or very sensitive skin, therefore ideal for the daily care of these two types of skin, useful not only for the skin of the face, but also for the by the neck.

Among other interesting qualities, it helps to hydrate, revitalize and calm irritated skin, restoring the proper pH, and also preparing the skin for the additional cosmetic treatment that will be applied later, also within the skin care routine.

In addition to calendula extract (which, as we have seen, also provides strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative qualities), it also contains provitamin B5, which almost without a doubt completes the most beneficial effects of calendula.

It is suitable for those who follow a vegan lifestyle, mainly because it does not contain ingredients of animal origin, much less have they been tested on animals, which also means that it is one hundred percent free of animal cruelty. On the other hand, the brand recommends using it from the age of 30, with the help of a cotton ball, applying it to clean skin. Of course, it is essential to avoid contact with the eyes.

ROC Alcohol-Free Perfecting Toner

It is true that talking about the ROC brand is probably talking about a beauty laboratory that gives you a lot of confidence, particularly if we take into account that it is a beauty and cosmetics company with considerable experience. In fact, it is quite likely that, right now, you have a product developed by the brand on the bathroom shelf.

On this occasion we must tell you about its perfecting tonic, which is characterized -effectively- by being a facial toning liquid that does not contain any type of alcohol in its composition, which is not only useful for toning the skin in depth and refreshing it, but also which, in addition, is useful for removing make-up from the skin, uncovering the pores and gently unclogging them.

It is suitable for any skin type, including not only sensitive and delicate skin, but also skin prone to irritation, combination and even oily. In fact, it has been specially formulated to remove makeup residue. Moreover, being perfectly clean and properly toned, the skin is able to breathe much better.

And what ingredients do we find in its composition? Basically panthenol, which helps restore skin cells, improving their natural hydration, roughness and promoting wound healing, while reducing both inflammation and itching.

Alcohol-free facial toner with aloe vera from Babaria

With a convenient container that also offers a free gift of 100 ml of product, Babaria has developed an alcohol-free facial toner that stands out mainly for containing aloe vera as one of its main ingredients, in addition to other ingredients of equally natural origin, such as the case of mallow, chamomile and linden.

These four ingredients, as we can see of one hundred percent natural origin, manage to combine with each other to provide a high degree of hydration and freshness to the skin, practically from the moment it is applied. What is even better: with all this it prevents any kind of irritation from occurring. In addition, it also contains witch hazel, which balances the skin by helping to close the pores, especially in the oiliest areas. For this fundamental reason, it is also useful for oily or combination skin.

It has been dermatologically tested, and is ideal not only when it comes to soothing and moisturizing the skin in depth, but also eliminates impurities by toning the skin.

Bella Aurora toner with hibiscus and jeju flower: ideal for all skin types

Bella Aurora has developed a wonderful illuminating exfoliating toner, which is characterized not only because it is suitable for any type of skin, but because in addition to not containing any type of alcohol, it has in its composition some wonderful formula rich in natural antioxidants, among whose ingredients the presence of jeju flower and hibiscus extract stand out fundamentally. In fact, these two ingredients help gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells that may have accumulated, minimizing the appearance of pores and, above all, accelerating the cell renewal process.

It also contains a series of active ingredients with anti-spot qualities, useful when it comes to unifying, clarifying and improving the tone of the skin, while it is even capable of reestablishing the natural pH of the skin.

It is an excellent option when it comes to removing any traces of makeup or impurities that may have accumulated throughout the day, while exfoliating the skin, giving it a nice and pleasant depth.

When storing it, as with most products, it is advisable to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, to prevent the action of ultraviolet rays from damaging its different qualities and benefits.

Finally, when applying it, the manufacturer recommends doing it in the morning and/or at night, on a clean face, with the help of a cotton pad.

Amazon Belei Toner: refreshing ideal for ultra-sensitive skin

If you usually buy from Amazon, you probably already know that this popular online store has launched a series of beauty brands with their own products. This is the case of Belei, and in the case at hand, it’s refreshing alcohol-free facial toner, which contains a Swiss formula without perfume.

It is excellent when it comes to toning and clarifying sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin, gently cleansing the skin and reinforcing it, in whose composition we mainly find the presence of aloe vera, panthenol and vegetable glycerin, all obtained in an absolutely natural way.

Among other interesting aspects, it helps to tone and cleanse the skin of both traces of makeup and dirt, correcting and balancing the skin’s pH. In addition, it can be applied both in the morning and at night, on clean skin with the help of a cotton disc or pad. In addition, thanks to its texture and consistency, it is not necessary to rinse the skin afterwards.

Refreshing facial toner and make-up remover from Babé

Are you looking for an alcohol-free facial toner that, in addition to toning and cleansing the skin, you can apply without worrying about removing it later by rinsing or rinsing? If so, you will be interested in this Babé toner, which helps prepare the skin for the all-important hydration phase, by removing any remaining dirt or even makeup from the skin.

Provides calm and softness, hence it is also interesting for the most sensitive skin. And it also provides hydration and freshness, stimulating and strengthening the skin, finally preparing it for optimal and better hydration. And what is even better if possible: as it does not contain any type of alcohol, we do not run the risk that it can dry out the skin. Thanks to which it is ideal for sensitive skin and with a certain tendency to irritation.

On this occasion, to enjoy its different qualities and benefits, the manufacturer does recommend its daily and regular use, not only in the night skin care routine (at night), but also in the morning. To do this, all you have to do is use a cotton disc or pad, soak the product and apply it directly to clean skin.

Postquam toner ideal for dry or dehydrated skin

Postquam has developed a line of products baptized with the name of Essential Care, among which we find a wonderful and very useful facial toner with moisturizing qualities  that has been specially designed for dry or dehydrated skin, which comes in a convenient container of 250 ml.

In order to avoid skin irritations, it is a facial toner formulated without alcohol, which also  has an extremely moisturizing effect thanks mainly to the fact that, in its formulation, we find the presence of both aloe vera and silk proteins.

Thanks to these two main natural ingredients, it provides a refreshing and toning action, which also helps to close the pores and balance the skin, preparing it to receive subsequent treatment.

But what benefits do both ingredients specifically provide? While aloe vera extract, as you may know, helps to moisturize the skin providing emollient, healing and antibacterial qualities, silk proteins naturally moisturize and soften the skin, giving the skin softness, smoothness and elasticity, thanks also to the fact that it is extremely rich in amino acids.

KLAPP CLEAN & ACTIVE toner: ideal for toning and cleansing the skin

Under the name of CLEAN & ACTIVE we find an excellent facial toner developed by the  KLAPP brand, which is mainly characterized by being a soft and alcohol-free toner, ideal for dry or very dry skin that has certain problems when retaining moisture, and also for sensitive skin, by neutralizing and soothing the skin in depth.

Thanks to the presence of certain active ingredients, such as nettle extract, aloe vera extract, lecithin and hydrolyzing yeast, among others, it helps to gently cleanse the skin, but without irritating or drying it out. Specifically, the pH of the skin is balanced and stabilized, which makes it much easier for subsequent skin care products to be better absorbed.

On the other hand, it not only calms the skin but also provides it with valuable moisture, even helping to eliminate both dirt particles and dead skin cells, which have accumulated over the days.

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Facial Toner

Neutrogena is another of those brands that has a wide variety of products on the market specially designed for the care and protection of the skin, and that also gives most women and men a certain confidence due to the experience they have in the sector. On this occasion we find an alcohol-free facial toner that helps to refresh the skin easily, but without removing its moisturizers and natural oils.

Known under the name of Neutrogena Alcohol Free, it has been specially formulated by the brand with the aim of providing the cleanest and most refreshing toning possible, but without adding the drying effects of alcohol. That is, when applied to the skin, it does not tend to dry it out as usual -and in the long term- a tonic with alcohol would do, precisely because it does not contain it in its composition (that is, it is one hundred percent alcohol-free).

It also has in its formulation a series of mild active agents, with purifying qualities, which help to gently remove the different impurities that accumulate on the skin over time, reconditioning and even improving it.

It becomes an excellent option for those who want to use a facial toner with peace of mind, without the fear that it can dry out the skin when applied, especially when used regularly, and the dryness begins to appear little by little, over time. And, particularly, for those who have dry skin, prone to irritation or very sensitive.

Vichy Pureté Thermale Perfecting Toner: ideal for complexion and eyes

If you are looking for a facial toner that, in addition to not containing any type of alcohol, is equally useful to be used on the delicate skin around the eyes, this Vichy Perfecting Toner, which you will find under its line of Pureté Thermale products, it will almost certainly become one of your favorite options.

And it is that it consists of a soft lotion specially designed to be used after the deep cleanser, in order to perfect -and complete- the cleaning process of our skin, by helping to close the pores of the skin while toning it. actively. It is suitable for any type of skin, so as it does not contain alcohol in its formulation, it is even ideal to be used without problems by those who have sensitive or very sensitive skin.

According to the brand, its Perfecting Tonic is capable of closing the pores, so it becomes a tremendously useful option when it comes to closing or preventing pore dilation, reducing the risk that different impurities with some ease.

It also provides a certain vitality and tone to the skin, hydrates, calms, provides an excellent and wonderful freshness to the skin, and helps to balance the pH, thanks to the fact that it has been formulated with physiological pH, making it ideal not only to easily balance any type of skin, but especially the most sensitive skin.

It is even interesting when used on skin prone to irritation, since it provides a comfortable calming effect, in addition to actively fortifying and regenerating the skin, thanks to the fact that in its composition we find the presence of minerals and trace elements that are extremely beneficial and interesting for skin care. the skin, which also strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and offer antioxidant qualities.

As we have mentioned, in its composition we do not find alcohol, it is hypoallergenic and does not contain parabens either. In addition, it has been specially tested for use on sensitive or very sensitive skin. When using, the manufacturer recommends doing it after the deep cleanser, applying the product with the help of a cotton disc or pad, both on the skin of the skin and on the skin around the eyes. In addition, it is not necessary to subsequently rinse the skin, or rinse.

Clarions Alcohol-Free Toner Lotion– With Chamomile

If you want to enjoy a wonderful fragrance with relaxing qualities every day, ideal to relax after a tiring day while applying the different products in your nightly skin care routine, there is no doubt that this alcohol-free tonic lotion developed by Clarions will help you. you will love it You know why? Not only because it does not contain alcohol, being extremely respectful of the skin in general and particularly with its natural oils, but also because it  contains chamomile, which offers a simply wonderful fragrance and aroma.

It is especially useful for normal or dry skin, and becomes a useful option to be used after the application of the skin cleanser, as it helps to gently remove the product that you have applied previously, while preparing it. to receive the rest of the skin treatments that you are going to apply.

It helps to awaken the skin and tone it, providing softness, luminosity, freshness and wonderful comfort, as well as moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis, smoothing and satinizing the color and tone of the skin. Even used in the morning, in your morning skincare routine, it can be extremely useful when it comes to facilitating the application of makeup, thanks to the fact that it favors its fixation.

As we have indicated, the brand has developed it specifically for use on dry or normal skin, thanks above all to the fact that in its formulation we do not find the presence of any type of alcohol or derivatives, so it can be used daily, even by in the morning and at night, after the application of the cleanser, or make-up remover milk.

And what ingredients do we find in its composition? In addition to chamomile, which provides interesting soothing, softening and emollient benefits, we also distinguish the presence of linden, which refreshes and calms; bioécolia, which helps preserve the natural balance of the skin; herbs from the Alps, which provide softening qualities and vitamins A, B and E, which work together to improve the quality and texture of the skin.

How you should apply your non-alcoholic facial toner:

You may be wondering if you should use your alcohol-free face toner twice a day, in the morning for your morning care routine and at night for your nightly skincare beauty routine. The truth is that everything will depend on the time of year in which you find yourself, as well as the particular needs that your skin has at that particular time.

In short, we could say that the use of facial toner is always advisable, especially at night, in the night skin care routine, since it tends to be characterized by being deeper and more complete, particularly if during the day you applied or used any type of cosmetic or make-up product. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in the morning as well, as it will help to refresh the skin and also prepare it for when you apply your day moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

In any case, do not forget that it is very important to do it after having thoroughly cleaned your face, and before applying the serum, moisturizing cream or, in short, any other type of facial care treatment.

Of course, some experts also even recommend always carrying it with you when you play sports or do some kind of outdoor activity, thanks to the fact that it helps eliminate the large amount of impurities that, during sports practice, have ended up accumulating on the skin.

When using it, you only have to saturate or soak two cotton pads, and apply them gently all over the face. In case it comes in the form of a spray, you should only spray it on the face, or apply it directly to the skin of the face with the help of the fingertips, gently patting until it has been completely absorbed.

Remember that, depending on what you want to achieve with the product in question, you can currently find a huge variety of different non-alcoholic facial toners on the market, from moisturizers to stimulants, through astringents (which help control excess oil in the skin, while minimizing or reducing pores, so they are especially interesting if you have oily skin), and soothing ones, ideal for the most sensitive skin thanks to their decongestant action.

How can alcohol damage our skin and why should we try using alcohol-free beauty products?

It is often thought that alcohol becomes a very interesting and useful ingredient when it comes to getting other ingredients commonly used in skin care, such as vitamin C or retinol, to be better absorbed, at least more effectively and efficiently.

Although it is true that alcohol can improve the absorption of these types of ingredients,  sooner or later it will end up destroying the surface of the skin, as well as the different natural substances that help keep it naturally healthier in the long term.

For example, when our skin is combination or oily, it is normal that it is extremely tempting to use some alcohol-based products because they help achieve a matte finish almost immediately, reducing the shine and oily feeling of the skin. However, there is a certain irony. And it is that even when we are faced with alcohol-based products specially designed to control and treat oily skin, the direct damage caused by alcohol on the surface of the skin can end up leading to an increase in bumps, outbreaks of acne and enlarged pores.

In other words, alcohol can increase oiliness, so even if it provides an almost immediate degreasing effect, it ultimately offsets the fact that, in the long run, the skin will end up looking even brighter.

In conclusion, this type of ingredient is extremely negative for our skin in the long term, since it damages the protective surface, depletes the essential and necessary vital substances to enjoy the healthiest and healthiest skin possible, and in the end it will end up worsening the skin fat. The one interesting and useful exception to the use of alcohol on the skin is found in hand sanitizer gels, which require at least 60 percent alcohol (ethanol) in order to be able to more effectively kill both viruses and viruses. such as disease-causing germs.

It is true that some conventional moisturizers and moisturizers may contain alcohol to give the product a much lighter feel when applied to the skin, making it appear as if the cream itself is able to absorb quickly. But this sensation does not occur originally because, due to the consistency, composition and texture of the product in question, it is really like that, but because of the alcohol, present in the moisturizer in certainly high amounts, which evaporates when it comes into contact with the skin.

When this happens, and the alcohol evaporates, it also ends up removing some of the naturally present moisture from the skin, just the opposite of what a moisturizer or moisturizer should really do. In the end, it could make the skin even drier if possible, creating a vicious cycle of dryness-hydration-dryness-hydration. Thus, we think that our skin would still need the application of moisturizer, we apply a greater amount in order to hydrate it, and yet in the long run it ends up being more dry, so we tend to continue using it in large quantities.

When we have oily skin, it’s true that a little extra dryness may not be as bad as it might first appear; But since the alcohol in the product strips the skin of its naturally-occurring oils, moisturizers with alcohol can cause oily skin to break down and produce even more oil. The result, as we have already mentioned, is more than evident: the pores become clogged, and the risk of acne breakouts increases.


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