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Best firming creams for the body

It is possible that you have never thought about the possibility of using a firming body cream, which precisely provides our skin with all the hydration it needs, being rich in nutrients, while helping to firm and tone it, directly, fairly quickly, and above all, effective.  In fact, ultimately, it also acts by increasing the elasticity of the skin, which is why it becomes an excellent option when we want to try to reduce and fade the stubbornest stretch marks. Reason why they are commonly used not only when it comes to removing stretch marks, but also to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Our body, throughout our lives, goes through many stages and periods. As a result of weight fluctuations, pregnancy or simply the passage of time, it is extremely common for the skin to begin to sag, and wrinkles on the body begin to show, especially in those thinner or more delicate areas, such as be the case of some areas of the face (especially around the eyes and the upper part of the lips), and the neck. But uncomfortable stretch marks also tend to appear, and annoying cellulite can also end up appearing, especially as a result of weight gain, and also of hormonal fluctuations.

For this reason, these two aesthetic problems are usually more common in women.  Although, it is true, many men also suffer from them, especially when there is excess weight, and when a rapid weight loss subsequently occurs. In any case, it is not necessary to wait until the 50s or 60s to start using firming creams.

On the contrary, the most advisable thing is to start applying them as soon as possible. In fact, you probably already know that the first stretch marks, or the first signs of cellulite, usually appear around 25-30 years of age, while fine wrinkles also tend to appear earlier, since the production of collagen begins to decrease annually by 1% from the age of 25.  Therefore, what better than to start using them right now? To help you, we have prepared a guide with the best firming creams that you can use for your body. Do you dare to discover them with us?

Akento anti-cellulite gel: the most effective

We are possibly facing what has become one of the best-known and most popular firming gels, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of its low price. And all this if we take into account another added advantage: it has a capacity of 200 ml, so once purchased, we can use it for quite some time.

This anti- cellulite gel, developed by Akento Cosmetics, is characterized by being a truly revolutionary product, because it is capable of treating cellulite, from the root, in absolutely all its stages. This is because it has been made with cutting-edge active ingredients, and with proven efficacy in eliminating cellulite. And thanks mainly to its innovative and revolutionary formula, which actively works in the depths of the tissues, as well as in the skin’s own surface, treating some of the main causes that directly affect the formation of cellulite, at the while progressively reducing its most visible (and obvious) effects.

Moreover, unlike other products, which tend to mask the appearance of cellulite temporarily, in fact not having any lasting effect in the long term, in the case of this anti-cellulite gel from Akento it becomes a real effective treatment, which involves a global attack designed not only to reduce cellulite, but is also capable of eliminating and even preventing the reappearance of cellulite once we have finished the treatment.

It has a series of active ingredients that act directly on the main causes of cellulite. Not only does it improve circulation, it activates lipolysis and accelerates the metabolism of stored fat. It also reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body, while, applied at night, it decreases until it erases the effects caused by cellulite thanks mainly to the fact that it increases collagen, rebuilds damaged skin, increases the rate of cell renewal, and prevents the accumulation of fat in those areas where the product is applied.

And what is the result? In addition to a visible decrease in cellulite, the skin appears much smoother and more hydrated. In short, it appears visibly toned, with an -obvious- reduction of both the lumps and the different protuberances commonly associated with cellulite.

And what is even better: it is useful for any type of skin with signs of cellulite and orange peel skin, being suitable for all those people – women or men – who wish to tone, tighten and firm the skin, while It is definitely possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

When using it, the manufacturer recommends applying it twice a day, morning and night, on the areas to be treated, where uncomfortable and annoying cellulite usually forms and arises: that is, in the area of ​​the thighs, buttocks… and also, if you wish, you can reaffirm the skin present on the belly and hips. However, if you prefer to obtain and achieve the best result, it is more appropriate to clean and dry the skin very well before each use, and spread the gel with the help of a light massage, which will positively help improve its absorption.

Postquam anti-stretch mark effect body firming cream

Under the Postquam brand, we find a body firming cream that is especially interesting for reducing and treating stretch marks at the root, thanks to the fact that it provides an  effective anti -stretch mark effect in this regard. In fact, it helps combat sagging skin commonly present in certain areas of the body, such as the case of the abdomen, legs and arms.

Thanks to the presence of certain active ingredients (such as centella asiatica extract or ginkgo biloba extract), which we find in its formulation, it manages to restore its natural elasticity and turgor to the skin, in the same way that occurred when we were still quite young. But its qualities do not end here, since it also helps stimulate circulation and fight varicose veins, thanks mainly to the presence of ginkgo biloba as another of the most outstanding active ingredients.

But its composition does not end here. Below we summarize some of the main active ingredients that you will find in the formulation of this body firming cream, and what its benefits and effects on the skin are:

  • Centella asiatica extract. As we have briefly indicated in the previous section, it becomes one of the star ingredients of this product. It helps stimulate cell growth, while actively acting to form new collagen cells. It is the main “culprit” of the anti-stretch marks and firming effects of this cream.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract. It helps fight root varicose veins, mainly thanks to the fact that it acts by stimulating blood circulation.
  • Ginseng extract. It works by stimulating skin metabolism, which in the long run helps reduce the formation of stretch marks.
  • Green tea extract. Provides an interesting peeling effect on the skin, leaving it softer and smoother. But, in addition, it helps the cream not to be so irritating, calming the skin and protecting it.
  • Red Vine Extract. It is an extremely special active extract, which is obtained from the leaves of red vines. Provides antiseptic and tonic qualities due to its high content of tannins and anthocyanins.

The manufacturer recommends using the product 1 to 2 times a day in the area that you want to firm up and treat. Of course, it is always advisable to apply the product by means of gentle massages, with which total absorption will be achieved.

Note: If you are pregnant, the manufacturer does not recommend applying this product to your abdomen or breasts after the fourth month of pregnancy. Likewise, if you are breastfeeding (that is, you breastfeed your baby), it is also recommended to interrupt the treatment and not use the firming cream again until you finish breastfeeding.

Neoline Forte firming and reducing cream: It also helps burn fat

Are you looking for a product that has the most positive reviews from other people who have already tried it? If so, this anti- cellulite firming cream developed by the Neoline Forte brand will interest you, almost without a doubt. And it is that it is a truly unique and effective anti-cellulite cream, because it not only becomes a useful treatment against cellulite (effective, therefore, to eliminate the unsightly texture caused by orange peel skin), but it also helps to slim down the body thanks to its powerful firming ingredients, which act by accelerating the metabolism, by strengthening the connective tissue of the skin, thereby providing a much more compact and toned figure, and ultimately a slimmer and slimmer body.

In fact, it provides an extremely interesting fat burning effect, thanks to the thermoactive properties of the cream, which act by intensely stimulating the process of burning fat cells, mainly due to its body heat effect. Basically it would help reduce persistent cellulite on the one hand, while on the other, it would burn the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

This cream, according to the manufacturer, has been developed by professionals with the sole purpose of reducing the appearance of cellulite and preventing its expansion. In addition, it is capable of combating all types of cellulite (including edematous and compact), regardless of its stage of development. And, as it is quickly absorbed, this anti-cellulite firming cream penetrates deep into the connective tissue located under the skin, reducing orange peel skin and “attacking” unwanted fatty tissue.

Basically it helps to reduce cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, legs, abdomen, arms and ultimately on any other part of the body that could be affected by orange peel skin. And all this thanks to the presence, as we have indicated, of different firming agents (which we find under its innovative “New Gen” formula), capable of improving the elasticity of the skin tissue, eliminating the orange peel texture and sagging.

To apply it, the manufacturer recommends gently massaging Neoline Forte with the help of circular movements in those affected areas that you want to treat, and continue massaging gently until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use the product only once a day, preferably at night, before going to bed.

Trofolastin Firming Cream– Ideal for postpartum

Have you just given birth and can’t stand many of the stretch marks that formed during  pregnancy? Even though these stretch marks are absolutely normal, and many women relate positively to such a beautiful and happy stage in life as pregnancy, the vast majority tend to agree that they would simply do everything they could to at least try hide them and treat them as much as possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, the Trofolastin brand has developed a firming cream  especially with women like you in mind. And it is that it is a postpartum firming cream, which means that it is a cream essentially indicated to treat sagging and decreased skin tone as a result of pregnancy. Basically it would help by combating flaccidity and recovering the natural elasticity of the skin, which is why it is recommended to use it especially after childbirth, since it positively improves the different levels of elasticity in the tissue of the abdomen.

And to what is this firming quality mainly due? In its composition we find centella asiatica extract, about which in fact we have already told you on a previous occasion, and which becomes the main “culprit” of its main regenerating, repairing and healing qualities, improving in the long run the skin appearance. And it also comes with fibronectin, which in addition to firming, restructures and recovers the skin, helping it to regain its lost shapes and appearance.

Thanks to its different qualities, the truth is that it is a firming cream that is not only recommended for use after childbirth. It is also interesting for women who are in full menopause, or who have suffered rapid weight loss (regardless of the cause).

To use it, it is only necessary to apply it twice a day to the area to be treated (usually the abdomen, which is the area where the typical stretch marks of pregnancy commonly form), and try to make the skin absorb the product better with the help of a light massage, which we must carry out and maintain until its total absorption.

Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil

Although it is more common to find firming creams in stores, instead of products with other consistencies and textures (such as the case of the Akento Cosmetics anti-cellulite gel, which we told you about at the beginning of this note, and which fact we have chosen as one of the best), some brand is also developing these same products but in the form of  body oil. This is the case of the NIVEA brand, with its Q10 Plus body oil.

It is an anti-stretch mark body oil, which helps prevent stretch marks that appear at certain times and stages of life, such as could be the case with weight gain and gestation / pregnancy. It is useful for getting the skin as firm as possible, thanks to the fact that it is originally a nourishing oil with firming qualities, improving both the firmness and elasticity of the body, and all this in just two weeks (according to the manufacturer).

But its benefits do not end here. Did you know that it also provides greater and better hydration? Being a fast-absorbing body firming oil, it provides emollient and moisturizing qualities, nourishing the skin in depth.

It comes with an enriched formula, which is especially rich in coenzyme Q10, in addition to other 100% natural ingredients, such as avocado oil (highly valued by our readers), or macadamia oil. These three ingredients, combined, work together helping to have skin that is as smooth and elastic as possible.

We must remember that, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to see results in just 2 weeks of daily use. And, in addition, the opinions of the women who have tried it coincide in pointing out that it is a truly effective product, so that in a short time we can see how the skin becomes firmer, smoother and without showing imperfections, at the same time. that will be more hydrated, nourished and elastic.

If you wish, you can complete the treatment with the product NIVEA Q10 Body Firming Lotion, which we will describe below, since we also liked it very much. Do you want to discover it with us? Take note.

NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Lotion

If you want to complete the treatment that we previously proposed using the firming body oil developed by NIVEA under its Q10 family of products, the Firming Body Lotion can also be quite useful. And, as its name suggests, it is a moisturizing lotion with firming qualities, which comes with coenzyme Q10, an ideal active ingredient to enjoy much more elastic and smooth skin.

It is a wonderful cream with both a firming and moisturizing effect, providing, in fact, intensive and deep hydration to the skin of the body for a period of 48 hours. Plus, it helps achieve firmer skin after just 10 days of regular use. And all this thanks to the fact that it comes with a new formula, which has been enriched not only with coenzyme Q10 but also with vitamin C, a vitamin (as you probably know) that stands out for its interesting antioxidant qualities, useful not only when it comes to improve the elasticity of the skin in a completely natural way, but to prevent the negative action of free radicals. Which, incidentally, also directly influence the premature aging of the skin.

The best of all, in addition to its active qualities and its innovative formula, is its texture: it is so soft and light that it is suitable for normal skin. In fact, after use, it provides a delicate sensation of softness.

But that’s not all, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to see firming results and improve skin elasticity in just 10 days of use. Remember in this sense that the hydration of the skin is maintained even 48 hours after applying the cream. So, almost certainly, we are facing one of the most interesting firming creams in this regard, because it not only firms the skin, but also moisturizes it, and also intensely for quite a few hours.

If you take advantage of the existing offer, you can enjoy a pack of 6 bottles of moisturizing body lotion, which you can actually use for many months.

Belle Azul Nourishing & Firming Body Oil– Great for Vegans

Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, or are especially concerned that some cosmetic and beauty brands may test their products on animals, it is common that you always prefer to use products that are one hundred percent cruelty-free. And if, in addition, they have been made only with completely natural ingredients, even better, don’t you think?

If so, and you are looking for a product with firming qualities, this firming body oil from BelleAzul, baptized under the name of Siesta Body Oil, will interest you very much. It is a very complete body oil with sweet almonds and pure organic argan oil, which provides moisturizing and softening qualities, as well as helping to reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

In its formula, in addition to the active ingredients mentioned above, we also find other extremely interesting compounds in this regard, such as the presence of fatty acids and vitamin E, which help maintain skin moisture. at the same time that they reaffirm and tone it; or the natural oils of rosemary, geranium and jasmine, which help improve blood circulation, while also moisturizing the skin from the inside.

Sweet almonds, in fact, are especially rich in fatty acids, proteins, zinc and vitamin E, so in the form of natural oil they help to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin. In addition, it has a super light texture, useful to ensure that the product in question can penetrate better and more easily into the skin. While argan oil helps to deeply regenerate the skin, reducing both fine lines and wrinkles. It is also essentially rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, so it also moisturizes and protects (for this reason it is commonly known as “liquid gold”).

Shiseido Firming Cream– With the most delicate fragrance

Shiseido has become, little by little, one of those brands known -and recognized- by ​​the majority of women and men, developing truly innovative cosmetic and beauty products, which provide -in fact- most of the benefits and qualities they provide. This is the case of this firming cream developed by the well-known brand.

It is a cream that helps to firm the skin in those areas of the body where it is applied, nourishing and moisturizing, which has a rich texture, which has been specially designed to achieve firmer, revitalized, flexible, soft and hydrated skin. This is due to the fact that, for its formulation, an exclusive mixture of ingredients has been essentially chosen, which help to optimize the moisturizing and smoothing effects.

It has a pleasant texture to the text, which helps a lot when applying it to those areas that we want to treat. In addition, it has been developed with “Koroho”, a delicate Japanese essence tremendously valued in the country’s cosmetics, and also incorporates an elegant lotus flower fragrance. All this to achieve a much softer and firmer skin, throughout the day.

Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Anti-Cellulite Cream– Scientifically Proven

Although if you prefer to opt for an intensive firming cream also developed by the Shiseido brand, we recommend you choose the Advanced Body Creator, a gel-cream with both anti-cellulite and slimming effects, which helps to shape, reduce and slim the body, thus achieving that the waist is reduced, the thighs are slimmer and the body silhouette becomes slightly more sculpted.

One of its main advantages is that it is a product whose effects and results have been scientifically proven. It incorporates the exclusive ‘Fat Fighting System’, developed by Shiseido itself, which provides a very interesting triple effect in the fat accumulation process:

  • Caffeine Complex. Easily absorbed, it helps to efficiently transform neutral fat into free fatty acid.
  • Poria Cocos extract and SLM aromachological fragrance. Both ingredients, combined with each other, help burn free fatty acid.
  • Western Hawthorn Extract and Grapefruit Oil. They act by reducing the formation and future accumulation of fat.
  • Fagus Sylvatica Extract. It helps by naturally stimulating the production of collagen, an essential factor when it comes to reinforcing the dermal matrix, exerting a powerful firming effect, thus counteracting the appearance of cellulite.

As we can see, these natural ingredients combine and act with each other to provide the desired result -or effect-: firming the skin, reducing the formation of stretch marks and cellulite, losing weight and, in addition, intensely hydrating it.

Do they really help against cellulite?

Effective anti – cellulite and firming creams work to reduce the appearance of this common skin condition by smoothing the skin’s surface and helping to drain away fluid from beneath. These creams basically contain some ingredients capable of acting by tightening the skin and restoring elasticity.

To find out if an anti- cellulite cream really works, it is very important to look for one that contains some active ingredients with recognized -and studied- action in this regard. This is the case, for example, of retinol, a derivative of vitamin A that helps increase collagen production, improving circulation in the skin and thickening it. Caffeine is also capable of reducing the size of the fat cells that cause cellulite by acting as a diuretic and a vasoconstrictor, dehydrating them. And the alpha-hydroxy acids, which help improve the texture of the skin by removing dead cells that commonly accumulate on a daily basis.

Of course, as we have seen, in addition to selecting the correct and appropriate body firming creams, it is essential to follow an established regimen when applying the cream.  The ideal? Always follow the instructions established and indicated by the manufacturer on the container of the cream that we are using. And it is that while some manufacturers will advise using the cream twice a day (morning and night), others will recommend using their specific product only once (preferably at night).

Be that as it may, in most cases it will most likely be necessary to apply it both in the morning and at night. In addition, it is essential to have some patience and be constant, since the firming cream needs time to act on the skin.

It is true that when it comes to cellulite and stretch marks, many wish for miraculous results. But it is essential to remain calm and, above all, try to use it regularly every day. In fact, it is essential to have to wait from a few weeks to a few months to see any difference. Also, remember something essential: many of these firming creams tend to be much more effective when combined with following a specific diet (usually balanced, healthy and low in fat) and regular physical exercise. Exercise can actually help reduce body fat by toning and building muscle, which can also go a long way toward getting rid of some cellulite (and for good, too).


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