There is nothing better than a good facial mask to recover all the luminosity, shine and hydration that the skin has been able to lose throughout the day. In fact, as with the rest of the beauty treatments that you usually use for your skin care on a regular basis, and as with other treatment options such as exfoliants, the use of masks more or less regular is also advisable.

But it is not possible to say what general qualities face masks provide, since everything will depend on the type of face mask that is going to be used, and what ultimately it is trying to achieve or achieve with it. What most beauty experts do agree on is that a facial mask can become a truly effective way of providing the skin with an explosion of active, nourishing and therapeutic ingredients in a highly concentrated form, therefore useful for the skin care.

They work by covering the skin of the face with the chosen formula, and then it is left for a certain period of time, which usually ranges between approximately 10 to 20 minutes. This is the recommended time to allow the different active ingredients present in the mask to better penetrate the surface of the skin, thus providing each and every one of its benefits and properties.

Regarding the particular use of the facial mask, the truth is that they can be useful to actively treat certain specific skin problems. For example, they can become a quick solution to treat dry patches (very common in dry and combination skin, or with a tendency to atopic dermatitis), or to treat inflammation. However, the effects of masks are usually temporary, so it is always advisable to use them in conjunction with other skin care products.

In addition, we must pay special attention to the purpose of the mask itself before using it, and above all, what ingredients it contains, since some options may not be suitable for our skin type, and may increase problems or even lead to formation of irritation, dryness, redness or breakouts.

To help you find that mask that your skin needs, depending on the ingredients it contains and ultimately the qualities it provides, we have put together a useful guide below that we hope will be very helpful. Do you dare to discover them with us?

Nezeni Cosmetics face mask: high in vitamin C

If you wish, you can purchase this product on Amazon or in the Nezeni store. But on Amazon it is much more expensive.

As we have already mentioned to you in a few moments, vitamin C has become one of the star active ingredients in a good number of beauty products commonly used, on a daily basis, for skin care. And with certain reasons. And it is that vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, so it is useful to recover the firmness, tone and natural luminosity of the skin. A useful mask for any skin type, but especially for oilier skin.

For this reason, it becomes one of the star active ingredients in our favorite product: The Nezeni Cosmetics face mask. In fact, vitamin C also provides other unique properties, since it helps to regenerate vitamin E, with antioxidant action (a quality, by the way, that it also shares with the other vitamin), capable of neutralizing the action of free radicals commonly related to skin aging, especially premature aging-, acting very actively to reduce the substances that also cause skin aging, such as the case of lip peroxides. Therefore, it is ideal to show off a much younger and firmer skin.

It also prevents both premature aging and the damage caused to the DNA of cells, by acting as an antioxidant of natural origin. It acts in turn by refining expression lines, allowing you to enjoy a much younger and more luminous skin.

But vitamin C is not the only star ingredient that we find in the formulation of this wonderful facial mask. It also contains white / kaolin clay, essentially recommended for dry, aged skin or skin with problems related to hyperkeratosis, thanks to the fact that it refreshes the skin without drying it out. In turn, it reduces inflammation, decongests, stimulates the natural regeneration of the tissue and provides an almost immediate tightening effect.

Bentonite is another ingredient found in this product. It consists of a colloidal system that acts by enhancing the effects of white clay, with a high content of magnesium and calcium, which, when in contact with water, helps to cleanse, hydrate and soften the skin.

Rice starch is a translucent powder with an ultra-silky texture, capable of absorbing the oil present in the skin, in order to reduce the visible appearance of pores and control shine. It therefore acts as a mattifying agent, closes the pores, reduces redness and is a good antiseptic. It is especially useful for combination and oily skin.

Nor can we forget the presence of two other interesting ingredients that complete its composition. Ammonium glycyrrhinate, with soothing and detoxifying properties, and  glycerin, which helps prevent skin aging thanks to the high presence of vitamins. It acts as an emollient, so it also softens and smoothes the skin, restoring its lipid barrier.

When applying it, the manufacturer recommends using it 1 or 2 times a week, enough to achieve the desired effects. To apply it, a generous layer should be used that covers all the skin of the face, neck and décolletage well. You have to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and it can be easily removed with the help of a cleansing gel (specific for your skin type), with cotton pads soaked in makeup remover foam, or simply with a little micellar water.

Mother Nature Cosmetics Moisturizing Face Mask– With Dead Sea Mud and Vegan

You may not know -yet- the Mother Nature Cosmetics brand. But from the moment you discover some of its products, you will probably stay with it. And it is a brand that only develops beauty products formulated with one hundred percent natural ingredients, so it is an excellent cosmetic laboratory for all those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

A good example can be found in its moisturizing Dead Sea mud facial mask, which contains in its formulation a series of extremely useful and interesting natural ingredients, such as Dead Sea mud, avocado oil (of renowned calming, softening and moisturizing action) and white clay. These three ingredients act actively and jointly, pampering the skin in a totally natural way.

Its texture is quite smooth, which is greatly appreciated, since when applied to the skin it does not feel sticky. On the contrary, its consistency leaves a pleasantly fresh sensation, and once applied, it does not tend to fade.

On the other hand, regardless of the type of skin you have, you can use this face mask with moisturizing qualities. Although, it is true, it has been specially formulated for oily, combination and dry skin. Its moisturizing qualities make the skin hydrated and soft, while it provides a slightly exfoliating effect, useful to eliminate the impurities present in the skin, and that may have accumulated over the days, but without leaving it dry or parched.

As we have told you, Mother Nature Cosmetics only uses ingredients of natural origin. In addition, their products do not contain palm oil, artificial colors and/or fragrances, silicones, paraffins, parabens and microplastics. Its ingredients are also not genetically engineered, and all of its packaging is FSC certified, meaning it’s only sourced from sustainable resources.

Main advantages and benefits of using the moisturizing dead sea mud face mask:

  • Ingredients of natural origin, ideal for vegans.
  • Contains mud from the Dead Sea, as well as white clay and avocado oil.
  • Its ingredients have been carefully extracted from only sustainable sources, are pure and of the highest quality.
  • Does not contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, paraffins, microplastics or silicones.
  • It has not been tested or tested on animals.

L’Oréal Paris Exfoliating Face Mask: With Pure Clay

From the hands of the prestigious brand L’Oréal Paris comes a facial mask with exfoliating  qualities, baptized under the name of Pure Clays. The truth is that one of the issues that surprises us and calls our attention from the first moment is its curious appearance and texture, which is mainly due to its very high content of red clay. In fact, when you apply it, it gives you the feeling that basically what you are putting on your skin is that: clay.

It is ideal for skin with an irregular texture and with the appearance of dilated pores, and among its ingredients it contains lava from Morocco, a clay of volcanic origin known mainly for its different qualities to soften the skin while removing dead cells from its surface., thus enjoying a much brighter skin.

It also contains red algae, originally from France, which is characterized by being tremendously rich in sugars (especially xylose and galactose), and is known above all for its softening and exfoliating benefits.

But these are not the only natural ingredients that we find in its formulation/composition.  It also has apricot seed powder, which also acts as a natural exfoliant that helps eliminate dead cells, revealing a much fresher and smoother skin. And extraordinarily fine natural volcanic particles.

To apply it, it is recommended to use it on clean skin 3 times a week. To do this, you must apply a thin layer of this mask all over the face, avoiding the contour of the lips and eyes.  Let dry, acting between 10 to 15 minutes. Then, it should be rinsed with water, making gentle circular movements to achieve better exfoliation.

The truth is that L’Oréal Paris has developed a whole range of face masks with a wonderful association of 5 pure clays, so you can always find the one you need at all times:

  • Anti-blemish mask. Useful for combination and oily skin with imperfections, since it helps reduce blackheads and pimples, while minimizing pores, but without drying the skin. It is ideal for younger skin with an oily tendency.
  • Illuminating mask. As you can imagine, it is an ideal mask for dull skin with an irregular tone. Not only does it deep clean, it also helps to even out the skin tone, while brightening it (but without drying it out). It is suitable for normal and dry skin, with irregular texture. In a few minutes it helps to achieve clean, dirt-free and fresh skin.
  • Purifying mask. Contains in its formulation 3 pure clays, which have been combined with red algae extract. It has a creamy texture that does not dry out, useful for normal skin and dry skin, as well as with irregular texture. Helps to achieve deeply cleansed, smoother and more even skin, with a much healthier tone.
  • Detox effect mask. Ideal for dull skin and imperfections, it mattifies the skin providing a detox effect. It is useful to clean the skin of the face in a more intense and deep way.

As we can see, depending on the type of skin you have and the affects you want to achieve, you can choose between 5 different types of masks. All with one hundred percent natural ingredients, and that contain clay, which, as we have already mentioned several times, becomes one of the most interesting natural ingredients when it comes to exfoliating the skin in depth, leaving behind a clean, smooth skin. and delicate.

PraNaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body– Useful for the body too

Are you looking for a mask that, in addition to being useful for the face, can also be used on the skin of the body? If so, you will be interested in Dead Sea Mud Mask, a facial and body mask made by the PraNaturals brand, which is characterized by containing only ingredients of natural origin, and free of chemical products, being ideal even for those who use only products suitable for vegans (since it has not been tested on animals either).

It is some very complete mask rich in nutrients and healing minerals from the Dead Sea, among which the presence of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium stand out.  Therefore, it becomes an excellent natural option to moisturize the skin in depth, extracting the toxins naturally present in the skin, nourishing it and balancing the presence of excess sebum. For this reason, even though it is useful and suitable for any type of skin, it is especially recommended for oily skin, prone to excessive sebum production and prone to acne.

It also contains other ingredients of natural origin that are extremely interesting in skin care, such as olive oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. All these ingredients work together to leave the skin soft and glowing, while providing soothing qualities.

Although it can be used on the skin of the face, as we have mentioned, it is also a body mask, which can be used on the body. Thanks to the healing power of minerals from the Dead Sea, it helps relieve sore joints, while the presence of these minerals act by  stimulating circulation, even reducing unsightly cellulite.

Main advantages and benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask:

  • Ingredients of natural origin.
  • Not tested or tested on animals. Suitable for vegans.
  • It can be used both on the face and on the body.
  • Moisturizing, soothing, softening and detoxifying properties.
  • Helps improve the appearance of the skin, reducing the symptoms associated with psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
  • High content of minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • It also contains other ingredients of natural origin, such as olive oil, vitamin E and aloe vera, all with deeply nourishing qualities.
  • It works in turn by removing oil buildup.
  • Provides much more revitalized and rejuvenated skin.

Secriss Korea: Full Korean Face Mask

Korean masks are in fashion. And hand in hand with the Secriss laboratory we find Secriss Korea, a whole set of 10 different types of useful facial masks to enjoy a much healthier, more elastic and transparent skin, which contain derived natural ingredients that help care for the skin and treat the different problems that arise in it, making it healthier, brighter and brighter.

In fact, among the different ingredients that we can find in its formulation, the presence of lotus flower extract, ginseng, tea tree, white pearl extract, green tea, honey extract or aloe vera, among many others, stand out.

Each of the facial masks contain a highly concentrated formulation, which helps to enjoy a deep moisturizing sensation on the skin, keeping it moist for quite a long time.

It is a product that has the majority of positive values ​​made by customers who have already used them, which undoubtedly gives a lot of peace of mind.

Elizabeth Arden Revitalizing Mask

Elizabeth Arden has developed Visible Difference, a revitalizing mask that becomes a useful and simple treatment to easily retexture and revitalize the skin, immediately increasing the skin’s natural luminosity, as long as its use is regular and continued, minimizing the fine lines of expression and unifying the skin tone.

Among the ingredients that we find in its composition we can mention the presence of aloe vera, which, as you probably know, acts by calming, softening and moisturizing the skin in a totally and completely natural way. It also contains seed extract from the Cabernet grape, which helps to balance and illuminate the skin, while providing protection against exposure to the most aggressive environmental and external elements.

And what is even better: it contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which, as we have already mentioned before, act as gentle exfoliants that easily soothe and firm the skin.

It is a beauty treatment inspired by the most professional salons, useful for skin with slightly deep expression lines and problems related to its concavity. The manufacturer recommends using it 2 times a week.

Key Benefits of Elizabeth Arden Revitalizing Mask:

  • Highly cosmetic product for easy use at home.
  • Ingredients of natural origin, among which the presence of Cabernet grape seed extract and aloe vera stands out.
  • It also contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids.
  • Soothes and firms the skin easily.
  • Minimizes expression lines.
  • Helps unify skin tone.

Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple– Moisturizing mask with Australian Emu Apple

This may be the first time you’ve read about the Australian emu apple, but basically it consists of the fruit – the size of a golf ball – from a very common tree in Australia, which has a tremendously useful bark for creating figures and casseroles. On this occasion, its fruit becomes one of the star ingredients of a moisturizing facial mask developed by the  Sand & Sky brand, baptized under the name of Super Bounce Mask. Once applied, it is possible to enjoy perfectly hydrated skin in just 10 minutes.

In fact, it has been specially enriched with powerful natural ingredients of Australian origin, which give it its ultra-hydrating qualities, helping to transform the skin in a totally and completely natural way, thereby achieving a glow and an illuminated texture in a matter of minutes.

Among the ingredients that we find in its composition we can especially mention the presence of 5 hyaluronic acids, which help to achieve the smoothest and most elastic skin possible. It also contains jojoba oil, which provides extra hydration in order to retain the shine naturally present in the skin. It basically helps to say goodbye to premature aging practically from the first time we use it.

It is a very interesting facial mask, since it acts in 4 different ways:

  • shine. Thanks to the presence in its formulation of the Australian emu apple and Glow Berries.
  • Illuminate. In its composition we also find kakadu plums, which have become, according to different studies, the largest source of vitamin C in the world.
  • Fill. Thanks, as we have mentioned in the previous sections, to the presence of a unique combination of hyaluronic acids, which allow a much more complete and lasting hydration to be achieved.
  • Softens. Due to the presence of jojoba oil, capable of offering the skin a unique luminosity, while helping to soften it naturally.

According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for both normal and dry skin, even for sensitive or oily skin. It is useful for those who want to enjoy skin that is as smooth and even as possible, helping to combat premature skin aging.

On the other hand, it does not contain sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates and has not been tested on animals. In this sense, it has the official approval of PETA. In addition, it has been approved by dermatologists.

To use it, it is advisable to apply a generous layer on clean skin, especially avoiding the area around the eyes. It is recommended to leave it on the skin for about 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm or hot water.

L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Filler: plumping mask with hyaluronic acid

We have already told you about the L’Oréal Paris masks. Although now we must do it to deal with the very interesting range of Dermo Expertise products, under which you will find  Revitalift Filling Mask, wonderful gel pearls, with hyaluronic acid, which becomes a very complete line of anti-aging treatment, having a formula against wrinkles, and that also helps to provide a certain firmness to the skin.

It is a tremendously useful mask, since it fills in the contours, restoring volume and softening the features. And what do the gel pearls that we find inside consist of? These are gel pearls with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which are perfectly capable of melting into the surface of the skin, to act thereby offering all the qualities mentioned above.

Remember that hyaluronic acid is a component naturally present in the skin, which over the years loses its ability to retain water. Due to this, wrinkles begin to appear, loss of volume and, in short, each and every one of the main signs of aging.

On this occasion, L’Oréal has incorporated this fragmented component into its filler mask, thereby favoring its action on the epidermis. Among other interesting qualities, it is ideal for helping to maintain the different properties and plastic virtues of the skin, filling it, providing volume and cohesion. It becomes, as you probably know, one of the star ingredients when it comes to smoothing wrinkles.

And what’s even better: it acts by reinforcing the skin’s barrier function, which means that, in addition to protecting it, it contributes to better hydration. Specifically, it helps keep the skin hydrated for 48 hours after application, helping it to become much suppler and hydrated, practically instantly.

Of course, to enjoy all its interesting qualities, the brand recommends applying it at night, integrating it into your daily skin care routine. This helps the hyaluronic acid to penetrate the skin more effectively, so that the next morning the skin will be much denser and more flexible, the face will have regained its volume, the expression lines will be smoothed, and the features in turn softened.

Aloe vera facial mask: ideal for cleansing the face

Aloe vera is one of those natural ingredients that we hardly find in most beauty products, especially those products that are made with the purpose of moisturizing, soothing, softening and cleansing the skin naturally. This is the case of this aloe vera facial mask, developed by the Luckyfine brand, which contains only natural ingredients capable of penetrating deep into the skin in order to actively hydrate it.

It is capable of absorbing the dirt present on the face, quickly reducing the pores of the skin, in turn improving rough and dull skin, eliminating blackheads and, in short, toning the skin by cleaning it in depth.

It is ideal for oily skin, since it acts by softening the skin, keeping the oil in the correct balance. This helps a lot when it comes to keeping the skin of the face with an adequate tone, illuminated and vibrant. In addition, it not only provides or provides hydration, but also a series of antioxidant substances that create a protective barrier against the most negative effects of free radicals. But not only that: it acts by regulating the pH of the skin, favoring the correct balance of the sebaceous glands.

To apply it, the manufacturer recommends doing it after removing any trace of makeup.  Spread it on the skin of the face, particularly in those areas where you have acne and excess oil. Then, let it act between 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, after the time, rinse with warm water. It is advisable to use it every night, until some improvement is noted.

Plant fique Superfood Avocado Face Mask– All Natural

Are you as passionate about avocado as we are, and would you love to try it as the main ingredient in a face mask? If so, you may love this mask developed by Plant fique, baptized under the name of Superfood Marine Clay Mask. And it is that it is a mask that contains as main ingredients avocado and a series of superfoods, whose benefits on the skin have been proven for years.

It is a mask that also contains marine clay, which means that it provides a deep cleansing, therefore ideal when it comes to achieving the most perfect and clean skin possible.  According to the manufacturer, it becomes the best treatment for oily skin, since it works by extracting toxins and impurities accumulated in the skin, and which are deposited in the different layers. It is therefore capable of eliminating dead cells, toxins and dirt, allowing you to discover a much younger, brighter and clearer skin.

It helps to actively fight free radicals, which provides, as you will surely know, interesting antioxidant qualities. Smoothes and reverses skin damage. In addition, thanks to its different anti-aging properties, the skin will enjoy a much healthier appearance, while the appearance of fine lines of expression will be reduced.

It also provides detoxifying qualities, thanks to which this mask eliminates impurities in the same way as a facial ‘peeling’ would.

And what about its composition? It contains a total of 6 natural super-ingredients, which complete its formulation to become one of the most interesting face masks. Here is a brief summary of what those ingredients are, and what qualities they provide:

  • Avocado. It helps nourish the skin, fighting aging thanks to the fact that it is full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E, enzymes, amino acids and salicylic acid.
  • Green Tea. It combats the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, while helping to maintain collagen levels and the natural growth of the different skin cells.
  • Natural clay It undoubtedly becomes one of the star ingredients of this mask. It works by deeply cleansing the skin, while purifying and closing the pores.
  • Aloe vera. Actively and deeply moisturizes the skin, treating acne and reducing the visibility of scars.
  • Spinach. It is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and enzymes. It works by leaving the skin bright and young.
  • Calendula. Improves the natural elasticity of the skin, regenerating it and reducing inflammation. Provides a more youthful effect.

Depending on the type of skin to be treated, the manufacturer recommends using it several times a week. For example, if you have sensitive or dry skin, it is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week to refine and nourish it, while the aloe vera helps to soothe it. If you have oily or combination skin, it is recommended to use it 2 to 4 times a week, as it helps to mattify and cleanse the skin in depth, reducing the appearance of pores. However, if you have acne-prone skin, it is advisable to use it 2-5 times a week, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and relieving blemishes.

To apply it, the brand advises first cleaning the face with the help of a cleanser. Then, using the brush, apply a thin to medium layer on your face and neck. Let the mask act for a period between 10 to 15 minutes. After this time, rinse your face with warm or lukewarm water with the help of your hands. Finally, follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

Natura Bissé C + Vitamin C Mask: with antioxidant and firming qualities

From the prestigious brand Natura Bissé we find the Natura Bissé C facial mask, a complete mask that contains a real cocktail of vitamins, tremendously useful when it comes to repairing the different damages caused by free radicals (which usually influence the appearance of premature aging and other common signs of the past of time), intensely moisturizing, improving elasticity and stimulating the synthesis of collagen, whose production also tends to decrease little by little over the years.

In short, this mask acts by significantly improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, recovering its luminosity. In this sense, according to the brand, it is ideal for recovering the skin after a long evening, achieving an almost immediate effect.

It becomes a good ally for photoaged skin (that is, aged by the sun), thanks to the fact that it acts by revitalizing it while illuminating it. In fact, after an intense day of exposure to the sun, it can also act as a wonderful aftersun. All this thanks to its high content of vitamin C, a vitamin with recognized antioxidant qualities.

The manufacturer recommends using it one to two times a week.

Hydrating Gold Collagen Face Mask

Do you want to apply a real luxury treatment to your skin? From the hand of Lab, we find a moisturizing gold facial mask, which also contains collagen, thus becoming a unique anti-wrinkle treatment, with anti-aging qualities.

It becomes a useful option to supplement and nourish the skin, helping to keep it more hydrated and elastic, while being effective in promoting moisture absorption, balancing the presence of oil and achieving a much smoother skin. and smooth.

To apply it, the manufacturer recommends using it between 2 to 3 times a week, although it can be used practically every day. In this sense, the brand recommends applying it directly to the face, adjusting it gently, and letting it act between 30 to 60 minutes. As the mask works, it gradually begins to thin, especially after it nourishes and provides moisture to the skin. Of course, each mask is recommended to be used only once.

BOT Cosmetic & Wellness Anti-Aging Vitamin C Face Mask

Are you looking for a facial mask in peel off format, which also contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, and above all, is 100% natural? It contains acerola, which stands out mainly for being tremendously rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins, such as B1 and B6), as well as flavonoids. Also, did you know that it contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange? But its nutritional qualities do not end here, since it also contains potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

It works by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, relieving states of stress, fatigue and exhaustion, which usually appear on the skin of the face.

To use it, the manufacturer recommends mixing 20 grams of powder mask with 60 ml of water. Then, once formed and constituted, apply an even layer of this mask on the clean skin of the face and neck. Of course, it is not advisable to apply it around the eyes or in hairy areas, according to the indications offered by the brand.

Extra: Brushes to apply your facial masks more easily

Although it is true that facial masks can be applied with the help of the fingers, there is no doubt that it is always better to do it in a more comfortable and simple way. And you can do it with the help of the mask brushes, which are useful brushes to comfortably apply face masks.

They have a series of extremely comfortable synthetic bristles, which greatly facilitate the application of the mask. In addition, the handle is made of good quality plastic, smooth and clear, with the appropriate length to facilitate grip and use. Also, after each use, the brushes are easy to clean.

All in all, it is a useful cosmetic tool for applying face masks, eye masks, and any other skin care product.

Manufactured by the Madder brand, you can choose this wonderful and useful pack with a total of 5 pieces, at a really cheap price of 9.99 euros.

Which facial mask to choose and how to use it?

Although throughout this product guide we have specially selected for you a series of useful face masks depending on some skin problems, or when it comes to achieving a certain result or effect, it is always a good idea to discover which ingredients Active ingredients may be more useful depending on the results sought, or the conditions to be treated. To help you, here are some useful recommendations that could be of great help to you:

  • Dark spots and pigmentation problems. Vitamin C becomes one of the most interesting and useful active ingredients when it comes to preventing problems related to hyperpigmentation. In turn, when the problems are already present, and for example dark spots have already appeared, ingredients such as kohl acid or atelic acid can become two useful options. Certain ingredients with exfoliating qualities, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, lactic acid, or pineapple can be extremely helpful in removing discolored surface skin.
  • Dry Skin. This type of skin is characterized by requiring intensive hydration practically every day. Masks with hyaluronic acid are tremendously useful, thanks to the fact that it acts by retaining water. In turn, shea butter or avocado are two other excellent options, which help to soften and smooth the skin naturally.
  • Oily skin. Any active ingredient that helps reduce excess oil present in the skin, as well as reduce pore obstruction, is always an excellent option for this type of skin. Useful options are masks that contain ingredients such as charcoal, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, yogurt, pineapple, and/or sulfur.
  • Fine lines of expression. Although it is true that a face mask will not eliminate fine lines, they can help minimize them. Vitamin C is again an interesting ingredient in this regard, since as a natural antioxidant, it helps increase collagen production, firming the skin. Vitamin E is another interesting vitamin in this regard, along with ferulic acid and resveratrol, as it acts against aging.
  • Inflammation or acne If your skin is prone to acne, you should look for masks with ingredients like benzoic peroxide or salicylic acid. There are also some useful natural ingredients, such as papaya or yogurt, that actively work to remove dead skin cells and reduce all those elements that can end up clogging pores.

Once you have chosen your favorite facial mask, it is time to know how to use it, especially to apply it at the most opportune moment of your regular skincare routine. Of course, keep in mind that the frequency with which you apply the mask will depend on both its formulation and the type of skin you have. If you have sensitive skin, for example, it may be appropriate to apply it only once a week. However, as with the rest of the products that we usually use for our skin care, it is essential to read the instructions that you will find on the packaging, to discover specifically what the manufacturer in question recommends.

Be that as it may, it is always recommended to cleanse the skin well before applying any type of mask. It is advisable to use a moisturizing cleanser with a neutral pH, and always rinse your facial skin with warm water, which will help open the pores. Once this is done, apply the facial mask and let it act for the necessary time (remember that the essential thing is to leave it on the skin for approximately 10 to 20 minutes).

Once this time has passed, the most common thing is to remove the mask with a little water, although everything will depend on the texture of the mask itself, since there are some that, when dry, can be easily removed simply by pulling it with hands. What is advisable then is to use a thick, oil-free moisturizer. And if you want to seal in the active ingredients applied with the mask, experts advise finishing with a hyaluronic acid-based serum.


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