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Best creams for atopic skin

Although skin care is essential regardless of the type of skin we have, the truth is that when we have atopic skin it is even more so. And it is that it is a type of chronic  dermatitis that consists of a tremendously common disease in both children and adults; so much so that it is estimated to affect up to 20 percent of the population. The truth is that atopic skin tends to be also known under the term atopic dermatitis, and in turn, it is used interchangeably with the term eczema. Even though eczema is slightly different, and is – almost better said – a much more general term, many dermatologists and patients refer to both as the same thing.

Be that as it may, you probably know that atopic skin is a type of skin that is usually rough, red, dry and uncomfortable and itchy. It is a chronic skin disease, although it is true that, in most cases, there comes a time when it can disappear. Its causes have to do with a wide variety of factors, but it is known that both genetics and families with a tendency to suffer from allergies tend to have more problems. In fact, it is believed that certain allergens, when in contact with the body, can cause it, such as dust and pollen.

If you have a topic skin, remember that it is essential to take care of your skin every day, since it is the best way not only to keep it in good condition, but also to treat the condition as best as possible. Skin care, in fact, begins with cleansing. If you have a topic skin, it is advisable to avoid strong soaps, since they increase the pH of the skin to an inadequate level, which can end up worsening the symptoms related to atopic dermatitis. The best?  Opt for a cleanser without soap, precisely because they do not usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a common chemical in many soaps, precisely because it generates such a characteristic foam, but it can irritate the skin.

Hydration immediately after bathing or showering is essential. And for this it is essential to use a moisturizer that has been specially developed for this condition. Why? Very simple: it will help seal in moisture, helping especially when the skin does not dry out. However, it is also necessary that this cream contains those active principles and ingredients that can help calm and treat the symptoms related to this type of dermatitis, among which redness and annoying itching stand out. If we take into account that itching can aggravate the problem, especially if we end up scratching ourselves (since the wounds that could occur can end up becoming infected, generating a bacterial infection), the use of creams for atopic skin is essential.

Cream for atopic skin from Akento Cosmetics

Developed by the Akento Cosmetics brand, we find one of its most valued products, not only for its interesting effects on the care of atopic skin, nor for its active ingredients, but mainly for its price: a 100 ml container barely costs 14 .90 euros. It is, effectively, a body cream for atopic skin that provides the intensive daily care that this type of skin needs so much, helping to restore the lipid barrier.

It is a fluid cream, with a light texture, very white and shiny, which stands out mainly for its moisturizing / moisturizing qualities. Thanks to its consistency and texture, when applied to the skin we quickly feel a very pleasant sensation of freshness, which is also added to the fact that it is very light. It is even capable of “self-adapting” perfectly to any type of skin and to any weather condition, so we can always take it with us anywhere, without fear that its texture may change, or even without fear that in at some point it may break down.

Among its ingredients, which we will analyze below because it is precisely one of the winning creams in this guide, the presence of Emulous Mellifera stands out. In turn, it has an oily phase of more than 20 percent, thus providing us with extra nutrition and hydration, but without leaving any type of greasy or sticky sensation on the skin. Basically it helps to recover the important lipid barrier of the skin while improving and regulating hydration.

But what is even better: it soothes atopic skin immediately, helping to calm redness, the feeling of tightness, inflammation… and, above all, annoying itching, reducing its reactivity in the long term. It is, in short, a very interesting cream when we have atopic dermatitis, especially due to the fact that it has been specifically formulated for atopic skin (although it is true that, due to its characteristics and qualities, it is also ideal for those with very sensitive skin). or dry; or, in short, for any type of skin that wants to enjoy its main moisturizing effects).

And what ingredients does it contain? Here we highlight them:

  • Emulium Mellifera. It consists of a one hundred percent natural emulsifier, complete and totally flexible and multifunctional, since it adapts perfectly to any type of skin. It provides visible effectiveness practically from the first application, and is one of the main moisturizing ingredients found in this cream. In in vivo studies, this ingredient has proven to be capable of increasing hydration, also providing a long-lasting effect, leaving the skin softer, enhancing luminosity, softening the skin’s relief and leaving it, in short, much more toned. It is capable of calming both irritation and inflammation of the skin immediately, something that is appreciated when we are suffering from an outbreak of dermatitis or atopic skin. In addition, it regulates the sensitivity of the skin in the long term, reducing and diminishing its reactivity against external aggressions that can end up causing the reappearance of symptoms.
  • Biogaline G. This is pomegranate oil, which is obtained by cold pressing its seed, to later be refined. It has been shown to help rebuild the most superficial layer of the skin, while inhibiting the negative action of free radicals, counteracting daily oxidation (basically, the main signs of age and the passage of time tend to slow down). It also provides some antimicrobial capacity, but stands out especially for its anti-inflammatory activity.  Contains punicic acid, which firms the skin tissue and rebuilds it, reducing some of the aspects most commonly associated with atopic skin.
  • Gatuline Skin Repair Bio. It provides healing and regenerating qualities for normally damaged and injured skin, which is why this active ingredient becomes one of the most interesting when it comes to treating atopic skin. It is extracted from the aerial parts of the Onopordum acanthium, and is capable of stimulating the optimal reconstruction of damaged skin by acting on the differentiation of keratinocytes. Basically it acts by stimulating the natural repair process in damaged skin, helping in the natural regeneration process, especially in those areas that have been affected. Therefore, it is useful for recovering the skin barrier, stimulating collagen synthesis and regenerating the epidermis.

But it also has other ingredients, such as jojoba oil. It becomes a moisturizing agent with certainly exceptional qualities, useful for lubricating the skin -but without leaving that uncomfortable oily sensation-, leaving it perfectly soft, while delaying water loss, retaining moisture. This last effect is essential if you have a topic skin, as you probably know.

ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Body Lotion: with emollient qualities

The ISDIN brand will surely give you confidence, mainly due to the fact that it is a brand that has been developing skin care products for many decades. Mainly for this reason, and because of the qualities provided by many of its lotions and creams, it tends to be a highly valued manufacturer by most customers. On this occasion we find ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP, a cream with a lotion texture that helps restore the correct balance of the skin, thanks mainly to its emollient qualities.

Its formulation actively helps to reinforce the barrier function of the skin, by moisturizing it in depth. In this way, it in turn helps to reduce and reduce both irritation and itching, thanks essentially to its content of two active ingredients: Niacinamide and Laureth-9. But these are not the only ingredients with moisturizing and emollient qualities that it contains. We can also mention the presence of Ramnhosoft, which actively contributes to inhibiting the risk of bacterial adhesion, thus reducing the risk of skin infection. In addition, it is extremely respectful with delicate atopic skin, since it does not contain any type of perfume or dyes, which can end up irritating it.

Its manufacturer recommends using this lotion on clean, dry skin one to two times a day.  Although if you want to achieve better results, you can complement the use of this body lotion with Nutratopic Emollient Bath Gel (ideal for your daily hygiene because it is a shower gel that respects atopic skin, as it is truly soft), and the cream Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial Cream, ideal for moisturizing the delicate skin of the face.

ISDIN Nutratopic Emollient Cream

Although we have already told you in the previous section about the body lotion developed by the ISDIN brand for those with atopic skin, this time we want to look at the most interesting qualities that a product specially designed for use on atopic skin would also provide us with, commonly irritated and very sensitive: ISDIN Nutratopic Emollient Cream, precisely because it is a cream with a clear emollient effect.

And what does it mean for a product to have an emollient effect or quality? They go a little further than moisturizing creams, since they provide extra hydration, which is why they tend to be especially recommended for skin with extreme dryness, and above all, with some type of skin disease. Basically they help prevent new outbreaks from appearing once the symptoms of the disease have been controlled and treated (for example, by using a corticosteroid, which must always have been prescribed by the doctor).

It is a tremendously useful cream because it helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function, while deeply moisturizing. Thanks to its content in Laureth-9 and Niacinamide, it is suitable when we have itching and irritation, because it helps to relieve and calm them.  Restores the natural balance of the skin, inhibiting the risk of infection, by preventing bacterial adhesion.

As stated by the manufacturer itself, it is an ideal cream for commonly irritated and atopic skin, since its regular and daily use is especially useful when it comes to preventing new outbreaks, which lengthens the period free of lesions. In this way, when it is applied regularly in the areas where flare-ups usually form and appear, this cream acts effectively treating and combating the main signs of atopic dermatitis. Thanks to its double active protection, it not only restores the skin barrier, but also reinforces the skin’s natural lipid layer. Therefore, it helps to keep atopic skin under control.

Comprehensive Care Cream for Atopic Skin from the Spanish Institute

From the hand of the renowned Spanish Institute brand , which develops and manufactures skin care products since 1903, we find ourselves before a comprehensive care cream, specially designed to provide the care that atopic skin needs daily, thanks to that acts through a triple action, progressively regenerating the skin, maintaining deep hydration, and providing an excellent anti-dryness action.

It helps to calm and relieve itching, and it is not only interesting for atopic skin, but also for use on sensitive skin, mainly because it is a complete formula free of parabens and alcohol, so there is no risk that it can irritate the skin. In fact, it contains a series of active ingredients with anti-dryness, anti-irritation and anti-pruritic action, which means that it calms itching, while minimizing the risk of new allergic reactions.

In addition to moisturizing in depth, it is capable of protecting the skin and regenerating skin damage already present, such as scales, painful cracks, and rough areas with patches. After regular use, the skin appears not only much softer and suppler, but also more luminous. It acquires, so to speak, the appearance it had before the first shoots appeared, by increasing its natural defenses.

Instituto Español Atopic Moments Cream: ideal for when outbreaks arise

Just when an outbreak arises, it is common for you to have doubts about which product or cream to apply, especially one that can be useful in reducing the most painful, uncomfortable and bothersome symptoms of atopic skin. For these situations, the Spanish Institute has developed A topic Moments Cream, a body cream (that is, it can be used not only on the face, but practically on the entire body), specially formulated to provide well-being and calm most of the signs of atopic skin, in particular whenever outbreaks appear.

Thanks to its specific and refreshing formula, irritation, itching, redness and stinging calm down and disappear right from the moment we start applying the cream. Little by little, its regular use gives rise to perfectly hydrated skin, free of the damage associated with this type of dermatitis.

It is a product free of allergens in perfume, parabens, colorants or corticosteroids, and has also been dermatologically tested, so its use on atopic skin is perfect and completely safe.

Restoring Cream from the Spanish Institute: for after the outbreak of atopic skin

The truth is that the Spanish Institute has, as we have seen, a whole range of products specially designed to provide people with atopic skin with all the care they need from the moment an outbreak occurs (to relieve the most uncomfortable and annoying), when it comes to restoring the skin once the main signs and discomforts commonly associated with this type of dermatitis have been controlled, and to prevent the formation of new outbreaks.

This is the case of the Spanish Institute Restoring Cream, a cream that, as its name suggests, has been developed in order to restore the main areas of the skin affected by outbreaks, thanks to the fact that it contains a delicate formula capable of regenerating and strengthen the skin’s natural skin barrier , preventing dehydration and providing greater protection against inflammation, rashes, redness, itching and, ultimately, any type of sensitization.

It is especially indicated to be used in localized areas that are desquamated, in which a more restorative action is precisely required. Thus, after each use, the skin is calmed, refreshed and perfectly free from any type of irritation.

Since it does not contain parabens and its delicate and pleasant fragrance is free of allergens, it is suitable for atopic skin not only in adults, but also in babies and children. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it can be used in combination with other common treatments for atopic skin, such as immunoregulatory treatments and corticosteroids.

Do you want something else? Although we have already mentioned that the Spanish Institute provides a whole range specially designed for those people who suffer from atopic skin every day, among which you can find body lotions, a comprehensive care cream, and a cream that is especially useful for times when breakouts arise and symptoms begin to appear, you can also opt for the shampoo for atopic skin , which completes the daily care of your delicate skin by containing a formula that has been specifically designed to prevent redness and irritation on the scalp (which also tends to commonly affected by atopic dermatitis and its associated flare-ups), and to instantly soothe itchiness, thanks to its soothing and soothing qualities.

Microsilver cream for atopic skin by Multilind: also ideal for dry and extra-dry skin

You don’t have a topic skin but you do have too dry skin? Don’t worry, Multilind’s Microsilver lotion has been developed with people like you in mind, since it is a useful cream to relieve the most bothersome symptoms of both atopic skin and dry or very dry skin , since it helps noticeably soothe scaling, irritation and itching. Its formula contains 0.3 percent of pure microsilver particles, which provide interesting effects for daily dermatological care, since it helps preserve the flora, reducing the risk of superinfections.

Among other interesting qualities, this lotion helps protect and maintain the natural balance of the bacterial flora present in the skin, while moisturizing and protecting the skin in depth, as it is useful in maintaining the “barrier” function that protects it daily from different external factors.

It is a tremendously useful and special cream, which includes Lippia Citriodora in its composition, which perfectly complements the different calming effects of Microsilver, while providing a pleasant aroma. And it also contains a wonderful combination of omega-3 fatty acids with vitamin E. All this without leaving an uncomfortable greasy feeling, since its texture helps positively when it can be absorbed very quickly.

It is suitable for both babies and children (in addition to adults), since it does not contain perfumes, dyes, preservatives, parabens, corticosteroids, urea, PEG emulsifiers and lanolin. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended to use it between 1 to 2 times a day throughout the body, with the help, for this, of a gentle massage. Of course, it is recommended to use it mainly in the areas most commonly affected by atopic dermatitis and by the dryness of the skin itself, such as the face, hands and elbows.

If you wish, you can complete the treatment with other brand products also developed for use by people with problems related to atopic skin, such as:

  • Bath gel for atopic skin by Multilind. It is a wonderful bath gel useful in case of a topic, extra-dry and dry skin, thanks to the fact that it is hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing. It helps soften the skin and is anti-irritant, thanks to its chamomile extract and vitamin E. It does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes or perfumes, and is also suitable for babies and children.
  • Body lotion for atopic skin by Multilind. Cream developed for the intensive dermatological care of atopic, dry and extra-dry skin, which helps relieve irritation, itching and flaking. Contains 0.2 percent pure microsilver particles.

Believa Natural Intensive: 100% vegan skin cream

From the hand of Believa Cosmetics we find this wonderful cream ideal for vegans, since it has been made only from one hundred percent natural active ingredients, among which we can mainly mention aloe vera, shea butter, witch hazel, tiger grass, argan oil and grape seed oil.

It is a skin cream with anti-inflammatory qualities, used mainly for skin care during certain therapies, such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Although the truth is that it is also extremely useful in case of atopic skin, since it is ideal against dry, scaly and cracked skin, calming and relieving annoying itching.

It incorporates a truly gentle and high-quality formula, suitable not only for all skin types, but also useful for the delicate skin of babies and younger children. And it is that it does not contain synthetic fragrances, or dyes, nor parabens, paraffins or silicones.

It actively works by deeply cooling and moisturizing the skin, while stimulating wound healing (for example, both the cracks themselves and those that could arise as a result of scratching the skin when trying to relieve itching), and especially helps in improving the barrier function of the skin, particularly in the long term. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave any greasy feeling, so it can be used whenever desired.

Remember that it is a cream with a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, so it is ideal in case of: atopic skin, dry or very dry skin, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Also, do not forget that it is an ideal cream for you, if you follow a vegan lifestyle and are concerned about the origin of each and every one of the products that you usually use every day. And it is that in addition to containing only one hundred percent natural ingredients in its formulation, it is also perfectly free of any type of animal cruelty, as it has not been tested on animals.

Neutrogena Gel Face Cream– Ideal for dry skin

It is very likely that you already know Neutrogena. And it is that it is characterized by being one of those brands whose skin care products are never missing in most houses. On this occasion we are faced with a facial cream in gel form that has been specially developed for dry skin, thanks to the fact that it incorporates a greasy formula, with a light texture, and a series of ingredients and active ingredients useful for calming and relieving dry skin. or very dry.

It incorporates Hyaluronic Gel Matrix technology, which helps rebuild and protect the root epidermis, generating a reserve of water and moisture in order to release the hydration that is necessary, at the times when it is necessary, throughout everything. the day. And it also comes with Hydro Boost, helping to smooth fatigue systems, while providing a very interesting long-lasting intense nourishing action, useful for soothing the skin practically instantly (from the moment it is applied to it), and keeping it hydrated throughout the day.

It does not contain oils and its texture is neither greasy nor sticky. In fact, it has a wonderful gel texture that also provides a delicate refreshing sensation every time we apply it to the skin. In addition, it is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog pores, avoiding and preventing problems usually related to it, such as the formation of pimples and an increased risk of acne breakouts.

The brand recommends using it daily, both on the skin of the face and neck, and applying it with the help of circular movements, to improve its absorption.

Bio derma Atoderm Crème Cream: ideal for sensitive and very dry skin

If you have sensitive skin, or in short, you tend to have dry or very dry skin, it is very likely that you already know many of the symptoms and the discomfort and inconvenience usually associated with these skin problems beforehand. And it is that on most occasions, the presence of this dryness in turn influences the skin to crack, increasing not only the discomfort, but also the itching, the terrible desire to scratch… and, finally, a much greater risk of infection. The truth is that this type of skin also tends to have some things in common with atopic skin, although it is true that one of its main differences is the outbreaks usually associated with atopic dermatitis.

For this reason, many of the creams that are commonly used to soothe and calm sensitive or dry skin can be used mostly by those with atopic skin. Although, as it happens with practically any product that we are going to use on our skin, it is essential to always inquire about the different ingredients that its manufacturer has used for its preparation; and that, therefore, we will find in its composition / formulation.

This is the case of the Atoderm Crème cream from Bio derma, suitable both for sensitive skin and for those that tend to be both dry and very dry, as it has been enriched with moisturizing agents that in turn help to reinforce the natural barrier. of the skin, preventing certain external and environmental factors and elements from affecting it even more, in turn stopping the penetration of irritants.

It is a truly effective and useful cream, since it is capable of binding the water in the different upper layers of the skin, helping to prevent it from evaporating and being lost.

The manufacturer recommends using it twice a day until the skin has completely repaired itself. To do this, it is advisable to apply a good layer of this cream on the damaged areas that you want to treat, immediately after cleaning and drying. In addition, something that is even better if possible: it can be used both on the face and on the body, and is even suitable for both adults and small children.

On the other hand, if you wish, you can also complement the use of this body cream with  Bio derma Atoderm Shower Gel, a soap-free gel ideal for showering, which protects, moisturizes and nourishes the body, and is also extremely respectful of the skin. thanks to the fact that it contains only a series of mild cleansers, soothing and protecting the skin, which in turn guarantees excellent skin tolerance, totally hypoallergenic, without dyes or parabens.

Or, you can opt for Bio derma Gel and soap, a bath gel that acts as soap, and is characterized by being a high-quality product thanks mainly to its composition, being anti-irritating and helping to clean the skin. skin and to restore the lipids naturally present in it.

Alivia Blanca moisturizing cream for atopic skin: with calendula and aloe vera

From the hand of Alivia More Than Cosmetics we find a cream that acts by moisturizing in depth, while helping to calm outbreaks of eczema and atopic skin by relieving itching and redness in depth, thereby favoring better regeneration both of the skin of the face as well as of the body itself. In addition, it is possible to enjoy an almost immediate calming effect thanks to the fact that it comes with a truly fluid texture, which helps in a very positive way when it comes to being absorbed more quickly.

In its formulation we find mainly two basic active ingredients: calendula and aloe vera.  Both are extremely well-known -and popular- for their moisturizing, antiseptic, emollient, soothing and healing qualities. It also contains CBD, a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerator and sebaceous regulator.

Practically most of its ingredients are one hundred percent natural. In fact, according to the manufacturer, Alivia Blanca has 98.3 percent totally natural ingredients. And, in addition, it does not contain formaldehydes, parabens, petroleum derivatives, artificial flavors or colors, SLS and SLES. So it is ideal even for very sensitive and dry skin, thanks to the fact that it has also shown a very interesting effect when it comes to repairing scars and cracks.

Why is the use of moisturizing creams essential in case of atopic skin?

When you have a topic skin, as many dermatologists believe, the use of an appropriate moisturizer is essential, as dry skin often tends to worsen breakouts associated with this skin type. Creams are essential because they help block the water present in the skin, creating a kind of barrier against those elements that could irritate the skin, and thus worsen the outbreaks associated with dermatitis.

Although it is possible to choose from a wide variety of products, the truth is that the most appropriate thing is always to opt for moisturizing creams for atopic skin, since in addition to providing that extra hydration that is so necessary in these cases, the most common thing is that, in their composition, also contain certain active ingredients useful for relieving, reducing and treating many of the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, especially itching, redness and inflammation.

As we have seen throughout this guide, there are basically three types of moisturizers: creams, lotions and ointments. Everything basically depends on the amount of water and oil they contain. Thus, the greater amount of oil they have, the much better it will be for atopic skin.

Despite the fact that ointments have become one of the best treatment options, precisely because they contain a great amount of oil, they can leave an uncomfortably sticky and greasy feeling on the skin, which makes many people don’t like it that much. Luckily,  creams are a good option, especially when you don’t like the feel of ointments themselves.

Remember that there are also other tips that are essential when caring for atopic skin. At the time of bathing or showering, as we have already mentioned, avoid the use of products that are too strong and aggressive, it being more recommended to opt for mild soaps that have been specially designed for application on sensitive and mainly atopic skin. You should also avoid the use of bubble bath (since the chemical substance that usually produces soap suds can increase skin irritation). While, when it comes to drying your skin, it is convenient to use a soft cloth or a loofah, blotting it instead of rubbing it, since it can irritate the skin even more.

And, finally, immediate hydration after bathing or showering is essential, with which you will be able to seal and maintain maximum moisture in the skin. To achieve this, you can use some of the creams that we have talked about in this complete guide. And, in case of doubt, do not forget to go to the consultation of your trusted dermatologist, especially when you have doubts about the use of a certain product, and above all, in those moments in which outbreaks of atopic dermatitis occur. It will help you not only to solve them, but it will also prescribe the most useful treatments to control the disease (and its associated symptoms).

However, the choice of the type of cream is, to say the least, fundamental, since it is very important that the cream does not contain perfume, alcohol, or dyes. Remember that some unscented creams may have fragrances, so they could still end up irritating your skin.  Therefore, always look for those moisturizers that directly specify that they do not contain any type of perfume or fragrance. In addition, it is essential to check the label of the product well before using it the first time, to discover if it has any ingredient to which you could be allergic.

Useful tips when using any cream for atopic skin

Do you have atopic skin and is this the first time you are going to start using a moisturizer  for this type of skin? If you have doubts about its use, the most common is to follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer, and which you will probably find on the packaging of the product you have purchased. In addition, whenever we analyze a product, we tend to explain to you before finishing the review, the steps to follow for its use according to the recommendations established by the brand that has prepared it.

However, if one thing both moisturizers themselves and moisturizers specially designed for use on atopic skin have in common, it is that it is best to apply them immediately after a bath or shower, when the skin is still a little wet, since this way you will not only not eliminate all the moisture you get during pregnancy, but by applying the cream soon after you have come out of the water, you will be able to retain that moisture, preventing the skin from drying out. In fact, did you know that in just 3 minutes after getting out of the water, the skin begins to dry out?

Therefore, once you have slightly dried your skin with the help of a few gentle pats (remember that it is also advisable to use a towel or washcloth as soft as possible), it is an excellent idea to apply a little cream to your hands first. and rub it with the idea of ​​softening it a bit. Then, using your palms and fingers, spread a thick layer of moisturizer all over your skin. It is advisable to always apply the cream with smooth and simple downward movements, especially avoiding doing it in the form of circles or up and down.

It is also not advisable to remove the excess moisturizing cream that may have remained, since your skin will end up absorbing it completely, enjoying all its moisturizing qualities to the fullest.

Of course, if it is the first time you are going to start using a cream, remember that it is very important to carry out a first test, to discover if it could cause us -or not- an allergic reaction. To do this, simply apply a tiny amount to the crook of your elbow or the inside of your wrist (a pea-sized bit will suffice), and wait 24 to 48 hours at the most, to see if any kind of reaction. If you suddenly notice symptoms such as redness, rash or itching, you should avoid using that particular cream, and opt for a different one.


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