Nutrition and DietBenefits of popcorn

Benefits of popcorn

Do you know the benefits of popcorn? Of course, for them to be healthy it is essential that they are made at home and prepared from raw grains.

Who has not ever gone to the movies, to enjoy their favorite movie, and ordered some delicious popcorn? The truth is that we are facing the quintessential product in many movie theaters, the favorite of many moviegoers and all those who watch a movie.  Obviously, they can also be enjoyed at home when we sit back and watch our favorite movie. However, did you know that it is actually a food very rich in benefits and properties?

This was confirmed a few years ago who published a scientific report in which they analyzed and discovered the different nutritional benefits that popcorn provides. But beware, as many nutritionists state, it is not the same to opt for natural grain popcorn than to opt for commercial microwave popcorn (or even the ones we ask for in theaters), since in these In the last two cases, their saturated fat content makes them quite the opposite: they are unhealthy and not advisable at all.

They help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

Popcorn is very rich in fiber, which is useful when it comes to helping us reduce high levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides, since it helps eliminate excess fat present in our blood vessels and arteries.

A regular consumption of popcorn without added salt, and natural grain, is useful to take care of our cardiovascular system, by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Good for diabetics

Although you probably don’t know it, popcorn is an excellent food for people with diabetes, since its fiber content helps regulate the passage of glucose into the blood, not being so fast.

On the other hand, it also helps improve insulin levels, compared to those who do not follow a diet rich in fiber.

Prevents the appearance of cancer

Popcorn is very rich in antioxidants, especially the presence of polyphenols, which help reduce the negative effects of free radicals.

Some scientific studies have found that a regular consumption of popcorn is an excellent cancer preventive, since polyphenols help reduce the presence and action of free radicals, and reduce the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

Believe it or not, they help you lose weight

In this sense, we cannot speak that the consumption of popcorn burns fat, but that it  helps reduce weight thanks to its fiber content and inhibits the release of the hunger hormone (ghrelin). That is, it is a delicious food that provides satiety.

To this quality we must add its low content in both fat and calories. In fact, a bowl or cup of popcorn provides only 45 calories. Therefore, we are facing an extremely healthy snack, which can become the perfect substitute for packaged potato chips.

Recipe for making healthy popcorn

To make healthy popcorn, without more fans than the healthy ones provided by olive or sunflower oil, you only need: a handful of corn kernels (for example, 60 grams of raw corn) and 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil olive or sunflower.

Cover the bottom of the pan with the oil of your choice and heat over the heat until hot.  Add the corn kernels without clumping together and cover, leaving a small hole for the steam to escape. Just as the first popcorn starts to pop, reduce the temperature to medium. Now wait for them to stop listening, which will indicate that they will all be ready. Finally turn off the heat, uncover and serve.

If you wish, you can season to taste, for example by adding a little salt.


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