The soy isoflavones are known as one of the most interesting nutrients that come from soy, a real main food component in Asian countries, and whose consumption and is spreading too many Western countries.

Such is the case of the increase in the consumption of products derived from soy and the different virtues – scientifically recognized – that they contribute to the body, such as the benefits of soy milk, for example.

However, despite the fact that there are many properties that this type of products provide us (they help prevent the appearance of cancer, take care of our liver), one of its most outstanding virtues is the estrogenic action in women that helps to alleviate the typical symptoms of menopause ( soy against menopausal disorders ).

But, did you know that phytoestrogens are also useful for men?

Phytoestrogens for men

As you may be aware, after about 45 years of age, men often tend to experience generally benign prostate growth.

Men affected by this disorder often present a series of specific symptoms, such as, for example, problems in urination or cell degeneration that causes a tumor that, primarily, is usually benign.

At this point, it is precisely where phytoestrogens act in men, since they are capable of inhibiting this growth by blocking the action of the enzyme responsible for transforming testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (causing growth).

To give just one example, in Japan, a country where the consumption of soy and its derivatives is extremely high, the rate of prostate cancer is more than 4 times less than in the United States. Since the consumption of phytoestrogens by men can cause gynecomastia and other related disorders, its benefits are still under study, and excessive consumption of foods rich in phytoestrogens is not recommended.


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