Pets are beneficial for the immune system of babies and children, as they strengthen it and help them to get less colds, have fewer allergies and respiratory problems.


If you are a woman and at some point you have become pregnant, and you also have a dog or kitten at home, it is quite likely that someone has asked you the question, that question that surely irritated and angered you on more than one occasion: and what are you going to do with the dog or the cat? “Eat it” (you possibly thought). And it is that ignorance, and unfortunately the false myths that exist around babies and pets, sometimes seem almost an insult.

It is often thought – wrongly, I repeat again – that from the moment a woman becomes pregnant, she must make every living animal or creature disappear from her home (and no, I am not referring to the couple). Even more so from the moment the baby comes home, as if the pet were just a companion element, an object that can be removed and thrown away like an electronic device that no longer works, that has no feelings and that will not miss you.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s word also has a lot to do with these cases, especially when they have the clever idea of ​​recommending or suggesting to the future mom and dad that they get rid of the dog or cat, arguing that they can be harmful to the newborn.

A good example is pregnancy, the cat, and toxoplasmosis. It is often thought that the cat should be removed from home from the moment you become pregnant, because it transmits toxoplasmosis. While it is true that it is one of the animals that can transmit it to humans, did you know that for that to really be the case you would have to pass its poop  through your mouth? (Or not so literal, but you should have accidentally touched their stool, not washed your hands properly, and passed them through your mouth, nose or some food that you later ate without realizing it). In fact, did you know that you are more likely to get toxoplasmosis if you handle contaminated meat, or eat salads whose vegetables have not been properly washed?

The benefits of pets for the immune system of babies and children

Some scientific studies have found that the presence of cats and dogs in the home reduces the possibility of babies and children getting sick.

They help in a very positive way that little ones need to take less medicine, have a lower risk of allergies, have fewer respiratory problems and suffer less otitis. In addition, it is known that children with pets tend to sneeze and cough less during their first year of life, while they tend to catch colds less.

What are the reasons why children with pets are more protected?

In view of the results of the investigations that have been carried out over the years, the scientists came to the conclusion that children with pets have a stronger and more effective immune system because the dog or cat brings home a good number of microorganisms (dirt and bacteria), so that the little one strengthens his immune system, grows stronger and more protected.

In other words, the presence of cats and dogs at home strengthens the baby’s and child’s defense systems, reducing the risk of infectious diseases.


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