Raw olive oil is a natural food with many nutritional and healing properties and qualities. Discover the benefits of eating it every day.

If we ask you about a natural food, extremely healthy and characteristic of the so-called Mediterranean diet, it is quite possible that olive oil is one of the first that comes to mind.  As you surely know, it consists of a natural oil produced from the fruit of the olive tree. We can differentiate different types of olive oil, among which we find the simple (refined) olive oil itself, the virgin olive oil and the extra virgin olive oil. Among the two most recommended options from a nutritional and healthy point of view, we can especially mention virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil since suitable thermal conditions intervene in them so that the oil is not altered.

Regarding the recommended daily amount of olive oil, it is not only advisable to take olive oil every day, it is also advisable to do so in the amounts recommended from a nutritional point of view. Thus, for example, many nutritionists advise taking three tablespoons a day of olive oil, which is equivalent to about 50 grams of olive oil every day, being essential that at least one of these tablespoons is consumed on an empty stomach. If we consume it raw, its benefits and qualities are even greater, since no form of cooking intervenes negatively in altering its different properties. Therefore, we will discover what are the properties of taking raw olive oil, without cooking.

Good for your cardiovascular health

When it comes to taking care of cardiovascular health, both of your heart and of your arteries, there is no doubt that olive oil becomes without a doubt one of the best foods. It is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, healthy fats that help maintain good HDL cholesterol levels while reducing LDL cholesterol levels (also known as bad cholesterol). It is, therefore, a very interesting food when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease.

It also stands out for its content of vitamin E and other antioxidant nutrients, which help reduce the risk of heart disease by protecting our body against the negative effects of cholesterol oxidation, which can obstruct the bloodstream and cause hardening of The arteries. For this reason, it is also very interesting in case of high blood pressure, as it helps to lower blood pressure effectively.

A wonderful food for your heart

Did you know that olive oil contains useful anticoagulants to reduce the risk of blood clots and blood vessel blockages? For this reason, it is, as we indicated previously, one of the best foods that exist when it comes to taking care of our cardiovascular health and our heart, even more so when we have been diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Friend of your liver and gallbladder

If you are looking for liver cleansing foods, there is no doubt that you will find olive oil a great ‘friend’, as it is an excellent food to detoxify the liver and gallbladder. As you surely know, the liver is a very important organ for our body, since it is in charge of detoxifying and purifying the blood (among other main functions).

For this reason it is a food that cannot be absent from a liver cleansing diet, especially in the case of fatty liver, a very common condition today as a result of the unbalanced and unhealthy diet that we follow daily, and which consists of the accumulation of fat in the liver. This quality increases when we take a tablespoon of raw olive oil on an empty stomach, in the morning.

Good for your digestive system and against constipation

If you suffer from problems or discomfort in your digestive system, such as gastric acidity or constipation, raw olive oil becomes a highly recommended and appropriate natural option, since it favors the different digestive functions, by helping to make better digestion and therefore reduce acid secretions.

It is also very interesting in case of problems going to the bathroom, thanks to the fact that it exerts an interesting mild laxative effect. In addition, it improves the absorption at intestinal levels of the different essential nutrients.

Good for living longer

Since consuming olive oil regularly helps prevent and avoid cardiovascular diseases, various scientific studies have shown that raw olive oil increases longevity, being a very good natural food to help us live longer.

How to consume olive oil?

To enjoy the different qualities and benefits of olive oil, it is best to always consume it in its raw form, not introducing it in less recommended or healthy ways of cooking, as for example is the case of fried foods.

  • By tablespoons: it is a comfortable and simple option, especially on an empty stomach. It simply consists of putting raw olive oil in a large spoon of food and taking it directly. It is also ideal to accompany it with one or two drops of lemon.
  • In salads: salads are the best dish to which we could add raw olive oil, since it increases its nutritional and healing properties, and also gives it a delicious flavor.
  • In bread: who has not ever enjoyed a delicious piece of toasted bread with olive oil on top? It is another of the most recommended and ideal options.

Remember that raw olive oil can be taken by tablespoons, up to a maximum of 3 tablespoons throughout the day (preferably one of them on an empty stomach). An option as healthy as it is ideal to add to your daily diet, without a doubt.


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