Properties of orange water, a natural drink with incredible health benefits, with interesting healing and protective qualities.

The oranges are a citrus obtained from the orange sweet, bitter orange and oranges from other species (or hybrid), especially from ancient Asian hybrids mainly from India, southern China and Vietnam. Within the citrus family we can also find other well-known fruits, such as lemon, mandarin and grapefruit (or grapefruit). All of them stand out for their richness in vitamin C, while in the particular case of orange it also provides a total of 60 types of flavonoids and 170 phytochemicals.

With the orange you can make the popular orange juice, a natural drink with incredible benefits and properties: it helps us recover when we have colds or flu, it is useful to control blood pressure (especially when we have high blood pressure), it helps to reduce high levels of fats in the blood, and it is also a drink very rich in antioxidants.

On the other hand, in recent years certain natural drinks have become very popular which, due to their nutritional and healing qualities, have become natural options to include in healthy and balanced diets: this is the case of orange water, which is very easy. To make and with incredible health benefits.

Orange water benefits

High content of natural antioxidants

Orange water is a natural drink very rich in antioxidants, so its regular consumption is a very good option when it comes to providing our body with the antioxidants that it so badly needs to ‘fight’ against the negative effects of free radicals ( as for sure you know, unstable molecules very dangerous for health).

And is that as we discovered in a previous article in which we answered the question what are free radicals, antioxidants are substances that release electrons in our blood, which are captured by free radicals, making them stable.

Helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure

A regular consumption of orange water helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which, as you surely know, are the main ‘culprits’ of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and other related disorders, mainly because they tend to accumulate in our arteries, plugging them.

In the particular case of orange water, it is a drink capable of reducing LDL cholesterol levels (or bad cholesterol), while increasing HDL cholesterol levels (or good cholesterol).  Those responsible for this important quality are found in its flavonoid content.

In addition, in case of arterial hypertension, orange water is a very interesting natural drink, since it helps lower blood pressure by helping to control the balance of fluids and sodium.

It is an excellent diuretic, very good for the kidneys

Whether you want to purify the kidneys or if you simply want to clean and stimulate them to perform their functions normally, orange water is an excellent diuretic, so it is very interesting when it comes to eliminating toxins accumulated in the body, purifying the blood and detoxify it.

A good c for sugary sodas

The truth is that there is nothing more bad for your health than the regular consumption of sugary soft drinks, which are very rich in empty calories; that is, they provide many calories (due to their high sugar content), but nevertheless their content in essential nutrients is practically nil. The result is more than evident: an increase in the cases of overweight and obesity, with the risk of suffering related diseases, among which we can highlight diabetes.

Orange water accompanied with ice and a fresh orange slice becomes a good alternative to sugary soft drinks, especially when these unhealthy drinks are substituted.



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