The properties of grapefruit (and its benefits) make it an ideal citrus in winter, as it is rich in vitamin C. Likewise, it is delicious and very healthy. Discover all its virtues.

The grapefruit is undoubtedly one of the most citrus consumption in half the world with lemon. This fruit comes from the grapefruit, a tree of the Rutaceae family that is usually cultivated mainly in the United States, Mexico, India, Argentina, Paraguay and Israel.

Its name comes precisely from the Tahil language (a language that is spoken mainly in southern India) and comes to say something like “pompous lemon” or “lemon from the Pampas”. It should be noted that grapefruit is one of the few fruits that is eaten both cooked, fresh or in a multitude of very varied stews since it gives them a very characteristic bittersweet flavor.

The grapefruit fruit is characterized by being a globose hesperidium with about 15 cm in diameter. It has a fairly thick and fleshy outer shell that at the same time has a series of oil glands that have a multitude of aromatic properties. Finally, its cultivation is usually produced in subtropical areas at low temperatures and the grapefruit ripening cycle can be extended from 7 to 13 months.

Grapefruit properties that you should know

Now that we have already known in depth some of the basic characteristics of grapefruit, below we are going to investigate its most important properties so that you realize the importance of consuming a fruit like this in any healthy and balanced diet that is price.

Inexhaustible source of vitamin C

Grapefruit is, along with orange, kiwi and lemon, one of the fruits with the highest concentration of vitamin C. As many of you will know, it is an essential active principle to enhance our entire body and strengthen our defenses.

All this without commenting that within this vitamin you can also find powerful antioxidants that will make us look younger. It also blocks the release of free radicals, those toxins that make us more exposed to more serious diseases such as cancer.

It is made of 88% water and fiber

This fruit is also characterized by being made up of 88% water, which will ultimately help keep our entire body hydrated. This will also be the most beneficial to say goodbye to fluid retention while at the same time many people take grapefruit to lose weight because it is a hypocaloric fruit.

For its part, its considerable concentration of fiber makes grapefruit an excellent ally for treating intestinal stones and therefore can help treat and prevent diarrhea or constipation.

Very rich in folic acid and potassium

Finally, it should be noted that grapefruit is also a fruit very rich in potassium, an element that is most beneficial for our entire nervous system and its consumption helps improve our mood and better sleep at night.

Likewise, folic acid is responsible for producing a greater amount of white and red blood cells that are basically responsible for transporting all the oxygen through our body along with the rest of the nutrients.

Most important qualities of grapefruit

Has it become clearer to you what the most important properties of grapefruit are? Well, once this is known, we are going to make a summary so that you know its most important benefits.

  • Beneficial for flu and colds. Its high content of vitamin C makes this fruit a powerful ally in winter as it will help us to be less exposed to viral diseases.
  • It prevents some diseases such as anemia. This is because it favors the absorption of iron and all kinds of nutrients, so it is also very beneficial for our digestion.
  • Strengthens all our gums. Thus preventing some conditions such as gingivitis that will allow us to enjoy better oral health.
  • It is antibacterial and astringent. Grapefruit also contains powerful antioxidants that will be most beneficial for our skin.
  • Perfect restorative for athletes. In good grapefruit juice it also has a high content of glucose and carbohydrates that will give us a shot of extra energy and therefore make it a perfect isotonic drink after having done sports.

What are the benefits of grapefruit?

As we have seen, among the most important benefits of grapefruit we find that it stands out for its high content of vitamin C, an ideal antioxidant nutrient for colds and flu, prevents anemia, acts as an antibacterial and is useful for losing weight and improving cholesterol, in addition to acting as an astringent.

How to eat grapefruit to enjoy its qualities?

Do you know how you can eat grapefruit to enjoy all its benefits and properties? It is actually very simple, which will depend precisely on how you like it best, especially because of its strong and acid flavor.

There are those who, for example, consume it by splitting it in half and take it with the help of a spoon. In these cases, many prefer to add a little sugar on top, although we do not advise it much precisely because it is an unhealthy option. You can better opt for panela, although in reality they are similar foods.

There are also those who prefer to remove their skin and eat it in segments, in the same way that they do -for example- with an orange.

However, opting for grapefruit juice is also a delicious option, and possibly the simplest of all, since you can sweeten it more easily with the help of a little honey, and you can also combine it perfectly with other citrus fruits.


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