BeautyBenefits and properties of calendula for skin and beauty

Benefits and properties of calendula for skin and beauty

Calendula is a plant recognized for its benefits for the skin and for its different properties for the most natural beauty. Discover its most important qualities.

Among the different best-known medicinal plants for natural skin care, it is quite likely that two are among the most popular. On the one hand we can mention aloe vera, which gives off a wonderful juice full of benefits and healing, moisturizing, healing and repairing properties, and which can be easily obtained at home. To achieve this, we only need to cut one of its tender leaves and let it gradually release the juice inside, collecting it with a spoon or in a cup.

On the other hand, we also find calendula, another of those most popular plants precisely because of its calming, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, recognized for its qualities to prevent and treat baby dermatitis and erythema caused by diapers in a completely natural way.

It is characterized by an annual herbaceous plant that can reach 50 centimeters in height, and is also popularly known names wonder, calendula garden or marigolds. From a scientific point of view, it is known by the name of Calendula Officinal is, and there is no doubt that one of the most characteristic elements of this wonderful plant is its bright orange flowers, which tend to bloom from spring until the first frosts. of winter.

The incredible benefits of calendula for the skin

For minor burns

One of the best known benefits of calendula is its calming action when relieve minor burns, so it is also very interesting this effect when soothe the pain caused by sunburn.

Natural treatment of inflamed areas

It exerts an anti – inflammatory action, ideal when it comes to reducing inflammation and calming inflamed areas of the skin. For example, it is very suitable to apply it on areas of the skin where there is dermatitis or skin rashes.

Ideal for baby skin

Prepared in the form of calendula cream, it becomes an excellent natural option for the  treatment of different baby skin conditions , such as diaper rash and other dermatitis that can arise as a result of heat and therefore sweat.

In fact, it is one of the most recommended options to care for – and treat – the baby’s delicate skin, thanks to the fact that when it is applied to it, it forms a layer of protection in a completely natural way.

Good skin disinfectant

Not only in the case of minor burns, but also in the case of small wounds and scratches (for example, in the case of cat scratches) it becomes an excellent natural skin disinfectant, in turn helping to deflate it and reduce redness.

Useful in case of insect bites

In case of insect bites, calendula is also a useful and interesting option, precisely because it relieves the annoying symptoms caused by bites, such as not only the inflammation itself, but also the reddening of the skin and the itching that forces you to want to scratch yourself every so often.

Calms inflammation of the mucous membranes

In case of inflammation of both the mucous membranes and the throat, it is also an excellent natural option. However, in these cases the best option is to make a calendula infusion and take advantage of its benefits in the form of rinses (in the first case) and gargles (in the second).


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