Emotion and MindBeing afraid of the future: tips to overcome it

Being afraid of the future: tips to overcome it

It is normal to feel worry, anxiety and fear about what the future will hold, but we cannot let it overtake us. We discover some tips that will help you.

We live in a tremendously complicated and difficult social, economic and financial time. From time to time we know the terrible unemployment figures, while every day the media bombard us with only negative news.

All of this can lead to many people feeling fear of the future, especially of what is yet to come and that, in a certain sense, they do not know for sure what precisely that future may or may not hold for them.

Although generally these people tend to be above all individuals with low self-esteem, with a certain predisposition to suffer from anxiety, stress and depression (especially due to the fact that they are emotionally unstable), it is true that the number of subjects that, as a result, is increasing. Of the present that they live and the one that surrounds them, they feel more afraid of what the future may hold.

The social moment in which we are currently influences a lot in this sense. In fact, finding ourselves in a situation in which in one way or another we do not see the way out – and we feel that we are not in control – increases our stress levels.

Something that increases much more when we cannot express what we feel and think, especially everything that may or may not concern us.

How to overcome the fear of the future?

When it comes to overcoming fear of the future, the person must first consider what it is that they really believe causes them to feel that fear. Is it perhaps due to a specific situation? Is it due to work, health, relationships …?.

The most important thing is to identify what can influence these thoughts to try to rethink our current life and thus improve what we think about the future.

One of the issues that we must be clear about is that, the future as such, is something that has not happened yet, so that everything we think about it is only assumptions. Unrealistic assumptions, which may or may not happen, but about which we are not certain that they will originally occur.

For this reason, having this clear in the first place is a great step when it comes to overcoming the fear of the future , since only what we have is our own present, and more specifically what we are doing at the moment.

It is possible that this fear can be caused because we tend to have many negative thoughts. On this occasion, it is advisable to know how to control negative thoughts. As well as knowing certain strategies that will help you:

  • Always express what you feel at all times.
  • Share what worries you about the future with your family or friends.
  • Ask yourself the following questions for a moment: What really worries me? Why do I feel that concern? Are they worries or fears that are based on something real or just assumptions?
  • Take a paper and a pen in your hands. Write what you are doing in your present (what is my life currently like?), and finally what worries you about the future. Once you have done it, honestly answer the following question: do I really think that what worries me is going to happen in the future if I still don’t know what will really happen?

The ideal is to be clear that anything can happen in the future, and far from paying attention to Murphy’s Law, luckily we are not sure that what we are concerned about will originally happen.

Therefore, what we do have is the possibility of controlling our thoughts and controlling our present, trying to improve it every day and to be a little happier each time. Your health and your emotional stability will thank you, without any doubt.


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