Did you know that bay leaves are ideal against stress and anxiety? We discover its relaxing benefits and also 2 useful remedies to relieve nerves.

About the laurel we have already spoken to you on some occasion. As you will surely know, we are almost without a doubt a plant whose leaves are tremendously popular and well-known, probably for its so common use in the kitchen thanks to its aromatic qualities.

Not surprisingly, its use is common in the preparation and preparation of both meats and soups and broths.

More specifically, to be more precise, we are in front of a bush. It belongs to the Lauraceous family, being scientifically known by the name of Laura’smobiles. It has highly characteristic lance late and alternate leaves, native and common to the Mediterranean area, which can even reach 10 meters in height.

Its leaves are surprising for their incredible richness in essential oils, from which in fact it derives its powerful and characteristic aroma. For this reason it is widely used as a condiment in the kitchen of many homes.

Regarding the medicinal benefits of laurel, we find that its leaves are ideal in case of flu, colds and colds that cause nasal congestion and cough, since it acts as an expectorant, bronchial and antitussive.

It also helps improve blood circulation thanks to the presence of different acids such as oleic, linoleic and auric, making them a useful natural option against arteriosclerosis.

On the other hand, it acts as a natural liver stimulant, being useful to purify the liver in a totally natural way, as well as to detoxify it thanks to the fact that it also has hepatoprotective properties.

But did you know that it is also interesting when it comes to relieving anxiety, stress and nervous tension associated with these two common and common conditions?

The properties of bay leaves against stress and anxiety

If you regularly suffer from stress or anxiety, you will probably need to get a good handful of bay leaves, in addition – of course – to try to get away from all those situations that generate nervous tension and worry you, or at least know better respond to them.

Incidentally, relaxation techniques or even the practice of regular physical exercise will be very useful when reducing daily stress.

Not surprisingly, different scientific studies have proven that bay leaves help to reduce stress and anxiety in a completely natural way, especially because of the feeling of calm that its aroma transmits when its leaves are smelled, at the same time as the  infusion. Laurel also acts as a sedative and calming natural drink.

2 natural remedies with laurel to relieve stress

1. De-stressing bay leaf infusion

One of the first natural options when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety with the help of bay leaf is preparing a de-stressing infusion. For this you need 1 bay leaf and 1 cup of water.

Put the equivalent of a cup of water in a saucepan and heat. When the water comes to a boil, add the bay leaf, cover and let it boil for 3 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat and let it rest for another 3 minutes. Finally strain and try to drink it calmly.

2. Bay vapors

Another useful option is to prepare simple bay leaves at home. How? You only need 10 bay leaves and 1 liter of water. Bring the water to a boil with the bay leaves, simmering for 10 minutes.

Then put the saucepan on a plate, being careful not to burn yourself, put your face on top of the saucepan, cover yourself with a towel and try to inhale the laurel aroma that its boiled leaves give off for at least 10 minutes. Ready!


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