Sodium bicarbonate with lemon is an effective remedy for relieving heartburn and calming discomfort related to heartburn. Find out how to prepare it.

It is quite possible that at some point you have suffered from heartburn. Its causes are actually very varied, highlighting above all maintaining bad eating habits, eating with nerves or anxiety, stress and consuming certain foods and beverages (such as excessive consumption of alcohol or very fatty or spicy foods).

Basically it consists of a burning or stinging that rises to the larynx as a consequence of the valve of the cardiac, which is the sealing mechanism of our stomach, has not closed well, so that the content of the stomach returns upwards, rising through the esophagus. Although our stomach is prepared to withstand such an acidic pH, the esophagus is not; hence the related discomforts appear later.

Among its most characteristic symptoms we can mention the pain and the burning sensation that rises through the chest until it reaches the throat. This burning is medically known as heartburn. Other related complaints also arise, such as: cough, pharyngitis (which can be chronic), nausea, a sensation of having a bad taste in the mouth and sleep disturbances.

When it comes to relieving heartburn and heartburn, there are two ingredients that can be extremely useful: baking soda and lemon. Why? Very simple: they help neutralize gastric juices, which are ultimately the main “culprits” that cause heartburn and heartburn to appear. In fact, bicarbonate is an excellent antacid that is very useful in reducing acidity levels, relieving heartburn and acid indigestion.

How to make the baking soda and lemon remedy:

Ingredients needed

To make this natural remedy to relieve heartburn and heartburn you need:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • Half a glass of water

Steps to make the baking soda and lemon remedy

First wash the lemon well, cut it in half and squeeze it to obtain its juice, reserving only the amount equivalent to half a lemon. Then put the water in a saucepan and heat a little, until it is tempered. Dissolve the baking soda in it and add the lemon juice, mixing well.

How to take this remedy:

The truth is that it is an extremely simple and effective remedy, which you can take whenever you need it. To do this, you can prepare and ingest this remedy every time heartburn or heartburn appears.

What are its contraindications?

The consumption of sodium bicarbonate is not recommended for those who suffer from  gastritis or are sensitive to bicarbonate or lemon. The consumption of sodium bicarbonate is also not recommended in people with high blood pressure or heart problems.

It is also not advisable to consume it in excess or in large quantities, since it can cause alkalosis (a serious imbalance of our body).


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