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Bad vaginal odor: causes, treatment and how to relieve it

Bad vaginal odor can be very annoying and uncomfortable, especially for women who suffer from it. Find out what its causes are, its treatment and how to alleviate it.

There is no doubt that many women face a topic that is certainly uncomfortable when they are faced with it, even more so when they talk about it among acquaintances (for example, family or friends), or when they feel affected by it in some way. The bad vaginal odor can be unpleasant for many, especially if the causes that can cause its appearance are not known, even more so if we take into account that in many cases the most common thing is that it is neglected due to shame.

First of all, we must bear in mind that the vagina always has an odor, which is characteristic but does not tend to be unpleasant at all. Furthermore, depending on what time of the month a woman is in, vaginal odor tends to vary. For example, it may have an aroma similar to the odor caused by the lactic acid in yogurt. This is a completely normal aroma or smell, and it is due to the different lactobacilli that protect the bacterial flora from infections.

Of course, throughout the menstrual cycle the vaginal odor tends to change, so that sometimes it is usually perceived with greater intensity. However, when this aroma tends to be stronger, it is an indication that something is not going very well.

Causes of bad vaginal odor.

Once we take into account that it is absolutely normal for the vagina to have a characteristic odor or aroma, when this odor changes and becomes a much more intense aroma, it can indicate the existence of a problem. For this reason, it is completely normal that when a truly unpleasant odor appears in the intimate area, it is best to go to the gynecologist.

In many cases, the cause of bad vaginal odor is found mainly in two: maintaining an incorrect intimate hygiene (due to excess or lack of cleanliness), or due to an infection, which is medically known as bacterial vaginitis and causes a change in the vaginal flora.

There are also other related causes, such as: wearing very tight clothes, wet clothes (something very common, for example, in summer), sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis (causes irritation and an intense and unpleasant vaginal odor), or the man’s semen that can alter the intimate ph.

Treatment of bad vaginal odor.

The key to treatment is to discover what is the cause that has caused the appearance of bad vaginal odor. Thus, for example, if it is an infection, the gynecologist will prescribe antibiotics such as metronidazole, which tends to be effective and helps the symptoms disappear after 7 days of treatment, as long as there are no complications.

In case the bad smell is due to an excess of cleaning or consequently to a defect in it, it is very important to correct it to maintain adequate intimate hygiene. Excessive hygiene is bad, since it tends to leave the vagina unprotected against bacteria. In fact, douching is unnecessary, since the vagina has its own hygienic system. The most advisable thing is always to use a specific intimate soap for the intimate area, and use only water.

In the event that the cause is due to wearing wet clothes, such as swimming trunks, it is important to always wear a garment that serves as a change of clothes once you are completely dry.

How to relieve vaginal odor?

It is very important to maintain adequate intimate hygiene, always using a soap specially designed for this area, so that it is characterized by being soft and being specific for sensitive areas. The use of soaps with many chemicals, aromas or fragrances is not advisable.

On the other hand, douches are not recommended, since they tend to alter the entire balance of the different bacteria that live in the vagina and that make up the vaginal flora.

There are also some natural remedies that can be of great help in relieving bad vaginal odor:

  • Garlic suppositories: It may surprise you, but despite being a food with a great aroma and intense flavor, it stands out for its antibiotic and bactericidal qualities. You can make a vaginal suppository by wrapping a clove of garlic in gauze and tying a string so that you can easily remove it.
  • Yogurt: Consuming a yogurt a day helps reduce vaginal odors, especially if it is a probiotic yogurt with lactobacilli. On the other hand, you can dip a compress in natural yogurt and apply it gently, rubbing gently against the vagina. Let it act for a few minutes, and then wash with water and dry well. You can repeat it three or four times a day.
  • Apple cider vinegar: It is a useful remedy in the treatment of different vaginal infections, helping to balance the pH levels and being an excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal. You can fill your bathtub with warm water and add 4 cups of apple cider vinegar. Then sit back and relax for 20 minutes.


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