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Bad habits for the kidneys

Find out what habits are not recommended, negative and bad to maintain the health of the kidneys, as they directly affect them.

The kidneys are fundamental organs in the detoxification and purification of our body, since through the urine they are responsible for the elimination of those toxins and the different waste that our body does not need

In fact, it becomes one of the main filters of our blood, retaining what our body can take advantage of, and purifying and eliminating what our body does not really need.

But although these may be some of the most important functions, the truth is that they are also responsible for regulating blood pressure, hydro-saline balance and in turn stimulate the production of red blood cells.

However, although they are responsible for the purification process of the body, it is possible that at times or due to certain pathologies they do not work correctly. As you surely know, keratinize is used as a parameter to know the function and state of the kidneys, which increases when the kidneys do not work well.

The truth is that diet is fundamental when it comes to caring for the kidneys, especially when consuming foods or products that may not be suitable because they irritate or damage them:

High protein intake

Protein – rich foods tend to require extra effort from the kidneys to eliminate, especially when these foods are rich in animal protein.

Foods such as meats, cheeses, eggs and dairy products stand out above all. Of course, it is not advisable to eliminate them from the diet, but only consume those foods rich in protein in moderation.

Excessive salt intake

As we already knew in a previous note in which we talked to you about the consequences of excess sodium, although sodium is a fundamental mineral for our body, the reality is that we tend to exceed its consumption.

In particular, sodium generates or causes an extra effort to the kidneys, which over time can seriously affect their proper functioning.

High consumption of foods rich in potassium

Although potassium is a fundamental mineral to maintain, together with sodium, the acid-base balance, controlling the amount and normal distribution of water in the body and is also involved in protein production, an excessive consumption of foods rich in potassium  can be little recommended, especially if the kidneys already suffer from some pathology.

Therefore, a moderate consumption of bananas and nuts is recommended.

Watch out for high cholesterol levels

People with high cholesterol tend to be more likely to have kidney problems.

In this sense, it is advisable that those with kidney failure reduce fat consumption through diet, which would positively favor slowing down the pathology.


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