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Autumn diseases: what they are and tip to avoid them

Autumn, in addition to bad weather and a little more cold, can be accompanied by the typical autumn diseases. That is, autumn diseases typical of this beautiful time of year.

This is mainly due to the change of season, although the winter time change can also affect it, since the decrease in solar hours can cause hormonal destabilization that produces a decrease in defenses (with which, it is appropriate to know how to increase defenses).

However, the best way to prevent autumn diseases is to know which are the most characteristic and elemental in this season.

Autumn diseases.

The end of the summer holidays is always the prelude to the arrival of a new season:  autumn. A season that represents a change, sometimes abrupt, because we go from a hot season to a somewhat colder one and that supposes –in turn- a bridge before the arrival of winter.

With the change of season it tends to be very common for our health to suffer: to the drop in defenses (as a result of the change of season and the decrease in hours of   sunlight), there is a greater predisposition to suffer from colds, respiratory, gastrointestinal and emotional problems.

And it is that, generally, the changes of season do not come only with other changes in the meteorology, the weather and another landscape. It also arrives with new diseases that, in one way or another, tend to be related to the different environmental events that come with the change of season.

It begins to get colder, it rains more frequently and to this is added the presence of a strong wind that tends to pull the leaves off the trees. With this, both pollen and dust float in the environment, which causes the presence of allergic reactions in many people, especially in patients with respiratory problems.

With the drop in temperatures, and the arrival of the cold, other diseases and disorders related to this time of year also increase, such as common colds, flu, pneumonia and pharyngitis.

It is also often more common for gastrointestinal illnesses to continue even more commonly.

While one of the most common disorders from an emotional point of view is the so-called  autumnal asthenia (also known as autumnal depression). It usually appears due to the different hormonal changes that the body experiences as a result of the decrease in sunlight.

We summarize below some of the most characteristic autumn diseases of this season:

  • Colds: With the passage from a warm environment to a somewhat colder one, our body can suffer a weakening of its defenses, which causes us to catch a cold or constipation.  In order not to get sick, we must avoid drafts and quickly go from a warm environment to a cold or very cold one, and take the appropriate hygienic measures to prevent other people from infecting us (regularly wash our hands, especially when we come from the street, and avoid touching our hands with our mouths or noses).
  • Flu: The flu is one of the most typical diseases of the autumn and winter season. Not surprisingly, in the fall is when the flu vaccination period begins. The measures to avoid contagion are the same as with colds and constipation.
  • DepressionDepression in autumn (also known as autumnal asthenia) is another of the most characteristic elements of this season. This is mainly due to the change of season and the reduction in daylight hours, which, together with an increase in bad weather and cloudiness in general, causes the person to tend to feel sad or melancholic during the first days of autumn.

Tips for Fall Illnesses.

  • Follow a balanced diet, based on fresh fruits and vegetables. They will provide you with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs every day.
  • When it starts to get colder, wrap up well before leaving the house.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Avoid self-medicating if you catch a cold. It is better to go to your doctor and let him prescribe the medications you need.
  • Practice physical exercise outdoors. It will help you enjoy the landscapes that autumn offers you and reduce the stress, anxiety and depression of autumn.


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