Although the most advisable thing is always to opt for a healthy life, and a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and based mainly on what is usually known as the Mediterranean diet that does not mean that –from time to time- we can choose a good homemade sweet.

When it comes to international confectionery itself, each country has its own cakes and sweets, which can become a real treat for those with a sweet tooth.

This is what happens, for example, with delicious and rich Arabic pastries. They are classic desserts, which in fact are increasingly being consumed in our country, and which are characterized because, despite their sugar content, they tend to be healthy because they are rich in nuts.

The delights of Arab pastries

The pastry Arabic is characterized, among the most common and prominent ingredients, we find cinnamon and nuts.

When making them, you should have a sugar and lemon syrup, butter, puff pastry, sugar, cinnamon and walnuts, although it is also common to use pistachios and pine nuts.

For people who enjoy the most exotic and delicate flavor, there is no doubt that Arab desserts can become a good and wise choice, since they combine the most exquisite of Arab food with the delicacies of the sweetest desserts.

And, in addition, they contain essential nutrients for the body, having been made with nuts.

Of course, we must ensure that its consumption is not excessive, since nuts contain many calories that, although healthy, consumed in excess and together with sugar can become a real bomb to gain a few kilos.


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