Andean maca is a plant from Bolivia and Peru that provides benefits and medicinal properties as an invigorating and natural stimulant. But how to take maca? We reveal it to you in this article.

In a previous article, among the different natural coffee substitutes suitable as alternatives to this drink so consumed today, we highlighted maca (also known by the name of Andean maca).

The Maca is a root tuber of the type that grows high and the Peruvian Andes Bolivian, whose cultivation is practically ancient.

It is a plant cultivated for 2,600 years, and its use dates back precisely to the time of the ancient Incas.

Regarding its different benefits and properties, which we will indicate throughout this note, it has enjoyed significant fame in recent years due to its virtues to increase libido and improve fertility naturally.

But the benefits of Maca are not only those, they also highlight the following virtues:

  • Helps delay aging naturally.
  • It is an excellent natural energizer and stimulant.
  • Rejuvenates the endocrine system of men and women. For this reason it is a plant that stimulates the body to produce its own hormones.
  • It restores the normal function and productivity of the pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, testicles and ovaries.
  • Increases sexual potency by acting on blood flow and causing an invigorating action in the pelvic area.

Most of these benefits have been investigated over the years by Dr. Chaco, the highest scientific authority in research and scientific studies on the benefits of Andean Maca.

How to take maca?

Surely at this point you have wondered how to take maca. At present, the most common and usual thing is to acquire it in herbalists in the form of capsules, so its consumption is understood in the amount indicated in the product.

It is also possible to make a decoction of maca from its root, although only a small amount can be used.


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