Do you know the advantages of consuming seasonal foods? Discover the benefits of eating fresh food at the right moment of ripeness.

If we take a look at the seasonal food calendar we realize that, although there are certain foods that we can find practically throughout the year in supermarkets and large stores, the truth is that they actually have a seasonal period.

And what does it mean for a food to be seasonal? Fundamentally, it is the period of time during which we can be completely sure that the food is at its best.

Although it is true that we are in a globalized world in which, as we indicated at the beginning, we can buy practically any food product at any time of the year (for example, the original season for grapes is during the months of September, October, November and December, but we can also find them during other months of the year, especially the so-called seedless grape, which has obviously been modified). And we buy them without thinking about their possible consequences.

For this reason, it is always useful to discover what the benefits of eating seasonal foods are. Below we reveal its most notable advantages:

  • They preserve and maintain their nutritional properties intact. Its supply of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients is maintained.
  • Just as they retain their nutritional benefits, they also maintain their organ optic qualities, that is: texture, appearance and much more intense flavor.
  • They are much healthier foods, since they have grown naturally in the trees or in the ground without the need to use products that favor their rapid development as they have been harvested at the right time of maturity.

On the other hand, we cannot only talk about advantages and benefits in terms of its consumption, but also about other collateral advantages:

  • Cheaper and cheaper prices having grown naturally.
  • We favor the diversity of crops, as well as the maintenance of traditional and local agriculture.
  • As they have been grown without additives or pesticides, we take care of the environment, since we save on CO2 emissions.


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