Do you like to travel and prefer to rest, disconnect and relax? We propose 7 wonderful places in the world where you will undoubtedly enjoy the peace you are looking for.

Sometimes there is no choice but to evade everything that surrounds us. There is no other option but to spend a couple of days with ourselves, away from our family and friends with the aim of resetting our lives a bit and returning with much more charged batteries.

In this sense, our planet offers corners that are the furthest from civilization and that ooze peace and tranquility on all four sides. Would you like to know what they are since you intend to visit them as soon as you can? Well, if so, pay close attention to the following list that we have prepared from Natursan.

7 wonderful places to travel to disconnect 

Jamaica and its rivers from its eight waterfalls

Jamaica is one of those places that will delight lovers of exotic and beautiful destinations.  This is where singer Bob Marley was born and it’s a great place to disconnect from it all.

And it is that on this island you can dance reggae, enjoy one of the best coffees in the world while you melt with nature through its lush and green forests.

Goreme is the museum of Cappadocia

Next we are going to talk about the Goreme National Park. This place is characterized by having a very characteristic landscape with pointed and sharp rocks throughout its vast territory.

This is where those known as “menhir” live, a tribe of Turkish descent that has lived within the rock for long generations.

Kho Phi Leh in Thailand

Would you like to enjoy a practically deserted beach where no one bothers you? Well then you have an obligatory date with Kho Phi Leh in Thailand.

It is a coastal area where many tourists have dedicated themselves to enjoying the contemplative life without stress and worries of any kind. And the truth is that its crystalline waters and spring temperatures are two factors that help to achieve it.

Easter Islands in Chile

The Easter Islands is one of those places that contains a certain mysticism and mystery.  And the truth is that it is not for less. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 3,800 kilometers from human civilization, this islet is home to the Moais, which are nothing more than huge stone heads that look towards the horizon.

They are so mysterious that no one yet knows how they got there.

The lush forests of Asturias

Asturias is one of those regions in the north of Spain that serves to perfectly disconnect from all worldly concerns. The reason? Well, because inside you can enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of its villages practically excavated within its lush forests.

It is also recommended to do the Muniellos route, a place where we will be greeted with authentic green blankets of vegetation that will help us fill our lungs with fresh and natural air.

Overland Trail in Tasmania

Australia offers vegetation and nature that it will seem that we have moved to another planet. All hikers should not miss the Overland Trail, which will have to cover six long days.

Although from here we tell you that all the effort will have been worth it since it will be a great way to exercise to return with much more charged batteries.

San Cristóbal Island in Galapagos

What do you think of the idea of ​​bathing directly with sea lions that are usually very sociable? Well, this is one of the great offers offered by the Island of San Cristóbal in Galapagos.

This place was a source of inspiration for Charles Darwin for his well-known theory of evolution. In addition, here you can glimpse species and plants that are completely unique.


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