We always tend to think that eating organic is expensive, but did you know that it is possible to enjoy its qualities without spending a lot? Discover 7 useful tips.

Consuming organic products is a great advantage. Beyond a fashion, it is a lifestyle that offers a series of advantages. They are healthy, they do not contain synthetic additives or pesticides, they are sustainable, respectful with nature and animals, and they are delicious. Now, eating organic food is sometimes equated to being expensive.

From Be Healthy recommends us what we should do to buy eco food but without spending a lot of money.

Out of precooked products

Eating processed products not only damages our health in the long run, but they can also be expensive. They are more comfortable to do; Come on, heat up and go, but the truth is that they offer alterations in nutritional value and a great loss of nutrients. And, if we substitute many of these meals for organic foods, the shopping basket is cheaper.

Cooking at home

With the frenetic pace that we carry, the immediacy makes us buy many products that are already made or processed. What if we dare to cook more? We will obtain many benefits and eating will be something cheaper and healthier. For many people, cooking relaxes, and we are not talking about making a stew every day, but we are talking about getting used to making vegetable creams, natural juices, vegetable croquettes … it can be fun and original.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Although it is something that is being done more and more, it is recommended to buy fruits and vegetables in season, since we can find them everywhere and always at a lower price than if we try to obtain them out of season. We have a great wealth of food in each season of the year, we just have to take advantage of each one of them.

Better organization

Also when shopping and eating organic products, planning is necessary. If we can organize (with a list), on a weekly basis, our menus will be easier to know what we should buy at all times and we will not be taking too many products.

Eat more at home

Going to restaurants is fine from time to time, but as a rule, it greatly increases our expenses. Eating more times at home reduces our budget and we will have something more to eat organic food at home.

Visit the market

The supermarket is next to the house and it is convenient to buy in it. But in the market is where we can find a large number of fresh products, of the day, of the season and of Km 0 or proximity. And many products are cheaper or you can get them at low prices, especially if you spend the afternoon. Test it; you will notice the difference.

In bulk

We surely have references at home (through our parents and grandparents) of when products were purchased in bulk. Later, with the appearance of supermarkets and shopping centers, another way of buying was styled. But recently, it seems like buying in bulk is taking over again. Well, the truth is that buying from cereals to nuts or flour in this way reduces the cost of the purchase. And there are many neighborhood stores that now offer this option.


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