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6 Best serums with hyaluronic acid

Within the skin care routine that we can follow every day (which, in fact, it is advisable to maintain regularly), hyaluronic acid becomes one of those essential ingredients that could never be missing. It is an excellent option when it comes to deeply hydrating the skin, among other interesting aspects, since it has a unique ability to bind and retain water molecules, which means that it is capable not only of attracting moisture into the skin, but to retain it to maximize the highest level of hydration possible.

In fact, it has been estimated that hyaluronic acid can contain up to 1,000 times its own weight in water molecules, which is why it is characterized precisely by being one of the best options that exist when it comes to hydrating our skin easily and without too many complications.: it is only essential to apply a product that contains it on the skin, apply gently, and let it act until it is completely absorbed.

We must remember that hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, and that we mainly find it in a huge number of facial serums. Serums, as we have already mentioned to you at some point, are interesting products that we can integrate into our skin care routine, and that contain high concentrations of different active ingredients to provide each and every one of the benefits they provide when we apply and use them on a regular basis.

As far as hyaluronic acid is concerned, as we will learn in detail at the end of this product guide, as we age, the levels of hyaluronic acid naturally present in our skin tend to be depleted, which translates into a loss of moisture that results in the appearance of drier, rougher, flakier skin. Even when you have oily skin, over the years it is common for it to tend to become slightly dry, and one of the usual causes is the decrease or loss of that hyaluronic acid.

When we apply a serum with hyaluronic acid on the skin, topically, we are able to provide its restorative abilities that help increase the moisture content of the skin, soothing and preventing the loss of moisture that usually occurs as a direct consequence of aging. And how does it act? It does this the same way a sponge would, drawing in moisture to increase hydration on the skin’s surface. This humidity comes from the external environment, so it absorbs the humidity present in the air and attracts it to itself, as well as all the humidity that we have been able to provide through different products used in skin care. The result is more than evident: the skin appears not only more hydrated, but also more swollen.

As with most products used for skin care, in the case of the hyaluronic acid serum,  consistency and regularity are key to seeing the best effects. In fact, regular use is always essential when it comes to seeing the best results. For this reason, although everything will depend on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the product itself, on many occasions it is advisable to apply it both in the morning and at night, followed finally by a moisturizing cream to capture all that moisture, and prevent it from drying out. evaporate and disappear.

Remember that hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the deeper layers of the skin to divert it and bring it to the surface, so it could help treat many of the symptoms commonly associated with dry skin, but it is essential to continue with the moisturizer. Not in vain, the serum prepares the skin for the application of the rest of the products, allowing it to respond much better.

In any case, when choosing a serum with hyaluronic acid, the ideal is to opt for one that contains a variation of both low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids. Why? Very simple: the different molecular weights tend to determine how far it might be able to penetrate the skin. For example, the smaller the molecule (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), the more internally and deeply the serum will penetrate the skin, thus achieving hydration in most layers of the skin, and also providing a visibly plumper effect.

To help you choose some of the best options that you could find on the market right now, below we explain which are the best serums with hyaluronic acid, analyzing some of their main benefits and most interesting features. Take note.

Nezeni Cosmetics Anti-Aging Face Serum

From the hands of the Spanish brand Nezeni Cosmetics comes one of our favorite facial serums. And it is that it consists of an antiaging facial serum that stands out mainly for containing a wonderful concentrate of hyaluronic acid based on vitamin C (stable in the form of a glycoside, the best way to make the most of all its qualities and benefits), thus becoming one of the most interesting and unique anti-aging serums on the market, precisely thanks to its effective and complete formulation.

Not surprisingly, it is capable of providing firmness and elasticity to the skin of the face (in addition to the skin of the forehead and neck), thanks to the fact that it actively acts on the different micro-contractions that commonly, and over the years, they tend to form in the different areas of expression, helping to reduce the amount, depth and extension of both the lines of expression and the wrinkles that appear in these areas, also relaxing the skin and muscles naturally.

It stands out, above all, for being an intensive treatment for the epidermis, by redensifying, rehydrating and restoring both deformation capacity and splendor to the skin. In addition, it has an added advantage. And it is that it can be used both in the morning and at night, in addition to being used as a makeup base.

And what are the active ingredients that make this facial serum one of the most interesting on the market? Here are some of the most important ones (yes, remember that like the rest of the products developed by Nezeni Cosmetics, this serum also complies with the brand’s maxim: few ingredients, but all of the highest quality and, moreover, in very high proportions):

  • Hyaluronic acid cocktail. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is ideal for promoting suppler and healthy skin, as it actively works to hydrate the skin, which in turn helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles (in fact, it is known that both dry skin and dehydrated skin are two risk factors that usually influence the formation of wrinkles).  Therefore, when hyaluronic acid -in the form of a facial serum- is applied to the surface of the skin, it can be very helpful in reducing wrinkles and reducing both redness and dermatitis. On this particular occasion we find a unique combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. In the first case, because it has larger molecules, it tends to remain on the surface of the skin in order to attract and trap all the moisture present in the environment, creating an effective protective and moisturizing barrier to hydrate the skin from the outside. On the other hand, low molecular weight hyaluronic is capable of penetrating deep into the different layers of the skin, moisturizing the skin from within. Thus, while the low molecular weight hyaluronic provides redensifying and antiaging activity, the high molecular weight provides moisturizing, protective and film-forming qualities. low molecular weight hyaluronic is capable of penetrating deep into the different layers of the skin, hydrating the skin from within. Thus, while the low molecular weight hyaluronic provides redensifying and antiaging activity, the high molecular weight provides moisturizing, protective and film-forming qualities. low molecular weight hyaluronic is capable of penetrating deep into the different layers of the skin, hydrating the skin from within. Thus, while the low molecular weight hyaluronic provides redensifying and antiaging activity, the high molecular weight provides moisturizing, protective and film-forming qualities.
  • Active endogenous precursor of hyaluronic acid. But in addition to the combination of hyaluronic acid itself, this facial serum also contains an active endogenous hyaluronic precursor in its formulation, which also provides the skin with a global restructuring and moisturizing action, which goes from the basal layer to the stratum horny. Not in vain, it has a similar action to hyaluronic, being able to trap the different water molecules on the surface of the skin, but acting more efficiently and quickly. In fact, it is capable of hydrating the skin after just a single application, and even after 2 weeks of daily applications.
  • Cobiolift. According to different in vivo studies, this active ingredient is capable of reducing the depth of wrinkles present on the face by up to 47% (that’s nothing). And what is the cobiolift? It is a one hundred percent sugar of natural origin, precisely a purified fraction of polysaccharides, which are extracted directly from the quinoa seeds; As you probably know, a highly valued food for its incredible nutritional richness. It is, therefore, a useful ingredient to help reduce the depth of expression lines and wrinkles, especially those caused by the contraction of the different muscles of expression, especially those that form both on the forehead and on the forehead. in the delicate area around the eyes. Not surprisingly, according to experts, its action would be quite similar to that exerted by botulinum toxin, but with a very important difference: it is not toxic, so it is much safer. What’s more, it acts by attenuating muscle contraction, while relaxing the different facial muscles. Thanks to this, we find ourselves before a wonderful innovative active ingredient, which provides an immediate anti-wrinkle and lifting effect, as well as a very marked tightening and film-forming effect.
  • stable vitamin C. In the form of vitamin C glycoside (Ascorbyl Glucoside), we find one of the best forms of presentation of this vitamin, since it offers the possibility of providing each and every one of its properties, completely and effectively. Not surprisingly, this vitamin is popularly known for its antioxidant qualities, helping to prevent oxidative stress on the skin and minimizing the negative action of free radicals, usually caused by excess sun exposure, and which are so closely related to premature aging of the skin.  But its qualities do not end here, since in addition to acting as an active ingredient with antioxidant properties, it is also moisturizing, anti-aging, illuminating the skin and redensifying.
  • Propanediol. It consists of a natural derivative, one hundred percent oil-free, which has Ecocert certification. Not in vain, it stands out mainly for being a dermoaffin active ingredient with the skin, getting along tremendously well with it.
  • Caprylyl Glycol. It is an active agent with moisturizing and conditioning qualities, which improves the moisturizing, emollient and moisturizing properties of the rest of the ingredients found in the formulation of this facial serum. In addition, it also acts as a stabilizer by increasing the antimicrobial activity of other preservatives.

All Nezeni Cosmetics products have been dermatologically tested, are hypoallergenic (that is, they have a low risk of causing allergic reactions) and are non-comedogenic, so that by not clogging pores they do not increase the risk of causing acne breakouts.

On the other hand, if you have been interested in this antiaging facial serum, which comes in a 50 ml container with a convenient and practical dispenser, you can opt for the  facial serum + Antiaging Capsules pack , which in addition to the facial serum itself, also It comes with antiaging capsules of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and astaxanthin, which manages to provide the skin with much more complete hydration and nutrition, thereby helping to prevent the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and uncomfortable and annoying furrows. .

L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Filler: With pure hyaluronic acid

L’Oreal Paris, within its range of Dermo Expertise products, has developed Revitalift Filler, a facial serum that stands out and is fundamentally characterized by the fact that it contains pure hyaluronic acid. It is an anti- wrinkle serum specially indicated to restore lost and natural hydration to the skin, providing a much more rejuvenated appearance.

Okay, always according to the brand, in a week it is able to return part of the lost elasticity to the skin, making it feel much more toned and firm. The reduction achieved with wrinkles is progressive, so that in 2 weeks it reaches 14%, in 4 weeks 31% and in just 6 months the wrinkles have been visibly reduced by half.

All this thanks to its formulation. And it is that it contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid: macro, which hydrates and smoothes the skin, and micro, which helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically, it contains 1.5% pure hyaluronic acid, of which 0.5% is macro hyaluronic acid (which has the ability to retain 1,000 times its weight in water, helping to intensely rehydrate the skin and smooth the surface), and 1% micro hyaluronic acid (smaller, which is capable of penetrating the upper layers of the epidermis, helping to fill in wrinkles).

In short, in just 6 weeks it is capable of reducing wrinkles by half, returning hydration to younger levels, thereby achieving more flexible skin, with greater volume and, ultimately, more rejuvenated.

It is suitable for all skin types, the finish it leaves on the skin is mainly characterized by being non-greasy, and also favors rapid absorption.

Main advantages of the serum with hyaluronic acid from L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Filler:

  • It contains pure hyaluronic acid, which is characterized by having a concentration of 1.5%: 0.5% macro hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) and 1% micro hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight).
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Helps replenish hydration for supple, plump, younger-looking skin.
  • In just 6 weeks it allows to achieve a visible reduction of wrinkles by half.
  • Specifically, it helps to visibly fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The skin feels more volume.

SatinNaturel Organic Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Once again we are faced with a facial serum that is characterized -and stands out- for containing pure hyaluronic acid, although this time it is a type of HA of organic origin. In fact, the ingredients that we find in its formulation are one hundred percent natural, so it is a product suitable for all those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

It has a combination of a high dosage of different types of hyaluronic acid; low, medium and high molecular weight, which helps to strengthen the skin providing 4 very interesting effects: it helps to immediately fill in wrinkles and expression lines, improves the general texture of the skin, provides long-term anti-aging effects and stimulates the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid thanks to the presence of N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine in its formula.

But not only does it contain pure hyaluronic acid in its formulation. Also, instead of water as the main ingredient that provides consistency and texture, it contains organic aloe vera.  In turn, its formula has been specially enriched with a nourishing extract of spirulina algae and rose water, both of organic origin, which offer additional strengthening benefits not only for the skin of the face, but also for that located in the contour of the eyes. eyes and neck.

It is suitable for any type of skin, including not only men’s skin, but also women’s. And, as we indicated at the beginning, it is also ideal for those who follow a vegan lifestyle, not only because all its ingredients are of natural origin, but also because it is free of animal cruelty. In addition, it does not contain parabens, microplastics or sulfates.

Main benefits of SatinNaturel Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum:

  • Scientifically proven efficacy of anti-aging effect.
  • Helps stimulate the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid.
  • Contains pure, highly concentrated and multimolecular hyaluronic acid (low, medium and high).
  • One hundred percent natural ingredients, of organic origin.
  • It has organic aloe vera, organic rose water and different botanical extracts that perfectly complete its natural qualities.
  • It is an ideal natural cosmetic for vegans.
  • Free of parabens, harmful chemicals, microplastics, hormones and animal cruelty (it has not been tested or tested on animals).

Kizenka hyaluronic acid serum, with anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect

The Kizenka brand has developed a fairly complete hyaluronic acid serum, which is characterized by having an ultra-advanced formula, because not only does it have this element as the main active ingredient, but it also contains a series of extremely interesting antioxidant amino acids in its formulation.

It works by effectively binding water to cells, thus responsible for the elasticity and resistance of the skin, thus being effective in transforming the skin and promoting a more balanced and healthy glow. Among other interesting aspects, it fills the skin helping to diminish and reduce not only the fine lines of expression, but also wrinkles, even achieving a much brighter complexion almost instantly.

In addition, it improves the natural resistance of the skin, allowing in turn to enjoy a much more natural and effective maximum shine.

It has one hundred percent pure and stable hyaluronic acid at a high concentration, thereby guaranteeing the maximum potential that this active agent could offer, with the maximum possible results.

As with all other facial serums, this Kizenka serum is also extremely simple and easy to apply to the skin. It is enough to use it after facial cleansing (for example, after the cleanser and the application, if you use it, of the facial toner), and put it on preferably twice a day, in the morning and at night. To do this, you just have to put an adequate amount of drops on your fingertips and apply it to the face by gently tapping, until completely and completely absorbed.

Main advantages of Kizenka hyaluronic acid serum:

  • High concentration of 100% pure hyaluronic acid.
  • Helps minimize and shrink pores.
  • Reduces fine lines of expression and wrinkles, helping to fill them.
  • Repairs and restores the skin.
  • It also restores the natural elasticity of the skin.
  • The skin becomes suppler and smooth.
  • Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

Yael Beauté Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum: With 99% Natural Ingredients

Are you looking for a facial serum that, in addition to hyaluronic acid in a very high concentration, stands out for having, in its formulation, an enormous amount of ingredients of natural origin? If so, you will love this serum developed by Yael Beauté, and that you will find under the name Daily Booster. In fact, it is currently characterized by being one of the most valued, currently having more than 2,500 evaluations, most of them positive.

And it is that not only does it have an enormous amount of hyaluronic acid, which, as we have already been explaining to you throughout this product guide, is capable of counteracting the -completely natural- hyaluronic loss of the skin related mainly and fundamentally to age, helping to retain and store moisture in the skin, thus achieving that it can “smooth” from within, later appearing noticeably firmer.

It also contains vitamin C, a highly effective natural antioxidant, which helps to counteract premature aging in 3 different ways. On the one hand, it favors the formation and synthesis of collagen (remember that it is the main responsible for the elasticity and firmness of tissues, a quality that it shares with elastin); slows down the process of free radicals, protecting from their harmful action; and, on the other hand, it acts by lightening age spots and any other type of problem related to pigmentation.

We are therefore faced with a facial serum from Yael Beauté, designed for both the skin of the face and the neck, which helps to fight against the aging process by acting as a kind of protective shield, thanks to the presence, as we have seen, of two hundred percent effective anti-aging substances: vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which work together in order to help preserve the natural appearance of the skin, and also for a much longer period of time.

Among other interesting aspects, it is an excellent option to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines of expression, the visibility of age-related spots (which can end up making the skin look even older), and provides the face a much more radiant appearance.

One of its main advantages is that it is a water-based serum, which means that the skin can absorb it much better, faster. For this reason, it can be easily applied with the help of the hands, in the same way that we apply any other product related to the skin care routine, or in combination with a microneedle dermaroller.

In any case, the manufacturer recommends applying it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, always on a perfectly clean face (and without makeup). And, according to the brand, the first results will be visible in just 4 weeks after regular use.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle, or you are concerned about animal cruelty in the development of cosmetics and beauty products, you should not worry at all, since it is a completely natural option, whose ingredients are of plant origin, and also do not has been tested on animals.

Main advantages of Yael Beauté Daily Booster:

  • 99% ingredients of natural origin, completely vegan and free of animal cruelty.
  • High content of pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.
  • Helps preserve the natural appearance of the skin.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines of expression.
  • Reduces the visibility of age spots.
  • It gives the skin a much more rejuvenated and radiant appearance.
  • Visible results in just 4 weeks (after application and daily use, 2 times a day).

Kleem Organics Anti-Aging Face Serum– With 10% Hyaluronic Acid

If you are looking for an intensive facial serum with anti-aging qualities, you will probably love this facial serum, which you will find within the Jeunesse product line. And it is that it is an intensive anti-aging serum, developed by the prestigious and well-known American brand Kleem Organics.

And it is that it is a facial serum that has been enriched with the highest percentage of  hyaluronic acid of vegan origin, as well as a series of ingredients with antioxidant qualities that combine wonderfully with each other to provide an excellent anti-aging action, combating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines of expression, marks and age spots, leaving the skin much more hydrated and smooth, with a much younger appearance, while illuminating the skin.

It has an innovative formula which has been clinically tested and examined, using the most stable organic vitamin C formula for use on facial skin. The result is precisely what the brand promises: a complete and unique anti- wrinkle serum that helps to enjoy, over time and with regular use, smoother skin with a much younger appearance.

As we have mentioned to you at some point in this section, its ingredients are all of organic origin, and are also characterized by being one hundred percent natural. In addition, the product in question is free of parabens and sulfates, and is interesting for those who follow a vegan lifestyle because, in addition to the fact that its ingredients are vegetable and botanical, it has not been tested or tested on animals.

Key Benefits of Kleem Organics Anti-Aging Facial Serum:

  • Formulated with ingredients of natural origin, and of organic origin.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid of organic origin, totally and completely natural.
  • It has the highest percentage of vegan hyaluronic acid.
  • It also contains antioxidant ingredients.
  • Effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps to enjoy softer and more hydrated skin.

What type of skin can benefit from the qualities of serums with hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid has become one of the star ingredients when it comes to keeping the skin adequate and properly hydrated. And it is characterized by being a substance naturally present in our skin; Specifically, it consists of a group of carbohydrates that actively work to help maintain its elasticity. Indeed, it is what is known as a “humectant”, so it acts in the same way that a sponge would, in order to help the skin, retain water, and leave it moister and plump.

But as we age, the naturally present levels of hyaluronic acid tend to gradually and slowly deplete, causing dullness, deeper lines and wrinkles, and a kind of “rebound effect”. Not in vain, both the loss of flexibility and the loss of firmness of the skin are the main effects of aging.

For this reason, it has become such a popular ingredient when it comes to skin care, since just one gram of product can contain up to six liters of water; and furthermore, its qualities do not end here, since research suggests that it can also be extremely useful when it comes to protecting against environmental aggressors, such as pollution.

The truth is that there is no specific type of skin that can benefit more or less from the different moisturizing and hydrating benefits that a serum with hyaluronic acid could provide. Although it is true that at first we might think that dry skin may be one of the most suitable (indeed, it is), the reality is that practically any type of skin can fully enjoy all its effects and qualities. Regardless of what type we have.

This means that even oily skin can take advantage of all its effects, but dry and dehydrated skin will notice the benefits more.

How to use hyaluronic acid serum correctly:

As we have seen, when we find it in the form of a serum, it stands out mainly for being suitable and working for all skin types, whose consistency and texture offer the possibility that it can be more easily absorbed. But did you know that you need to use hyaluronic acid with a moisturizer for this anti-aging substance to truly work as it should? The truth is that it is something that few people know for sure, so that in most cases its use is limited to the application of the product that contains it, without adding the product with moisturizing qualities that would help. to hyaluronic acid to fulfill its qualities.

For this reason, it is of vital importance to integrate it into the skin care routine, since it is always the best way to ensure that we integrate it and use it at the right time, which in turn means continuing with the steps that we They can stay in the same routine.

The truth is that, as many beauty experts explain, hyaluronic acid must actually be combined with a moisturizer so that it can truly hydrate the skin, thus fulfilling its most important properties. If it is not applied together, and we forget -for example- to add the moisturizer within a few seconds of applying the facial serum with hyaluronic acid, it could end up drying the skin.

You may be surprised to discover that this substance could dry out the skin, especially considering that, in theory, one of its main functions is to hydrate it. Why happens? We must keep in mind that hyaluronic acid works by attracting moisture to the skin through its moisturizing (ie, water-attracting) properties. But without a moisturizing layer on top to act as a barrier (especially when our skin is already dry, or we live in a climate with low humidity), hyaluronic acid can end up drawing moisture naturally from the skin, causing dryness and subsequent tension.

This means that without a moisturizer applied immediately after the hyaluronic acid serum, the product will end up doing the exact opposite of what is intended. What’s more, it will help reinforce the moisturizing qualities of any moisturizer. And it makes sense. This acid acts in the same way that a magnet would; In addition, it does not contain water, hence the more moisture we combine it, the better it will work.

But applying a moisturizer after using the serum is not the only thing we should do. It is convenient to apply the hyaluronic acid facial serum with damp skin, so first we should spray our facial skin with a suitable product (for example, the moment before using the serum we should leave it to our preferred or favorite facial tonic), and immediately apply the serum. Once the HA has come into contact with the water in the toner, it will “know” what it is doing and the skin will end up extremely hydrated and plump.

Therefore, after using the facial serum, we must end the application of our moisturizer, to allow the HA to provide us with all its moisturizing effects and qualities. On the contrary, it won’t work. In other words, applying the HA on top of the moisturizing cream will cause us to waste product, because it will not fulfill its benefits.

As far as the skin care routine is concerned, and unlike other products whose regular use is not as recommended (as could be the case with exfoliants, even when they have a mild action or effect), it is convenient use the facial serum with hyaluronic acid every day. Even, as we have mentioned at some point, it is perfectly possible to use it twice a day. As long as, of course, it is being applied to clean, damp skin, and we block it later with the help of a moisturizer (moisturizing cream or facial oil, depending on your personal tastes and/or needs).

Is it suitable for men’s skin?

Indeed, as with most products that we could integrate and use in our skin care routine, the facial serum with hyaluronic acid also becomes an interesting option for men’s skin. As with women, as men’s skin ages there is a noticeable decrease in HA, which can also lead to wrinkles, fine lines and skin aging.

Therefore, adding hyaluronic acid to the skin care routine, even when we only use a moisturizer, we will be returning moisture and hydration to our skin, thanks to the fact that it locks in all the healthy moisture, reinforces the skin’s protective barrier (to help protect against toxins and free radicals), and smoothes both fine lines and wrinkles.

We cannot forget that it works for practically any type of skin. And this also includes, as is logical to suppose, the skin of the man. Regardless of whether we have oily or dry skin, hyaluronic acid is also an excellent option for men’s skin.

In the case of men, their skin can also enjoy the different qualities provided by most serums with hyaluronic acid that are combined in their formulation with vitamin C, thanks to the fact that they help improve its penetration into the skin.

And its benefits are absolutely the same as those provided by HA for women’s skin:

  • Provides maximum moisture to the different skin cells. We cannot forget that HA is capable of retaining more than 1,000 times its weight in water, which means that it provides the skin with maximum moisture, keeping it as hydrated as possible. This helps prevent the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping it fuller and smoother.
  • Smoothes wrinkled and aged skin. We cannot forget that the loss of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin becomes one of the key factors in the aging process, since there is less of this essential molecule to bind and retain the different water molecules.  Helps resist this process, maintaining a much more youthful appearance.
  • Helps reverse the damage caused by lifestyle habits. Following an unbalanced diet, smoking or drinking can end up having a tremendously negative impact on the skin.  Tobacco, for example, can reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the outer layer of the skin. Opting for serums with HA can maximize moisture and combat these adverse effects.
  • Fights damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. About 80 percent of the aging of the skin on our face is attributed to exposure to ultraviolet rays, because UV radiation reduces levels of hyaluronic acid. If we take into account that these levels could already be decreased depending on our age, the problem can double as a result of sun exposure.
  • Completely natural and non-irritating. Even when we have sensitive skin, it is advisable to use reliable and non-irritating products that provide the most beneficial care and effects, but without causing itching, redness or breakouts. Since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin and throughout the body, when used in serum form it helps to hydrate, but without causing irritation.

For all these reasons, there is no doubt that HA becomes a critical ingredient in effective anti-aging products for both women’s and men’s skin. Of course, as in these cases, it is also advisable to follow the correct order when applying it, it being advisable to do it immediately after the facial toner (with the skin still damp), and then use your favorite moisturizer or facial oil to achieve thereby retaining as much moisture as possible and preventing the product in question from ending up drying out the skin excessively.

Is there any kind of side effect?

We must remember that our body produces hyaluronic acid completely and completely naturally, which usually helps when we add it artificially (even when its origin is equally natural), it does not tend to cause problems and the skin responds well to its application.

It is something that is suitable for any type of skin, and that rarely causes side effects. Of course, it is essential to bear in mind that there are different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules, which we find in many of the products analyzed in this guide, and that they have the ability to penetrate the skin at different depths.

Thus, studies have shown that hyaluronic acid with a lower molecular weight, by penetrating deeper into the skin, could cause some inflammation, so if after applying the serum with HA we observe that the skin dries or it becomes excessively irritated, the most advisable thing is to stop using it and change it for another; or, consult our trusted dermatologist.

However, in most cases you can be perfectly calm, since it does not usually cause major problems.


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