How to increase your self-esteem? It can be easy if you set your mind to it but also complicated and somewhat difficult. We discover 5 ways to achieve it more easily.

Self-esteem is like the wind for a sailing ship, whether it is a headwind, for those with high self-esteem, or a headwind, for those who have low self-esteem.

But the self – esteem is not something that “you have” or “have”, and we have received -or not- in the cast of personalities. Rather, it is a character quality that can be developed. Here we will tell you some very simple tips to increase your self-esteem.

Our head can be one of our great enemies, when negative thoughts about ourselves begin to sprout, always emphasizing our defects, difficulties or failures. We must not always believe these voices that devalue us – neither from within, nor from without – of course.

At least we can challenge those ideas that damage our self-esteem. How many times have we thought “I’m useless”? Well, perhaps we should try to reformulate this by adding a few simple question marks: – “Am I good for nothing?” You will see that you will realize that you are worth a lot.

If thoughts about your flaws constantly appear, try to give rise to those positive aspects that counteract them. You can even make a note of them, maybe one a day, and why not put small posters somewhere that you look at often like the bathroom mirror, next to the bed or on your desk.

5 Useful Tips to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Adjust your expectations

The way we deal with things that happen to us can also be responsible for our low self-esteem. If we constantly demand perfection or set ourselves unattainable goals, we will often feel like a failure.

Instead, aim for achievable achievements that you can progressively overcome, each one will be a victory, and will reinforce your self-perception. Also learn to accept your mistakes, and capitalize on them as learning opportunities.

Allow yourself to enjoy

Strengthen your self-esteem by doing activities that you enjoy and in which you feel comfortable, and do not stop trying new challenges and proving to yourself that you can always go for more. Do not depend on the opinion or approval of others, if something you are passionate about and makes you happy, allow yourself to do it.

Prove your worth

Collaborating in a social activity can go a long way. Your contribution can be for another of great importance, and you will not only do well to another person, you will also receive their gratitude and you will know how important you can be in the eyes of another.

Exercise and groom yourself

Exercise is essential and will provide you with multiple benefits, but it should be something enjoyable and not that – on the contrary – it is too difficult (and therefore frustrating) for us. With physical activity you will renew your energies, enhancing your possibilities of facing other activities. Exercising reduces our stress and allows us to improve our health.

You will also see how slowly your appearance is improving, which helps to improve self-esteem, (although of course it is not only this, since people in excellent physical condition can also have low self-esteem). Do not stop grooming yourself, even if you do not plan to leave the house, looking good in the mirror is a way to pamper yourself, while seeing ourselves neglected only rekindles thoughts of low self-esteem.

Remember, self-esteem is also a muscle that can be exercised and a better self-esteem is the engine for many improvements in your life.


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