There are certain traits and habits that can identify a person with high emotional intelligence. Do you want to know if you are too? We discover it for you.

Sometimes we meet people who seem to have a kind of more developed intelligence to know at all times how we feel.

They are even capable of making us feel better with a simple conversation that only lasts a couple of minutes. This is what is known as emotional intelligence, a skill that we were already talking about some time ago but that now we want to discuss in a more extensive and detailed way, talking about its most characteristic features.

  1. They always carry out an active listening

People with a developed emotional intelligence will always be there just when you need them. You just have to ask them to listen to you so that it is easier to express our problems and concerns. They are well aware that this is a great way to make yourself feel better.

What’s more, once you have released everything you had inside, they are able to empathize with you and tell you: “Don’t worry, you can always count on me for whatever you need. And it is that many times we do not only need solutions to our problems, but simply a shoulder to lean on.

  1. They are optimistic by nature

Another of the traits that best define people with high emotional intelligence is undoubtedly optimism. They grow before the adversities that life presents them. And therefore, they always tend to see the positive side of things. Even in those moments where everything seems lost.

When faced with a problem, their minds are cool enough to seek a solution to the problem. And if they can’t find it, why worry?

  1. Humility defines them

An emotionally intelligent person will never flaunt his successes. You do not see it necessary to rejoice in front of others, especially if they are not in the same situation.  Therefore, it can be said that emotional intelligence and humility are two terms that go hand in hand.

This is not to say that from time to time you do not like to share some of your feats with your closest friends and family. Although always in a slightly underground way and in the most “humble” way possible.

  1. They are most curious

Like any smart person worth his salt, those with a more developed intelligence always want to know more about any field. They love to know the why of things and problems that arise in life in order to act accordingly.

To do this, they really like to read and learn about any area of ​​the world in order to better known and help all the people who inhabit it. In this way, later it is much easier to get out of this problematic situation and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

  1. They always think of the group

An emotionally intelligent person will always put his interests before those of the group in general. It can be said that they are not selfish and individualistic at all. Therefore, they can always be considered as a treasure that must be cared for and maintained over the years.

They are always there to make life easier for those around them. To do this, they actively listen, empathize with the emotions of others to make them part of their own. This makes it much easier for them to help others with the aim of making them feel better in the shortest possible time.


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