We have all been introverts at some point, although there are those who are all their lives. Do you want to know if you are an introvert? There are a total of 5 traits that can help you easily identify them.

We are surrounded by introverts. Even anyone who is reading this article now can be considered as such even if they do not know it.

However, shyness is sometimes confused with introversion. And although they have common points, there are certain differences that we will reel off through the following article.

They pay close attention to details

According to numerous studies from Cornell University in New York, introverts are people who are often distracted in an amazing way. It doesn’t matter what they are doing.

Anything that happens around you can be a distraction for a short (or long) period of time.

Hence, they pay close attention to the smallest details. So much so, that introverts are also very observant and sometimes prefer to stay in the background and see how others act.  Thus they manage to manage much more information in their brain.

In fact, many studies claim that the majority of introverts have a more developed intelligence than the average.

They enjoy their loneliness

An introvert is usually very “independent.” By this we do not mean that they do not like to socialize with their respective friends or partner from time to time.

They just like to enjoy their hobbies and tastes in solitude at least once a week. They see it as a way to get to know themselves better without the need to share these moments with someone.

Because of this, introverts tend to be highly independent. They believe that they do not need anyone’s help to achieve their goals. Although this is something that can turn against them since it is always good to have the help of our loved ones in the face of any problem or adversity.

They are not attracted to banal conversations

Most introverts aren’t attracted to pointless, banal conversations. If you ever have to do it for fun or fun for a short time, then no problem.

But it must be said that introverts much prefer a much deeper conversation. They love to dialogue and debate on more philosophical aspects of any area of ​​life or even the universe.

Don’t you believe it? Well, try to have a talk of this type with that person who is a little introverted. In a short time you will realize that time has flown by with her.

Sometimes they feel uncomfortable in large groups

This correlates to the second point. An introvert may be comfortable in a large group from the beginning. However, as time goes by, you may prefer to isolate yourself from so many people. Especially if they are people who do not know or who are not very close to her.

As we have explained well, introverts enjoy small companies much more. They feel like they go a bit unnoticed by such large groups of people. Hence, they prefer to enjoy their solitude or simply with people very close to her. Ultimately, in large groups, introverts feel very strange and unfamiliar. And therefore they only like to go to this type of appointment on time.

They find it difficult to express their feelings

Being the most introverted people, the truth is that they sometimes have a hard time expressing their feelings on most occasions. Enjoying their solitude so much, they only delve into their thoughts and feelings individually. They can get to process so much information inside their brain, that later they do not see it necessary to express it to others.

This is also extrapolated to the realm of feelings. Introverts don’t usually have very pronounced mood swings. And they know how to handle all their emotions from the head and not from the heart.


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