White and green asparagus are natural foods full of benefits and properties. We discover which those most important nutritional qualities are.

Who doesn’t love asparagus in all its forms? This vegetable has always become one of the best meat and fish garnishes that exist. What’s more, there are many people who prefer to take them directly on a plate with a little salt and olive oil in order to enjoy their flavor and smooth texture.

But, obviously, from the first moment we must differentiate between green asparagus and white asparagus, although as we will see throughout this note, they share some interesting qualities.

There’s no question that white asparagus actually tends to be vastly more popular than green asparagus, also known as wild asparagus. In a sense, we are not dealing with a different product, since even if you don’t know it, it is the same product, but at a different harvesting stage.

That is, while the white asparagus consists of the stem that has grown inside the earth and has not yet sprouted outwards, the green asparagus is one that has already come out, so that it has been exposed to the sun. This is the main reason why it acquires that curious tonality.

The wonderful benefits of green and white asparagus

It is a powerful diuretic

Many people, due to daily stress, have great difficulty urinating. In this sense, asparagus are great allies when it comes to going to the bathroom because it acts as a powerful natural diuretic thanks to its high amino acid content.

For this reason, it is recommended to take asparagus to all those people who suffer from fluid retention and also want to lose those extra pounds before summer arrives.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Do you want to always look the most rejuvenated and natural despite the passage of time?  Well then, don’t forget about asparagus in your regular diet.

As with other fruits such as apple or mango, this vegetable strengthens all our blood vessels, makes us enjoy healthier and smoother skin and slows down the aging process of our body.

It is also a great aphrodisiac

Another benefit of asparagus that surely many people are unaware of, but that should not be overlooked. This vegetable empowers and gives us an extra energy that is sometimes so necessary to have sex with our partner, and therefore it goes without saying that it will help you to enjoy longer and more intense encounters in the future.

In short, start taking asparagus and we are sure that your partner will thank you.

Detoxifies our entire body

The potassium is one of those elements present in asparagus we will help significantly to debug our whole body. This is because this component also reduces the fat that is usually stored in areas such as legs or belly.

It also purifies all of our liver and kidneys when we suffer, for example, from cirrhosis. All this without mentioning that they have hardly any cholesterol and their caloric intake is zero. Therefore, its consumption is highly recommended for all those who suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol.

Great source of vitamins A, C, E and K

We are going to close this article to tell you about other great benefits that asparagus have in general. They are a source of minerals such as fiber that will allow us to enjoy a better intestinal irrigation indefinitely.

Likewise, it also has a high content of vitamins of type A, C, E and K, undoubtedly compounds that are very necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet in all senses.

Although among all the benefits that these vitamins provide, it should be noted that they will improve our entire immune system, something that will prevent us from suffering from colds, allergies or asthma that occur so much in the spring.


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