Beauty5 homemade masks to repair dry hair

5 homemade masks to repair dry hair

Repairing dry and damaged hair is very easy with these beauty recipes: there are 5 homemade masks with benefits and essential nutrients ideal for the natural repair of dry hair.

Through this note we will tell you how to prepare five homemade masks to repair dry hair. One of the causes that can cause dry hair is the lack of hydration in the body, therefore it is advisable to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day.

A poor diet can also contribute to the problem. This is why you should increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. With regard to fruits, you should feed yourself above all with citrus fruits, as is the case with orange and lemon. And vegetables should be especially green ones like spinach and watercress rich in iron.

Another because that can contribute to hair damage is the abuse of electric curlers, hair dyes, dyes, etc.

Chlorine from pools does not help maintain good hair quality either, since its alkaline substance weakens the hair’s protective layer, leaving it more exposed and sensitive to drying out.

On the other hand, we must not forget that as time goes by it becomes drier and more brittle, therefore what must be done is to take care of it by avoiding the daily use of the flat iron, the hair dryer…

Therefore, a useful option if you usually have dry or very dry hair is to try to stay away from hair dryers and straighteners for a while. You will see how in a short time the health of your hair will improve enormously.

And how do you know if you have dry hair? Very simple: you just have to look at its lack of vitality: is your hair dull, dull, without light or shine, with very split and dry ends? So your hair is dry.

In addition, it is useful to know that dry hair is also not very elastic and brittle, which means that your hair lacks deep hydration.

And to help you in this, then we will detail the five homemade masks that you can prepare to repair your dry hair.

5 ideal mask recipes for dry hair

Yogurt and egg mask

How to prepare the yogurt and egg mask You only need six tablespoons of plain yogurt and one egg? Beat only the egg white until stiff and then mix with yogurt. Apply to hair and leave for 15 to 30 minutes to act. Then rinse your hair as you normally do.

Aloe vera mask

You will need two stems of aloe vera which you will have to cut longitudinally to extract its pulp… Mix it with your conditioner that you use daily, Process them and apply only the scalp making circular massages, put on a plastic cap and leave it to act for 30 minutes.

Mask with soy and castor oils

To create this mask, you will only need a tablespoon of soybean oil and two of castor oil. You should take this potion to the fire for five minutes. When it cools, apply it to your hair, wrap it with a towel and let it act for fifteen minutes. Then rinse it off.

Strawberry, honey and olive oil mask

This mask is very tempting. It will be quite an achievement to prepare it and not eat it before doing it. The first step is to place in the blender 20 medium strawberries, two tablespoons of honey and perhaps the least attractive two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix for a while and then apply on the scalp. Remove and wash as usual.

Honey and banana mask

Mash the banana adds three tablespoons of honey and add a few drops of almond oil. Work it into your hair, then remove it and rinse your hair as you normally would.


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