Do you want excuses to eat more chocolate every day? We discovered 5 incredible reasons and benefits that you surely did not know that will encourage you to consume chocolate daily.

There has always been the preconceived idea that chocolate was like a kind of sin that only served to gain weight and neglect our line. But, what if we told you that this sweet can also offer numerous benefits for our body if it is taken in moderation?

Especially when it comes to pure dark chocolate, obtained from cocoa beans, and without having added other less healthy ingredients from a nutritional point of view, such as sugar. The same happens with milk chocolate, since it is obviously much healthier to opt for a pure dark chocolate than one to which milk has been added.

Well, if you don’t believe us, we recommend that you keep reading these lines because thanks to them you will realize that chocolate (especially if it is black) can help us to enjoy a better quality of life.

5 surprising qualities of chocolate

High antioxidant content

Numerous scientific studies have shown that chocolate is very rich in polyphenols, a compound that is present in cocoa butter and that above all is very rich in all kinds of antioxidants that will help you enjoy a much smoother skin and therefore a much more rejuvenated look overall.

This is something that many people were unaware of, so from here we recommend that you have a good ounce of 100% dark chocolate a couple of times a week. Put it into practice and surely after a few weeks you will begin to see the results.

Helps lower cholesterol

Surely you are wondering how a sweet like chocolate can reduce cholesterol, a condition that unfortunately millions of people suffer from around the world and increasingly at younger ages.

Well, for all the skeptics, dark chocolate also helps reduce the risk of suffering from this disease. This is because cocoa is a great source of theobroma oil, a natural fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol and produce more of the “good”. Therefore, taking a little dark chocolate can help you prevent this condition that is increasingly common among the entire world population.

Very useful for athletes

Are you a sports lover and would you like to improve your performance? Well, we also tell you that dark chocolate is going to give you an extra boost of energy, something sometimes very necessary when doing any sports practice. And why is this? Well, because this food is very rich in magnesium, an element that helps to strengthen the entire muscular system.

It is also a source of extra energy that you can take before exercising as we have already mentioned. Although it does not hurt to take a little dark chocolate after doing sports in order to recover energy more quickly and effectively. What are all advantages?

Rich in iron

Many nutritionists around the world have shown that dark chocolate can contain more iron than some vegetables such as beans or lentils. What’s more, this component also has a high level of B vitamins that appear thanks to the fermentation process that occurs when producing this delicious delicacy.

All these components can be translated into an improvement of our entire metabolism and immune system, along with a much more effective and developed long-term memory. Why does dark chocolate contain more benefits than you thought?

It is beneficial for the heart

But the benefits of this sweet do not end exclusively here. And it has also been shown that taking a little of this sweet improves all our blood risk in general. All this without mentioning that it considerably reduces blood pressure, causing us to be less prone to heart disease in the form of heart attacks or heart failure.

Now that you know first-hand all the benefits of chocolate, you are sure to be curious to know what is the recommended daily amount so as not to take too much neglect of our weight. Well, taking 45-60 grams a couple of times a week will be more than enough to enjoy all the benefits of this delicacy in a completely moderate and above all healthy way.


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