Emotion and Mind5 famous quotes from Chaplin that will help us be more optimistic

5 famous quotes from Chaplin that will help us be more optimistic

Charles Chaplin was without a doubt an inspiring person, and not only because of his wonderful films. We propose 5 famous phrases that will help you to be a little more optimistic every day.

Charles Chaplin was deservedly one of the most relevant and successful filmmakers, actors, directors, and comedians of the entire 20th century. Throughout his extensive professional life, this British screenwriter participated in more than 35 films, including “Modern Times”, “To Arms” and ” The Great Dictator”. Although he also had his first steps as a producer and composer on more than twelve tapes and hundreds of musical scores.

In short, it goes without saying that the life of Charles Chaplin was full of successes of all kinds, thanks in part to a positive attitude towards life and above all to a great sense of humor in the face of the adversities that were presented to him in his day. Today, something that later was demonstrated becoming the unique comedian actor in obtaining an Oscar in all the history of Hollywood.

Likewise, this English actor also left us many appointments to remember from which we wanted to make a selection. Do you sign up to get to know them?

5 wonderful thoughts from Charles Chaplin

“After all, it’s all a joke.”

Most of Charles Chaplin’s films were an irony that showed us over and over again that life is to be lived intensely.

Through this quote, Mr. Chaplin wanted us to see that many times we worry too much about problems that lack meaning and that through a sense of humor it is easier to face life with much more optimism and all the bumps that we face. Present throughout it.

“Learn as if you were going to live your whole life, and live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

Another lesson from Chaplin that tells us that “life is two days”. We are beings prone to stress and frustration over issues that sometimes have no solution.

And therefore it doesn’t make much sense for us to put all our efforts into them. We have to live with intensity alone those moments that are worthwhile. As if we were learning since we were little with the sole objective of being happy until the end of our days.

“Time is the best author: it always finds a perfect ending.”

Charles Chaplin also knew how to draw great analogies between his work and the time factor. Thanks to him, any emotional wound that we suffer will heal sooner or later in order to emerge much more strengthened as people.

Anyone who is patient and knows how to wait, surely sooner or later life will bring great things that many of them were unexpected. Only through effort and perseverance can we achieve any goal we set for ourselves.

“Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Cry and the world, turning its back on you, will let you cry.”

This British actor was optimistic by nature. Thanks to his laughter and eloquent sense of humor, he knew how to ironize and comedic with, for example, the figure of Adolf Hitler in the middle of the Second World War.

That speech that became a kind of ode for world peace will remain in our retina. Only through him and a great eloquence together with a great sense of humor did he know how to attract the peace of half the world in order that all the nations of the planet get along better.

“Be you and try to be happy. But above all, be you.”

Charles Chaplin lived almost 90 years in a full and successful way as his long filmography shows. Throughout his almost nine decades of life, this English filmmaker was always characterized as an authentic person full of values.

He never flaunted them, but realized that through his personality full of both virtues and defects, he could be happy being honest with himself and with all the loved ones around him.


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