Beauty5 Best serums for men

5 Best serums for men

Facial serums, like any other product used within a skin care routine, are also suitable and interesting for men’s skin, although in most cases the most common is that not only do they not tend to integrate a fundamental beauty regimen to care for, nourish and protect the skin, but it may even be the case that, basically, they do not use any type of product, which includes options that are indispensable today, as for example it could happen with creams moisturizers.

Not surprisingly, in many cases most of the beauty products used by women within the skin care regimen (such as cleanser, facial toner, serum and moisturizer) are also suitable for men’s skin. Although it is true that, nowadays, it is possible to find different brands in the market that have been in charge of developing beauty and skin care products specifically for the male sector.

In fact, today many men care about their skin, and they want their skin to look and feel as healthy as possible. And just like women’s skin, they also have to deal with a variety of common skin issues, including acne, skin sensitivity, irritation, and aging. However, we must be clear about a basic question: skin varies according to gender. For example, male skin, both on the body and on the face, has a number of different characteristics than female skin. To this we must add regular shaving, which is also often treated differently.

Everything is determined by a hormone that we find in greater quantity in the male body, known as testosterone, and that among other interesting aspects is the main responsible for determining some of the main characteristics of the male skin, even giving it a structure different. For example, male skin tends to be thicker than female skin, has a much tighter and firmer appearance, and generally contains a higher amount of collagen.

Although this collagen tends to shrink at a constant rate, in the same way that it happens with female skin, women tend to be more affected, especially during menopause. In addition, to this we must add that female skin tends to thin out more dramatically, and its effects are much more pronounced.

In addition, men have much more active sebaceous glands, and in turn a greater number of pores than women (and larger). If we take into account that sebum production is double that of women, it is normal for male skin to be oilier and shiny, which in turn influences the pH to be lower, and therefore more prone to breakouts. acne and impurities.

Nor can we forget regular shaving, which makes the skin much more sensitive and also tends to react faster. Irritation can become a common complication, as each shave removes the top layer of skin cells, exposing immature skin to various external influences.

Therefore, maintaining a skin care routine is also just as essential for men’s skin. And facial serums become a wonderfully excellent option when it comes to completing any beauty regimen to the fullest. And it is that although they are not entirely essential, they can serve to provide the skin with a series of active ingredients in a high concentration, helping to take better care of the skin and gently hydrate it.

If you are looking for a useful serum for men to complete your beauty routine, but you do not know where to start, here is a useful guide where we will discover some of the most recommended options.

Nezeni Cosmetics Anti-Aging Face Serum

From the hands of the Spanish brand Nezeni Cosmetics, we must tell you about another facial serum, which on this occasion is characterized precisely by containing all the active ingredients necessary to combat skin aging easily, quickly and effectively, being also a serum with interesting qualities for men’s skin, in which expression lines and wrinkles are also formed over the years, usually in the different areas of expression, as a result of normal micro-contractions.

It is an authentic anti-aging facial serum, which provides firmness and elasticity not only to the skin of the face itself, but particularly to the forehead and -also- the neck. Not surprisingly, as we have briefly mentioned in the previous lines, it is perfectly capable of acting on the different micro-contractions that normally occur in the different areas of facial expression, such as the case of the forehead and the delicate area around the eyes. Thanks to this, it helps to relax the muscles of expression and reduce the depth, quantity and extension of the wrinkles that form in these areas.

It is an extremely interesting serum, which perfectly meets the maxim of Nezeni Cosmetics: the higher the percentage of active ingredients found in a serum, the better for the user. And, on this occasion, we find that it has few ingredients, but all of the highest quality. And what is even better: in very high proportions.

All this thanks to the fact that it consists of an excellent and complete concentrate of hyaluronic acid based on vitamin C, which has been formulated stable in the form of a glycoside, which offers an intensive treatment of the epidermis, thanks to the fact that it is one of the best forms of presentation of this vitamin, to make the most of each and every one of its qualities. Thus, this serum is useful for restoring the deformation capacity of the skin and all its splendor, while actively redensifying and rehydrating it. For this reason, it can even be used both in the morning and at night. Moreover, as the brand recommends, it can even be used as a makeup base.

And what active ingredients can we find in its composition that make this facial serum one of the most interesting anti-aging serums on the market at the moment? Then we will discover them one by one:

  • Cobiolift. According to the results obtained by different in vivo studies, is an active ingredient that is capable of reducing the depth of wrinkles on the face up to 47 percent. Specifically, it is a one hundred percent natural sugar, a purified fraction of different polysaccharides that is extracted from quinoa seeds, known and recognized for its extremely complete nutritional qualities, and ultimately, for its high nutritional value. It is known as the “gold of Peru”, and stands out for its benefits as a natural tensor. Not surprisingly, it is capable of helping to reduce the depth of expression lines and wrinkles caused by the contraction of the different expression muscles, especially those that form around both the eye contour and the forehead itself. In fact, its effect is quite similar to that produced by botulinum toxin, by acting by attenuating muscle contraction and relaxing the muscle, but obviously without being toxic, so that its use is much safer when applied to the skin. It is, therefore, a highly innovative active ingredient, since it provides an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect almost immediately. In addition to a very marked tightening and film-forming effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid cocktail. As we have already mentioned to you at one time or another, there is no doubt that hyaluronic acid stands out mainly for being one of the most moisturizing active ingredients that exist, thanks to its ability to attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water, with the purpose of trapping all the moisture present in the environment and hydrating the skin completely. On this occasion we find a wonderful combination of low molecular weight and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The first, thanks to its smaller molecules, is useful for penetrating deep into the different layers of the skin, in order to actively hydrate and rehydrate it from the inside. Due to this, it provides a redensifying and truly antiaging activity. On the other hand, we find the second, which, having larger molecules, tends to stay on the surface of the skin to trap the moisture present on the outside and thereby form a kind of protective film with moisturizing, film-forming and protective qualities. But not only that. This cocktail also contains a very interesting active endogenous precursor of hyaluronic acid, which provides the skin with a tremendous moisturizing and global restructuring action, acting from the basal layer to the stratum corneum. According to results obtained by different in vivo studies, the action of this active precursor is similar to hyaluronic acid itself, as it is capable of trapping the different water molecules present on the surface of the skin, but acting more efficiently and fast, being useful to moisturize the skin from the first moment we apply it, but also even 2 weeks later, after successive regular and daily applications.
  • stable vitamin C. As we have also mentioned to you at other times, vitamin C glycoside (Ascorbyl Glucoside) becomes one of the best options when it comes to taking full advantage of all the qualities of this well-known antioxidant vitamin, which means that it is useful to prevent oxidative stress on the skin and reduce the negative action of free radicals; which, as you probably know, tend to be related to premature aging and the appearance, in both men’s and women’s skin, of some of the main signs of photoaging (that is, aging caused by sun exposure). In addition, it is not only an antioxidant, but also provides anti-aging, redensifying and illuminating properties for the skin.
  • Propanediol. It consists of a derivative of one hundred percent natural origin, completely free of oil, which also has the Ecocert certification. According to the brand, it stands out for being a tremendously skin-friendly active ingredient.
  • Caprylyl Glycol. It is a skin conditioning and moisturizing agent that provides emollient, moisturizing and hydrating qualities to a number of different cosmetic solutions. It also acts as a stabilizer, and has been shown to be able to increase the antimicrobial activity of other preservatives.

In addition to opting for this anti-aging facial serum, which comes in a convenient 50 ml container with a dispenser, you can also opt specially designed by Nezeni Cosmetics, which contains:

  • Antiaging facial serum. The facial serum with anti-aging qualities that we have talked about in the previous lines, and that is ideal when it comes to reducing expression lines and wrinkles that form in the different expression areas of the man’s face (and also of the woman).
  • Antiaging eye contour. It is a powerful cream capable of reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles in the delicate area around the eyes, as well as minimizing puffiness, thanks to its richness in vitamins, natural extracts and peptides that work together with the purpose of increasing the synthesis of elastin, while increasing the elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin. In addition, it contains cobiolift, which, as we have seen, is an anti-wrinkle tightening agent that minimizes signs of fatigue and wrinkles.
  • Intensive antiaging cream. It consists of a powerful anti-wrinkle made with natural ingredients, which also contains cobiolift, capable of reducing the depth of facial wrinkles by up to 47%.
  • Antiaging capsules. If you want to enjoy each and every one of the qualities that what is known as nutricosmetics provides you, this time we find capsules that contain hyaluronic acid and 3 powerful active ingredients with highly recognized antioxidant action, as is the case of coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and Haematococcus algae. These ingredients provide the skin with hydration, and in this way we help prevent the formation of expression lines, furrows and wrinkles. In short, it is ideal for allowing the skin to maintain its natural hydration.

Bother Homme Force Extreme Serum

From the hands of the well-known brand Biotherm comes this facial serum with anti-aging benefits, which has been specifically developed to meet the different needs and particularities of men’s skin. In fact, we find it within its line of products baptized under the name of Homme.

According to the brand, it has tremendously useful advanced technology when it comes to improving the quality of the skin’s structure, which has deteriorated over time as a result of aging. Not surprisingly, its different properties and benefits, thanks to its formulation based on extracts, many of them of plant origin, help the skin appear not only firmer but also revitalized, in which wrinkles and fine lines, after regular use, they look and look much smoother.

Helps skin renew itself by acting as a gentle cleanser, removing build-up of dead skin cells, while accelerating the skin’s cell renewal process in the same way that a gentle exfoliant would (but without necessarily being). Thanks to this, it gives the skin of the face a greater and better luminosity.

It is an anti-wrinkle serum suitable especially for sensitive skin, and the brand recommends using it once a day (at least), day and night, before applying moisturizer or moisturizer.

And what interesting ingredients do we find in its formula? On the one hand, it is loaded with “Soft Focus” particles, capable of creating a smoothing effect on the different expression lines present on the surface of the skin. It also has blue algae extract, which acts in a similar way to retinol (a derivative of vitamin A that exerts an interesting exfoliating action, renewing skin cells); the firming Pro-Xylene capable of modeling the different volumes of the skin to make it smoother and correct any texture problem; and regenerating Life Plankton, essentially useful when it comes to regenerating the skin. As we can see, it is a wonderful and very interesting combination of effective active ingredients for the skin.

According to the results obtained by the brand, with proven results, 38% fewer wrinkles, 15% increased tone, 13% greater elasticity and 9.8% better density are observed. Thus, after a daily application of the treatment for a period of 4 weeks, the men who have tried it state that the skin appears firmer (for 81% of men), denser (69%), more toned (78 %), younger (62%), smoother (95%), more hydrated (95%), skin texture appears more refined (72%) and fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother (72%).

The in vivo tests obtained by the brand confirm that the treatment is capable of stimulating the expression of the specific markers involved, by exerting a redensifying action (thanks mainly to the effect of the blue algae extract), while Pro-Xylane is useful to when favoring the reconstruction of the volume of the skin, thereby helping to recompose the delicate contour of the eyes. Thanks to all this, the skin of the face appears more uniform and smooth.

When it comes to applying it, the truth is that it is a tremendously easy-to-use facial serum, as well as comfortable, since it has a non-greasy consistency that is much lighter than a cream. In addition, thanks mainly to its rapid absorption, it requires minimal application effort.

Main advantages of Biotherm Homme Force Extreme Serum:

  • Effective anti-aging serum, with visible results after 4 weeks of daily use.
  • With “Soft Focus” particles capable of creating a smoothing effect on the fine lines of expression present on the surface, as well as on the most superficial wrinkles.
  • It also contains blue algae extract, which provides a gentle exfoliating action, useful for accelerating cell regeneration and renewal.
  • It also has Pro-Xylane, a firming that models the volumes of the skin.
  • Its formula is completed by Life Plankton, a useful regenerant to regenerate the skin.
  • Thanks to its formulation, it helps improve the quality of the skin structure, helping the skin to appear firmer and revitalized.
  • Useful to achieve greater luminosity of the face, while the texture of the skin is renewed.

Iduncare facial serum: with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid

If you are looking for a facial serum with similar qualities to the one we have analyzed in the previous section developed by Biotherm, this time we find a facial serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, manufactured by Iduncare, about which in fact we have already told you at other times.

And it is that it is an extremely useful and interesting facial serum also for sensitive and slightly oily skin of men, since it contains vitamin C in a very high concentration (reaching 20%), as well as pure hyaluronic acid. Both ingredients are perfectly combined with each other to help combat the natural aging process of the skin, given that finding them highly concentrated in their formulation act by providing most of their anti-aging benefits, helping to maintain firmness and improving the flexibility of the skin. the skin, among other interesting qualities.

In fact, it contains a rejuvenating formula that is useful in helping the skin regenerate practically from the moment we apply the product, so that in a short time we see a decrease in both fine lines and wrinkles.; dark spots are also reduced, and over time, the skin ends up looking more radiant, youthful and healthy.

It offers an extremely interesting quality: it provides the skin with pure hydration, thanks to the fact that its ingredients have been carefully selected in order to provide an optimal amount of hydration, necessary to keep the skin properly moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. If we take into account that skin hydration can have a very negative influence on the aging process, there is no doubt that it is an excellent option when it comes to preventing the formation / appearance of the main signs of the passage of time (especially premature), is by maintaining the most adequate hydration possible.

For this reason, the results of this facial serum are visible practically from the first day, due to the active combination of pure hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other natural antioxidants.

It is an excellent option for men’s skin, mainly because it is suitable -and recommended- for practically any skin type. And it is that in addition to moisturizing the skin and helping to prevent some of the main signs of premature aging, it also provides an excellent sensation of freshness, leaving the skin tremendously soft.

Main advantages of Iduncare facial serum:

  • Formulated with a high concentration of vitamin C (20%) and pure hyaluronic acid. It also contains natural antioxidants.
  • It provides an instant effect, which means that its results are visible practically from the first day.
  • Helps achieve intensive regeneration, thanks to its rejuvenating formula, capable of regenerating the skin immediately.
  • This is an excellent option for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Useful for reducing dark spots on the skin.
  • The skin looks younger, healthier and more radiant.

GloryFeel Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Are you looking for a facial serum that has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle qualities and that also helps to achieve an almost immediate effect from the first moment we apply it to the skin? Manufactured in Germany, on this occasion, from the hand of GloryFeel comes a facial serum that stands out mainly for one basic issue: it contains pure hyaluronic acid.

But Hyaluron is not the only active ingredient found in its formulation. Its formula, in fact, has also been specially enriched with peptides and vitamin C, which perfectly complete most of the qualities and benefits offered by the regular use of hyaluronic acid.

It stands out for being a wonderful anti- aging serum that helps the skin absorb moisture better, thereby filling both fine lines of expression and wrinkles from the inside, softening them. Thus, while hyaluronic acid works to improve skin texture (and provides long-term anti-aging properties), vitamin C works to hydrate the skin and protect it against damage caused by free radicals. Peptides, on the other hand, are especially useful for their richness in natural antioxidants, providing the benefits that dry, mature skin may need. Although the truth is that this serum is also useful for combination and oily skin, as is usually the case with male skin.

Thanks to its regular use, the skin appears smoother, firmer and tighter, by increasing -and improving- the elasticity of the skin, while providing a lasting effect against fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines that They are usually shown around the eyes, and it is also useful to reduce dark spots. Not surprisingly, it is a gentle serum that can even be applied to the delicate eye contour area.

All the ingredients that we find in its formulation are of natural origin, it is free of animal cruelty and also does not contain silicones, perfume, parabens or microplastics. So, thanks to all this, it can be safely used by those men who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Main advantages of the serum with pure hyaluronic acid from GloryFeel:

  • High content of pure hyaluronic acid.
  • It also contains vitamin C and peptides, which enrich and maximize the qualities of this serum.
  • It is a highly effective anti-aging serum, with long-term results and immediate effect.
  • Useful for any skin type, especially mature, dry and combination skin.
  • Provides a much fresher, younger and smoother appearance.
  • Helps improve skin texture, absorbing moisture better and plumping wrinkles and fine lines from within, smoothing them out.

Beverly Hills Men’s Age-Defying ‘Super Serum’

From the hands of the Beverly Hills brand, which is characterized by being mainly specialized in the development of beauty and skin care products specially designed for the male sector, we find a facial ‘Super Serum ‘ which has been formulated for men’s skin, and that instantly provides a ‘lifting effect’, leaving it looking much healthier and rejuvenated practically instantly.

Helps to restore aged and tired skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and providing a significantly firmer, smoother and softer appearance over time. All this thanks to the fact that in its formulation it has a wonderful mixture of ingredients with anti-aging benefits, such as could be the case of collagen, escin, licorice root extract, arnica, centella asiatica and argireline.

All these ingredients complement each other and combine with each other to boost the hydration of the different skin tissues, improving cell function, thereby achieving smoother and less wrinkled skin.

According to the brand, it is capable of visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles by up to 20 percent in just 15 minutes, mainly thanks to the fact that it hydrates the skin instantly. On the other hand, it helps to minimize the appearance of pores (which is why it becomes an excellent option for men’s skin), and creates the appearance of a much more even skin tone, achieving a more radiant luminosity and a glow. healthy. In short, it helps restore skin to a firmer, smoother texture, virtually instantly.

Main benefits of the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Super Serum:

  • Formulated with natural ingredients with anti-aging benefits: licorice root extract, arnica, argireline, centella asiatica and escin.
  • It also contains collagen, which is especially useful for improving the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, even helping it to become smoother and firmer.
  • Promotes almost instant hydration of the skin.
  • Useful for improving cell function, helping to achieve less wrinkled and much smoother skin.
  • Ideal when restoring the skin.

How to apply your facial serum and when to add it to your skincare routine?

Do you follow a daily skin care routine? If so, it is quite likely that you are aware of the importance of following the correct order when applying the different products, you use on it. It may even be possible that you only tend to use a moisturizer after your shower. If you have chosen a facial serum and are thinking about starting to use it, you should know that choosing the most opportune moment is essential when it comes to making sure that you get the most out of its different qualities and benefits.

As far as the routine to follow is concerned, in the beauty regimen it is essential to start using the products with the lightest and lightest consistency, until finishing with the heaviest ones, which generally tends to be the moisturizer (or any other specific treatment). that you have to use after this, as for example it could be the case of the antiage cream). If you skip any of the steps, or use a product at the wrong time, you could end up ruining the routine in the end, because the skin will not be fully prepared to receive all its beneficial effects.

Remember that any skin routine is based on the use of a cleanser, a facial toner, a facial serum and a moisturizer. That roughly, because we can also add the treatment for the eye contour and any other specific treatment to solve or reduce some common problems, such as acne, irritation or the appearance of certain signs of aging (such as fine lines, wrinkles and spots).

But, for each product to fulfill its benefits, it is essential that you use them in order. On this occasion, we could say that the order of the factors does alter the product, so it is vitally important to know how we should order them to ensure that we are providing our skin with all those positive effects, and that we do not end up ruining the regimen of beauty. Therefore, the steps to follow are as we propose below:

  1. Cleaner. Properly cleansing the skin is essential when it comes to ensuring that the different active ingredients of the rest of the products used in the skin care routine are properly absorbed, since we help it to be free of oil or sebum, environmental dirt and cells. dead. You can opt for a cleansing oil, a gentle water-based cleanser or micellar water, which does not require any type of rinsing or rinsing afterwards.
  2. Facial tonic. It is a very special product, as well as interesting, since it is full of moisturizing and gentle ingredients, useful for pampering dry and sensitive skin. And it is ideal when preparing the skin of the face so that the rest of the ingredients can be better absorbed, much later. In the case of male skin, it is extremely interesting to opt for a facial toner that contains an oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid, as it is ideal for oily skin. Although you can also opt for a toner with moisturizing qualities, which will help replenish the water that was lost from the skin barrier when you washed your face in the shower and dried it with a towel. To apply it, always after cleansing, simply put it on clean, dry skin,
  3. Face serum. Indeed, it is time for our favorite serum. As we have seen, although they are not essential, they are quite interesting, since they contain a series of nutrients and active ingredients in high concentrations, which provide antioxidant and moisturizing qualities. The best? Without a doubt, serums with vitamin C, because they help protect the skin from free radical damage throughout the day and inflammation, while brightening and lightening dark spots with the passage of time and use regular. You can also opt for a serum with hyaluronic acid, useful for extracting the water present in the air and transferring it to the skin, in order to plump it up and keep it adequately hydrated while you sleep.
  4. Eye contour cream. If you are worried about those expression lines, wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes that may have already started to appear in the contour area, you should know that eye creams become an excellent option to alleviate many of these unsightly symptoms. And this is the right time to apply it, immediately after the facial serum and before any localized and specific treatment, or the moisturizer itself.
  5. Specific treatment. If you want to treat dark spots, scars or acne, you may prefer to use a specific product at night to help treat some of these problems. If so, this is the most opportune time to apply it.
  6. Moisturizer. And right at this point we come to the final step of our men’s skin care routine. It is always very important to finish with a moisturizer, regardless of whether we have sensitive, irritated or very oily skin. Even oily skin needs a little hydration, believe it or not, as it will help keep the skin barrier healthy. Moreover, a moisturizer not only infuses our skin with hydration, it is also capable of trapping all the products that we have applied throughout the beauty regimen, to make the active ingredients even more effective, if possible. The best? Always opt for a moisturizer that is as light and gentle as possible, preferably based on hyaluronic acid.

Finally, although it is true that in most cases, moisturizer becomes the last step in any skin care routine, regardless of whether it is a feminine or masculine beauty regimen, if you want to enjoy for less wrinkled skin over time, much fresher and smoother, you may want to use some retinoid or retinol, which speed up cell renewal by triggering collagen production, fading dark spots and scars, keep pores clean and will reduce the risk of breakouts. If you prefer to use a product with retinol, this is the right time to apply it.

And how to apply the facial serum? It is actually extremely simple and straightforward.  Depending, yes, on what the manufacturer indicates on the product packaging, it is possible to use it twice a day (morning and night), although if it is not necessary to apply it twice, the fundamental thing is to always use it in the routine of night skin care. When doing so, it is essential to bear in mind a basic question: remember that it is a product that contains a very high concentration of active ingredients, so, on this occasion, a very small amount will go a long way, with which we will also avoid wasting a such a valuable product.

Therefore, after the facial toner and when the skin is still damp, it is advisable to apply a small amount of the serum to your fingertips, or if it comes with a dropper, apply a few drops directly to some areas of the facial skin (given that its texture is a little heavier than the tonic, in most cases it is difficult for it to drip). Then, apply it to the skin of the face with a gentle massage for a few seconds until the skin has been able to absorb it completely.

What benefits does the facial serum provide for men’s skin?

Thanks to its texture and consistency, being lighter and less greasy, a facial serum tends to be absorbed very quickly, so that it provides all its benefits and properties just a few minutes after its application. In this sense, and with respect to its effectiveness, it is usually more interesting than a normal moisturizing cream, which on many occasions tends to be filled with moisturizing ingredients, among which we can mention some mineral oil or Vaseline, as well as thickening agents and lubricants. such as seed or nut oils in order to moisturize the skin.

However, serums are fundamentally characterized by often being water-based, so we do not find oils in their formulation, which offers the possibility that they contain concentrated formulas of active ingredients with small molecules to allow the skin to can absorb them both deeply and quickly.

As we have seen throughout the product guide that we have collected in the previous sections, on many occasions facial serums are tremendously rich in nutrients, antioxidants, natural ingredients and vitamins A, C and E, in addition to ceramides and glycerin., which provide interesting moisturizing benefits.


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