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5 benefits of drinking water with lemon and cucumber every morning

Water with lemon and cucumber is a wonderful natural drink, which, made and consumed every morning, provides us with incredible health benefits. We tell you about its 5 most important properties.

Did you know that there are the healthiest habits that can be practiced from the moment we get up? A good example of this can be seen by drinking a glass of lemon and cucumber water every day right out of bed. This simple process can bring us numerous benefits for our health.

The truth is that it consists of an extremely simple natural remedy, since we only have to prepare a glass of water and squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon into it, then mix it well with the help of a small spoon. To finish, we only have to wash a cucumber well and cut it into slices, but only half, reserving the rest for any other recipe.

It is, as we will see below, a very healthy habit that stands out not only for its ease of preparation, but also for the benefits it brings us.

Cleanses our entire gastric system

Lemon is a great ally when it comes to eliminating any toxin that is stored in our body. This is because citric acid enhances a series of enzymes that will help get rid of all harmful elements.

A clear example of this are saturated fats, dyes, preservative sugars that unfortunately we can find in any type of food and that are usually stored in our liver.

Rejuvenates all of our skin

It goes without saying that lemon is one of the great sources of Vitamin C. Thanks to this component we will enjoy a much healthier and more radiant skin. This is because this citrus contains alkaline elements that will kill all kinds of bacteria and germs that are stored in our skin with the mere passage of time.

Therefore, we are sure that if you drink a little lemon water every day, in the long run you will have a much more rejuvenated face. Start trying it now and surely all your friends or family will tell you how radiant they have seen you lately.

It will strengthen our defenses

Lemon water will also help strengthen your entire immune system. This is due to the type ‘C’ vitamin that can also be found in other fruits such as oranges or vegetables such as cucumbers. And thanks to it, your entire immune system will be much stronger in the long run.

In this way, illnesses such as colds or colds that often appear throughout the year can be avoided. Likewise, all ascorbic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties that will be a great ally against diseases such as asthma or other respiratory conditions. In short, drinking a simple glass of water with lemon can save you from going to the doctor on many occasions.

It will enhance good humor

You have heard well. Lemon is one of the few foods in which its enzymes are loaded with negative ions. Once these come into contact with gastric acids, they will sooner or later improve our mood. Hence, it is recommended to take it practically from the moment we get up. And so we can enjoy much more energy and optimism throughout the day.

In fact, many people take it in infusions and teas with other medicinal plants such as valerian or chamomile to treat their nervous and anxiety disorders.

May be the solution to breath problems

With all the types of food we eat each day, it is normal that sometimes we get a little bad breath. Especially if we do not have the routine of brushing our teeth well after a good lunch or dinner. In this sense, lemon water can also help us enjoy fresher and more natural breath until bedtime.

Although as a recommendation, we tell you to clean your teeth well after taking this yellow fruit. The reason? Well, because the citric acid inside it can also damage your enamel.

As you have seen, drinking a simple glass of water with lemon will bring you more benefits than you thought. So what are you waiting for to carry out this very simple and at the same time beneficial practice?



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