We discover 4 natural remedies for colds, very useful to combat and alleviate the common cold from the first symptoms appear.

Although the cases increase especially during the autumn and winter months, when the climate is much more humid and there is also worse weather in the environment (drops in the thermometer, sudden changes in temperature, rain and cold), the truth is that we can also get sick throughout the year. We are talking about the common cold, a very common disease suffered by millions of people around the world each year. In fact, it is estimated that more than one billion colds occur each year in the United States alone, which is why, as many doctors and health specialists state, with total probability most people will have more colds than any other type. Of illness.

The contagion of the cold is actually very simple: it is enough to come into contact with the cold virus, which is spread through tiny air droplets that are released when the person with a cold coughs, sneezes, and speaks or when they simply blow their nose. On another lake, contagion can occur when we touch our eyes, mouth or know precisely after having touched a product contaminated with the cold virus. In this sense, did you know that people are actually more contagious during the first days of the cold (around 2 to 3 days? After that, it tends not to be contagious after the first week has passed.

Cold symptoms appear 2 to 3 days after coming into contact with the virus, although in some cases it can take up to a week. The most frequent symptoms are: nasal congestion, continuous sneezing, runny nose and throat clearing. However, depending on the type of virus that caused the appearance of the cold, other related symptoms may also appear: cough, headaches and muscle aches, sore throat and decreased appetite.

In addition to resting a lot and drinking plenty of fluids, as a way to help our body to improve better, it is also possible to opt for some natural remedies for colds, very useful to provide our body with those essential nutrients and care that it needs so much during the days when we find ourselves colds. We explain which are the most useful and interesting.

1. Hot honey and lemon

If there is an extremely interesting traditional remedy in cases of both colds and flu, it is honey and lemon, which when consumed hot helps to relieve symptoms and is useful to decongest the nose for a few minutes. And, on the one hand, honey is very rich in essential nutrients, in addition to being an excellent energizer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral antioxidant. While lemon is very rich in vitamin C, it helps to strengthen our immune system.

To make this natural remedy you just have to cut a lemon in half and squeeze it to obtain its juice. Serve in a glass, heat it a little in the microwave (if you don’t have it, you can choose to add it to a saucepan and heat it a little on the fire), add one or two tablespoons of honey and drink even when it is hot.

You can also choose to make a honey and lemon syrup, and use it whenever you get sick or cold.

2. Eucalyptus fumes

The fumes of essential oils and plants also become a very interesting natural remedy in case of flu and colds, especially when it comes to relieving nasal congestion and excess mucus. In this sense, the eucalyptus vapors stand out, which consists of inspiring and breathing the aroma of eucalyptus leaves, which as you will surely know is a plant with an interesting expectorant action.

To make this natural remedy, put a liter of water in a saucepan and add a handful of eucalyptus leaves (fresh or dried). Boil for 15 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat, place the saucepan on a plate and put it on a table. Then sit in front of the saucepan, place your face on top, cover your head with a towel and breathe in the mist that the eucalyptus infusion gives off for 5 minutes. After finishing, be careful not to take in air, so it is best to do the remedy before going to bed, especially at night.

3. Garlic and lemon juice

As we mentioned before, the lemon stands out when preparing natural remedies for the flu due to its richness in vitamin C, an essential nutrient that is very useful for our defenses.  Garlic also becomes another essential food, thanks to the fact that it exerts an interesting natural antiseptic effect, in addition to providing antiviral benefits and strengthening our immune system. What if we put both natural ingredients together?

To make this remedy, peel 3 garlic cloves, cut them and cut them in half. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it to obtain its juice. If they are not very big, swallow the garlic whole, and then drink the lemon juice.

4. Decoction of ginger

Ginger is a perennial plant from South Asia. It is a natural food that provides interesting properties and health benefits. For example, it is very beneficial in the treatment of intestinal conditions, since it stimulates the pancreas by increasing the production of enzymes that promote digestion. It acts as an antibacterial, so it is interesting for intestinal problems caused by alterations in the intestinal flora. And it acts as a natural antibiotic, so taking a ginger decoction when we have colds helps to relieve a sore throat, and also a cough.

To make this natural remedy, put the equivalent of two cups of water and a piece of fresh ginger in a saucepan. Let it boil for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover and let it rest for another 2 minutes. Finally remove the ginger and drink the infusion. If you wish, you can take this decoction 3 times a day.


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