Cuttlefish are delicious and very easy to make. If you like it, we will discover 3 delicious recipes with cuttlefish to make easily at home.

The cuttlefish belongs to the group of cephalopods and constitutes a sea food considered very nutritious as well as complete. It comes equipped with tentacles and inside it has a kind of oval shell.

It is rich in water and contains little fat, it is an ideal food for people who are dieting to lose weight. In addition, its proteins are considered of high quality, and it is also rich in vitamin E, therefore it is an antioxidant and prevents us from aging or oxidation of the cells of our body.

In general, cuttlefish is an ideal food for all members of the family; in the case of the smallest it is from 2 or 3 years when we can introduce it into their diet, and in small quantities.

It is an easy food to prepare and we can prepare it with different ways of cooking such as, grilled, battered with flour and fried, stewed to include it in salads, in rice, with potatoes, with pasta, in fish soups, with legumes.

We can ask the fishmonger to clean and chop the cuttlefish for us to take home and cook or we can also do it at home by following these simple steps:

  • We cut the tentacles at the level of the eyes.
  • We discard the mouth, which is located in the center.
  • Once the tentacles are separated, we remove the skin.
  • We also remove the skin from the body.
  • We make a cut in the body to remove the shell from its interior.
  • We remove and discard viscera and the head.
  • We chop the body and wash it well.

Once prepared we have it ready to cook it as we like it the most. In this post we provide three simple recipes for cooking with cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish with peas

As we have said before, we can prepare cuttlefish to eat it accompanied by legumes, greens, vegetables. In this recipe we have chosen the peas to accompany the cuttlefish.


  • 750 grams of cuttlefish cleaned and cut into strips.
  • 600 grams of fresh or frozen peas.
  • One garlic clove.
  • 150 ml. of white wine.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Water.


  1. We remove the skin from the garlic clove. In a cauldron we put a small pot of oil to heat to brown the garlic clove. Once the garlic clove is golden, we remove it from the pan and discard it. We put the cuttlefish in the cauldron, season it and brown it well.
  2. We add the wine, raise the heat and bring it to a boil so that it evaporates. Add a little water to cover the cuttlefish and cook until it boils. We reduce the heat to a minimum, cover the cauldron and cook the cuttlefish for an hour.
  3. Next we add the peas, stir and cook for 30 more minutes until the peas are tender.

Cuttlefish salad with green asparagus

To prepare this salad we have chosen green asparagus, although you can choose to accompany it with other vegetables, legumes or vegetables, we just need to let our imagination run wild.


  • Half a kilo of cuttlefish clean and in thin strips.
  • 350 grams of green asparagus.
  • A few sprigs of minced parsley.
  • A clove of crushed garlic.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Water to blanch the asparagus.


We cut the asparagus in half and then lengthwise. We put a little water and salt in a cauldron to blanch the asparagus for about 5 minutes. We drain them, we pass them through cold water to cool them and we reserve.

In a frying pan we put a splash of olive oil to heat to fry the cuttlefish strips. Sauté, stirring frequently, until golden brown. Add a little salt and pepper and stir.

We also add the minced parsley and asparagus. We stir everything together to mix everything well and remove from heat. We arrange the salad on a tray to take it to the table.

We can taste this salad both warm and cold. If we feel like it colder, we can put it in the fridge for a little while before serving it.

Cuttlefish a la marinera

The cuttlefish a la marinera is a very simple recipe to make and it is very rich.


  • 750 grams of cuttlefish cleaned and cut into strips.
  • 2 tomatoes without seeds, without skin and in pieces.
  • An onion cut into thin rounds.
  • A clove of crushed garlic.
  • 75 ml. of white wine.
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Extra virgin olive oil for dressing.


In a cauldron we put the cuttlefish to cook it with water and a little salt. Add the crushed garlic, the onion wheels, and a little ground black pepper to the cauldron.

We cover the cauldron and cook the cuttlefish over low heat for an hour. Next we add the white wine, the tomato, cover the cauldron and cook for 30 more minutes or until it is tender.

When the cuttlefish is tender, we remove and turn off the fire. If we notice during cooking that it is going to be thick, we add a little more water.

We already have our cuttlefish a la marinera ready to taste. We can accompany the seafood cuttlefish with some cooked potatoes, rice or a salad.


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