Emotion and Mind3 lessons we learn before we reach our thirties

3 lessons we learn before we reach our thirties

Are you going to turn 30? You are probably with us if we tell you that there are a total of 3 lessons that we may have all learned before reaching this age. These are.

There is a moment in our life when we gradually begin to mature. It is precisely that moment in which we begin to reach thirty years after a puberty full of sad and happy moments, professional failures, unrequited love and the occasional excess.

From there, many people prefer to settle their heads and enjoy the little pleasures that life gives them.

Sometimes in this process a series of lessons are learned that can emerge even in the most adverse situations. In this sense, we are going to tell you which ones many of you will feel identified with:

We will appreciate true friends

Since we can practically talk, it is very easy to get to know people and make friends at school, institute and university if we had the opportunity to pursue higher studies. In this process, we may have met hundreds of people who by chance in life or tastes similar to ours have remained on our side for a certain period of time.

However, over the years it is very possible that many of these people who have crossed paths with us, take very different paths and directions. Sometimes due to the simple whim of destiny, change of city or insurmountable differences between both parties.

In one way or another, surely over the years you will have managed to retain other people who do want to stay by your side. They may not be many, but as the Spanish proverb says: “Good friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand.”

We will know how to love the right person

It is also very normal that since we reach a certain age, we begin to explore the realms of sexuality. It is at this time that both the female and male genitalia begin to develop and therefore increase the sexual desire towards our fellow men. In all this process we will surely fall in love a couple of times and we will also suffer a multitude of love breaks and disappointments that will break our hearts.

However, it is also here where we will realize that one never dies for love. And therefore, we will only have to be the most patient until the most suitable person comes into life. And from that moment on, we will be able to appreciate, respect and love her in a much more intense but at the same time calm way.

You just have to give yourself the necessary time until this happens. But once we do, it will surely be possible to enjoy all those moments during the most prosperous and happy years of our lives.

We will fail to savor success

In previous Natursan articles we have explained that many times you have to fail to savor the honeys of success. Thanks to him we will be able to get back up and not fall on the same stone again. Through the multitude of failures that come our way throughout our lives, we will be able to delve into our being in order to better understand our strengths and weaknesses as people.

This will be seen a lot especially in the workplace and professional. At first we may not have jobs that are very well paid or that do not have much to do with our training. But thanks to them, we will learn such important values ​​as humility, maturity, responsibility and leadership. These are essential ingredients in becoming a successful person despite adversity.


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