If you have yellowish and weak nails, aloe Vera is an excellent natural remedy. We propose 2 home remedies with aloe Vera that are ideal for strengthening and whitening your nails.

The yellowish color in the nails can be a symptom of a malfunction of our organism of how we are of health or simply appears as a result of aggressions to which we submit to the nails.

There are several reasons why nails lose their white hue to turn yellowish, such as those detailed below: liver problems, the use of nail polish, false nails, tobacco, the consumption of some medications, the presence of fungi (onychomycosis), an excess of vitamin A and a lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins, essential for good nail health.

Once it has been ruled out that the cause of the yellowish tone of the nails is not due to some disorder in our body, we can resort to natural and home remedies to return the nails to the healthy tone that characterizes them.

Some medicinal plants are effective in restoring both the health and the healthy tone that the nails should have, among these plants we highlight the properties of aloe Vera.

The aloe Vera contains beneficial properties for nails, it helps regenerate and moisturize the nails strengthening them while returns were pink and healthy without being damaged nail tone.

In addition to strengthening them, it protects them from bacteria and also makes the skin soft.

Below we provide two home remedies that are made with aloe Vera gel, these remedies are effective both to whiten the nails and to strengthen and regenerate them.

Natural remedies to whiten and strengthen nails with aloe Vera

How to make a homemade aloe Vera nail mask

This mask is ideal for regenerating and strengthening nails. To prepare this homemade aloe Vera nail mask we need:

  • A leaf or stalk of aloe Vera.
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • One teaspoon of wheat germ oil.


  1. We cut a leaf of aloe Vera or stalk.
  2. We remove the ends and put the sheet in soaking water for a day.
  3. After time we remove the skin that covers the leaf to obtain the aloe Vera gel also known as aloe Veracigar.
  4. With the help of a spoon we remove the gel. We put the gel in the blender and beat it.
  5. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the aloe Vera gel, and half a teaspoon of wheat germ, beat again.
  6. Mix well until a creamy texture is achieved. We put the mask in a sterilized glass jar with hermetic closure. We will keep it in the fridge to use it every time we need it.


  1. To apply the massacrilla we will use a brush and put a little on each of the nails.
  2. We keep the mask on the nails for about 15 minutes.
  3. Then we wash the nails with cold water and dry with a soft towel.
  4. To finish we will apply a moisturizing cream for nails.

How to prepare a homemade aloe Vera cream to hydrate your nails:

Aloe Vera, in addition to strengthening, regenerating and whitening the nails, hydrates them while softening the skin that surrounds the nails.

To prepare this homemade and moisturizing cream for nails we need.

  • Some aloe Vera gel.
  • Some moisturizer for nails.


  1. We take an aloe Vera leaf and with the help of a knife we ​​remove the ends.
  2. We remove the skin from the leaf and with a spoon we extract the gel that is inside.
  3. Once the gel is obtained, we will mix it with a little moisturizer for nails.
  4. We remove and apply on the nails.
  5. We rub gently so that it penetrates well.
  6. The homemade nail cream can be applied once a day.


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